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    Locations in the Azure Sea
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    Sat Aug 05, 2023 6:18 pm  
    Locations in the Azure Sea

    So I just had my underwater city idea posted. I confess that my big reason was to try and expand out some locations in the vast expanse of emptiness that is the Flannaess' oceans.

    This is an area that is ripe for exploration and development. The Azure Sea has so much area that anyone can create their own little realms of sea creatures, lost cities, sunken ships, and other fantastic ideas. This is really an area that anyone can leave their mark on.

    So I started with an article on the sahuagin of the Azure, in my campaign world they are the dominant species. Then I added a three part Keoish intelligence report focusing on the sea faring nations, some surface areas, and then some subsurface locations respectively. As a spin off, I wrote up this article on a lost Suel city existing on the sea floor. With all the fantastic water breathing races in the D&D world, I thought it more intriguing to have, in essence a city of land lubbers permanently cut off from the outside world under the water.

    So here is the Domed City article:

    Together with the aforementioned attempts on my part, there is still a lot of room for other fantastic locations in the Azure and other bodies of water. So have at it! Let's see some more water based articles in the Greyhawk future!


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    From: LG Dyvers

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    Sat Aug 05, 2023 8:06 pm  

    Well done, O-D! The Lost City of the Suel is a fine idea.

    One of my favorite undersea adventures was After the Storm in Dungeon Magazine #6. The dearth of underwater adventures was the motivating reason for me to write Agnosco Adventum, found in Canonfire! Chronicles.

    I have a question for you that you may, or may not, have considered and have a ready answer for.

    I am concerned that any sewers, and the tunnel to the mage's tower outside the dome, would allow the dome to fill with water. Depending on the depth to which the city sank, the pressure of the water trying to enter the city from below would only be stopped when the air pressure inside the dome equaled the pressure from the water being pushed in. That means that the streets would certainly be flooded and if the city was at a great depth (unlikely, as it seems to have simply been broken off of a peninsula and sunk one- to two-hundred feet below the surface), all but the upper-most portion of the inside of the dome would be filled with water. If air pressure is used in any sense to counter the entrance of water from below, it would be enough to make life extremely uncomfortable, and probably shortly fatal, to any humans living within the city.

    I assume the best answer is that the magic that created the dome also prevents water from entering from below, but have you come up with an alternative explanation?

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    Tue Aug 08, 2023 3:28 pm  

    Wasn't there a 'sinking island' somewhere in the Azure Sea mentioned in the Greyhawk hardcover?
    Adept Greytalker

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    Tue Aug 08, 2023 7:05 pm  
    Sinking Isle


    You are correct - the Sinking Isle is in the Greyhawk Hardback book. But it is located near the Sea Barons, not in the Azure. The origins of that location are mysterious, the sahuagin are implicated in its origins, but the original inhabitants were apparently terrestrial in nature.

    CF Admin

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    Thu Aug 10, 2023 7:23 pm  

    O-D, thanks for sharing Mantor. (I've enjoyed your sahuagin article and Keoish Intelligence Reports.)

    Where do you place Mantor on the Darlene map, or if not fixed, what selection of hexes do you recommend?

    IMC, the PCs are getting close to an undersea adventure. First, they'll likely visit a sea olven "city" off the coast of Fairwind Island. Then, they'll likely search for Vilharian amidst the shipwreck of The Sea Prince (off the coast of Jetsom Island).

    I've yet to design these locales, but for the sea olven community, I have been eyeing James Wyatt, "Maze of the Morkoth," DUNGEON #70 (1998), 16, 1921, which folks suggested here. It sketches "Velissimi, the Coral City of the Aquatic Elves."
    Adept Greytalker

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    Sun Sep 03, 2023 6:07 pm  
    couple answers to questions

    OK, a couple questions to answer here:

    MTG - the location of Mantor was never written down, but I envision it in the north-central Azure, just south of the Sea of Gearnat at around R3 or Q3 - 111 or so on the Darlene Map. That is a close approximation of what I was thinking, you can, of course move it to fit your campaigns.

    Sir Xaris - you catch me flatfooted, as I really had little scientific thought behind the physics of the water table under the city and the effect of sinking would have on it. The simple answer is that the force field that surrounds the city is not a dome, but a sphere, extending its protection from the elements from the sea and from water intruding blow the ground. That is what I think I will go with, anyone else is free to provide their own explanation. It may be a sign that the magic powering the force field is weakening to start having seepage of water into the lower levels of the city sewers.

    As always, please expand on anything you find useful and I am happy to hear that anyone finds my writings to be an idea worth trying. Thanks!

    Sage of Canonfire

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    Wed Sep 06, 2023 8:54 am  

    The Suel have so many Lost Cities, they really need to start taking care of their stuff.
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