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    Canonfire :: View topic - The "Cowled Lady" stats?
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    The "Cowled Lady" stats?
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    Mon Jan 17, 2022 3:57 pm  
    The "Cowled Lady" stats?

    Does anyone have the D&D stats for the Cowled Lady from the Living Greyhawk campaign in Verbobonc? She leads a giant invasion out of the Lortmils and I need her NPC character. Or at least her stat block. I want to convert and use her in my Temple of Elemental Evil campaign. Thank you.

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    Tue Jan 18, 2022 7:57 pm  

    I know absolutely nothing about this character, but if you're going to convert her to your preferred system/edition anyway, you might as well design her yourself according to the needs of your campaign. What level do you want her to be relative to the level of the PCs? Make her that level.
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    Wed Jan 19, 2022 9:47 am  

    Yeah, I will end up doing that. But if there is any tidbit of information out there, I would rather get that first then custom tailor her to the campaign. Every little bit helps. I know she is a Vampire Sorceress. There is no Sorcerer's in Greyhawk but I can make her a Specialist Wizard Vampire. I would think she would be at least 13th level. Maybe even a little higher. Nothing on the level of the Circle of Eight of course. As Mordenkainen and Bigby are archmages level 20. Bigby is an 18th-Level archmage. Drawmij is an 16th-Level archmage.

    I imagine she would be as powerful as any of the NPC's in the Temple of Elemental Evil. She is A mysterious figure, the Cowled Lady is reputed to be the head of the giant armies that have been plaguing Verbobonc. She has been able to enslave a great mountain giant, command dragons, and muster a force that has attacked Verbobonc three times over the past two years. She is in service of Iuz.
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    Fri Feb 04, 2022 8:42 pm  

    I have some of the LG Verbobonc modules she appears in.

    The Cowled Lady never appears directly to the characters. The one module I don't have, I don't know if she makes a direct appearance or not, but I suspect not.

    Ultimately, she withdrew to the Negative Plane of Energy. She launched a plot involving undead so it might be fair to say she has some skill as a necromancer.
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