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    Mon Sep 21, 2020 8:52 pm  

    by Frank "E. Ebroer, Lagrange" Roters

    Depending on the timeframe you want to set your campaign in, Almor is a very different land to adventure in.

    In the classical timeline (CY 576) Almor is a peaceful, agricultural land that only has a few small cities. On the surface, Almor is clerical state acting as a buffer state between its neighboring countries (Great Kingdom and Nyrond), upholding individual freedom and all that is good in Oeridian culture. Below the surface Almor's head of state (Prelate Kevont) runs an extensive network of spies within the Great Kingdomt as well as counter-espionage on home soil to foil enemy spies. The presence of Scarlet Brotherhood agents and those from Nyrond can provide serious fun running a fantasy campaign full of political intrigue, spies and more.

    Campaigns set in the “From the Ashes" era (CY 585), find a devastated land overrun by fiends and humanoids from the Great Kingdom. Evil is everywhere and the forces of good fight an almost hopeless fight when success doesn’t come easy. The countryside is dangerous for any non-evil creature with one notable exception; the city of Innspa and its surrounding territories are largely unharmed by these terrors. Innspa can be a good starting point for forays into the surrounding lands to free those unhappy souls that survived the Greyhawk Wars and now find themselves in the torture chambers of their new fiend-lords or being enslaved and sold elsewhere. This is provides for a dark and gritty campaign. An adventuring party may consist of freedom fighters being hunted down as terrorists by the rulers of the land.

    Campaigns set once all the fiends are gone (CY 591) are a time for rebuilding. Almor still doesn’t exist as an independent country, but all lands west of the Harp river are now part of the Kingdom of Nyrond. The (smaller) territories south, north and east of the harp are part of the newly established United Kingdom of Ahlissa. Adventurers will find a country that is rebuilding on both sides of a heavy guarded border. Lost treasure, such as gold and artifacts, exist to be found; either from old Almor or from things left behind by fiends and humanoids armies alike. The lands are far from secure, although old settlements are rebuilt, only few Almorians think it’s really safe to return. There are armies amassed along the borders, but the interiors are much less guarded and so old trade routes either are abandoned or only travelled by heavily guarded caravans. Although the Flight of Fiends should’ve banished all fiends from Oerth, some of them resisted. And even though Nyrond conquered all the lands west of the Harp, the are still bands of humanoids and soldiers from the former Great Kingdom roaming and plundering the land.

    Country specific resources:
    - WGR4— The Marklands (TSR9398, 1993), by Carl Sargent
    - Ivid the Undying (TSR, Online only), by Carl Sargent

    Adventures in this area include:
    - Espionage and Counter-espionage (CY 576, CY 591)
    - Guarding of Caravans (CY 576, CY 591)
    - Fighting terrors with terror, Freedom Fighter (CY 585)
    - Hunting down Slavers and Devils (CY 585, CY 591)
    - Expeditions to the ruins of Almor's great past (CY 591)
    - Free and reunite Almor to bring back the Prelacy (political intrigue, CY 591)

    Adventures in the nearby areas include:
    - Exploration of the Flinty Hills, especially the Kingdom of Gnomes. Take sides with either the bandits, humanoids or "good" forces stationed there (CY 576-591)
    - Discover the mysteries of the Adri Forest (CY 576-591)
    - Interacting (Help or Sabotage) with the trade routes rebuilding effort in Ahlissa and the new annual Windmarch (CY 591)
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)

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    Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:54 pm  

    Fan-based resources:

    Oerth Journal 22 = Almor
    Article on Canonfire:
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)
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