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    Geas and the Book of Vile Darkness
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    Sat Aug 29, 2020 2:35 pm  
    Geas and the Book of Vile Darkness

    If a previously non evil rogue PC attuned to the Book of Vile Darkness, and found herself geased to perform a quest - what might that quest look like in the world of Greyhawk? Lets assume the rest of her party doesnt know about the book or the change, and that its prior to the Great Wars.

    Anyone got any great ideas?

    The party is currently 6th level, and will likely be 7th level after this adventure (WGA-1).

    I know the item is legendary, and I dont KNOW that she'll keep it (or that the others will LET her keep it if they discover her / it), but I wanted to kind of be thinking about it.

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    From: LG Dyvers

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    Sat Aug 29, 2020 3:29 pm  

    I suggest you tie the quest into another adventure you have planned for the party. For example...

    Your party is at the right level to search out and explore the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. Perhaps the Book of Vile Darkness that your PC has attuned herself to was penned by Iggwilv herself! The Geas the book imposes upon the bearer is to return it to its true master - Iggwilv. Thus, the PC is bound to research the last known location of Iggwilv on Oerth, travel there, and return the book to its rightful place in Iggwilv's library. Such may be the plan of the Geased individual, though it may not play out exactly that way. Evil Grin

    If you want to be more devious, the Geas may require that the PC put the knowledge gained from within to 'evil' use. Since this particular Book was penned by Iggwilv, a possibility might include the PC seeking out and learning some conjuration spells focused on demons, if she is a spell-casting type. If she is a rogue, she could purchase some conjuration scrolls. If a non-spellcasting class, perhaps they could be required to seek out special magical items (like a Demon Staff [see D1-3]) that could be used for summoning demons or one that could be made and corrupted for such a purpose (eg. Rod of Lordly Might).

    Another example would be that the Geas forces the PC to seek out evil individuals, or groups, that they can lend their support to. Again, whatever adventure you and your players want to head to next could work well. Joining up with the Slavers or hunting down any known evil NPC to offer their services would work (eg. Warduke, any of the Heirarchs of the Horned Society, members of Iuz's Boneheart, any known lich, evil wizards like Jaran Krimeeah, Evard, Eli Tormorast, or Xaene, or members of the Scarlet Brotherhood, etc.). Of course, the Geased PC may suggest that the party seek out these evil organizations in order to destroy them, all the while secretly hoping to fulfill the requirements of the Geas before suffering any ill effects.

    Edit: Since you mentioned that your party is currently beginning the Falcon's Revenge series, you may consider sending them into the Greyhawk Ruins next. The book could direct them to any number of evil entities within the ruined castle of Zagyg Yragerne. Smile

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