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    South Province (Ahlissa)
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    Tue Aug 18, 2020 9:48 pm  
    South Province (Ahlissa)

    by Scott "Scottenkainen" Casper

    Campaigning in South Province is for the DM who wants to downplay dungeon crawling in favor of political intrigue and military campaigning. More properly called the South Province of the Great Kingdom until 587 CY, and thereafter known as the United Kingdom of Ahlissa, the South Province is one of the most population-dense areass in the Flanaess, which means it is relatively safe of dangers such as roving bands of monsters, dragons, giants, etc. That is not to say the South Province is safe -- the Herzog of South Province extensively used humanoid troops and now there are many orcs and hobgoblins still in positions of authority throughout the kingdom. The warmongering followers of Hextor are everywhere and they are displeased with a stable, peaceful Kingdom of Ahlissa. The former capital of Zelradton is a hotbed of devil worship, so bad that to avoid their influence the capital was moved to Kalstrand, a city only annexed to the kingdom post-Greyhawk Wars. Its latitude and geography suggest a climate like Earth’s Egypt.

    The United Kingdom of Ahlissa is much larger than the former South Province, now including the lost Prelacy of Almor and much of what was known in recent memory as the Great Kingdom. However, these areas are not covered in this entry and should be covered separately.

    The “natural enemies” of South Province are the states of the Iron League to the south. Idee, the Iron Hills, the Hollow Highlands, and Sunndi resisted generations of herzogs who ruled South Province before the current Overking, and the unattainable goal of finally reabsorbing those lands, long ago lost to the Great Kingdom, have not been forgotten.

    Country specific resources:
    “Developments from Stonefist to South Province” (Dragon #57)
    Ivid the Undying (the unpublished Sargent-era supplement)

    Adventures in this country include:
    - City/naval adventures along the coastlines, fending off Scarlet Brotherhood-backed pirates.
    - Perform a quest for the druids to restore the Bonewood.
    - Defend Trennenport from a Sahuagin invasion.
    - Explore Icespire, a cursed area on the Dunhead Coast where it is eternal winter.
    - Explore the Undercity of Prymp, with its watery caves of deadly monsters and connection to the Underdark.
    - Aid (or put down?) an insurrection of the slave population.
    - Oppose the machinations of the Church of Hextor without openly fighting them (since they are inexorably bound to the power structure of the kingdom).
    - Political intrigue between backstabbing political factions willing to take any steps against each other, up to assassinations.
    - Quest for Queen Ehlissa’s Marvelous Nightingale, hidden somewhere in her ancestral lands.
    - Solve the mystery of the callings from the Calling Mines.
    - Transform the system from within, gradually lessening the hold of Lawful Evil over the kingdom and backing leaders who can change it to Good.
    - After 400 years, the Yuan-Ti (represented by Graf Reydrich’s ancestor, Reynevar the Snakeheaded) return to Ahlissa. But for what purpose? Do they also seek the Nightingale?

    Adventures in nearby areas include:
    - Cement the tenuous alliance between the Iron Hills and Ahlissa through diplomacy.
    - Establish peace with the Kingdom of Nyrond (and stop their raids!).
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)

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    Tue Aug 18, 2020 9:49 pm  

    Fan-made Resources:
    "Ahlissa, land of intrigue" (Oerth Journal #7)
    "Great Kingdom fading lands" (Oerth Journal #11)
    “The Principality of Ahlissa” (Oerth Journal #16)
    "Kalstrand" (Oerth Journal #17)
    “Zelradton: City of Steel” (Oerth Journal #18)
    “Trennenport” (Oerth Journal #21)
    "Marchland of Medegia" (Oerth Journal #25)

    For a longer version of the half-page, you can go to Scott's site:
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)
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