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Horned Society

by Travis Mayes

The lands of the Horned Society have long born the weight of wicked rulers, whether Iuz or the wicked secretive Society whose name the lands are now known by. These are lands ripe for heroic adventurerís willing to face the overwhelming task of pushing back the forces that threaten central Flanaess.

Campaigning in this region is for Dungeon Masters and Players who like being deep within territories ruled by evil beings. Where either they aspire to becoming despotic rulers themselves or fight against them. This territory permits political maneuvering to pit evil against evil and to rise among the hidden hierarchy of a council of evil beings.

Country Specific Resources:
WGR 5 Iuz the Evil
Dungeon Magazine #111 Strike on the Rabid Dawn

Adventures in this country include:
Before the Fall of Molag
- Rescue victims kidnapped for ransom, or as sacrifices to the diabolical powers the Society has devoted itself to.
- Infiltrate the Horned Society, and work for good from within the secretive organization.
- Figuring out who the Hierarchs are and using the information to gain power over them. Either for personal gain or to assist rebels and good forces.

After the Fall of Molag
- Gather information on the evil machinations in these lands for the leaders of the civilized lands of the Flanaess.
- Explore and loot temples and shrines to infernal powers built by the hierarchs.
- Aid or Hinder those of the Free Reavers' Lands.
- Locate caches of benign magic left from before the rise of either the Horned Society, or Iuz.

Adventures in nearby areas include:
- Bordered on two sides by Iuz and the Bandit Kingdoms, the Horned Society could used as part of adventures involving either territory.
- Refugees from the Shield Lands could finance attempts to recover loot carried away by conquering humanoids.
- Financed by interest from the Furyondy, Urnst or other goodly realms, powerful politically connected heroes could attempt to carve out and hold domains. Though forcing back the wicked powers of the region may prove insurmountable.
Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)