Thu Feb 18, 2021 10:28 pm  
POSTFEST: Greyhawk’s Underdark

It's been a long time coming, but due to popular demand, Canonfire has decided to revive the Postfests!

What is a Postfest? A Postfest is a shared design project where members of Canonfire (or anyone who wishes to participate) agree to write articles on the same topic. They are turned in by a deadline, then shared all at once. Reading and goodness ensues.

For example, here was a Postfest on Villains from the early days of Canonfire:

Inspired by this weekend and Lord Gosumba’s fundraiser topic, “Underdark Uprising”, this Postfest will focus on Greyhawk’s Underdark. We’ll use a broad definition of the Underdark that includes hollows within mountains (i.e. Slerotin’s tunnel), caverns below the earth (i.e. Vault of the Drow), the Rift Canyon, and ancient underground ruins upon which new cities have been built (i.e. Narwell). Topic ideas might include:

New or Existing Entrances to the Underdark
Mysterious Places in the Underdark
Underdark Races and Monsters
Ecology of the Underdark and Wilderness Survival
NPCs from the Underdark
Magical Items or Artifacts that focus on the Underdark

We’ve made a few changes to the traditional Postfest:

First, we won’t be voting on the submissions anymore. It's all in good fun, but if people want to give writers some feedback, I’m sure they’d love it.
Second, we’re going to post the submission to Canonfire as usual, but we also plan to compile all the submissions into a Greyhawk Underdark PDF that will be available for everyone to download. We are considering compiling some of the old Postfests, likewise.
Third, if you participate, we are thinking of giving back some suitable loot (perhaps a printed copy of the PDF) for some randomly selected participants, or everyone if we can swing it.

Due date is April 15th, about a month from now, a week before Gary Con. Any questions, send them to

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