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    Well look who's back
    by: Tedra
    Posted on: 01-21-2005 @ 04:49 am

    Oh, I so missed CF! How terrible it was to be away from the internet for the past several months! ACK! I was having serious withdrawl.

    What have Kalem and myself been up to? Oh, the usual. Being our nerdy selves and gaming like crazy. I relinquished my role as DM back to Kalem and he has resumed our Vailwood campaign. Not without some surprising and alarming twists, mind you. Not the least of which involves the true origins and heratige of my darling husband's namesake, the half-drow slaver, Kalem. He was the slaver involved in a thread in the forums I started a long time ago. The one involving the use of poisons by a neutral good thief.

    He sent us on a little errand, there was mutual gain for both sides. Something he needed desperately, and our confrontation with a man, Kalakat, who had done some deplorable things to two of our PC's loved ones.

    Oh, our simplemindedness! We thought we had Kalem all figured out. How ridiculous did we look when we invaded Kalakat's keep from underground to discover devils? This man wasn't merely a barbarian warlord from the north, but a devilkin. Yeah, a devilkin, like in Chris Pramas' Guide to Hell, only my husband took the guidline given and made his own adjustments to a half mortal, half baatezu. And was that muther mean.

    Do you know how our entire party of interlopers ended up? Well, by this time we had discovered what was truly happening here thanks to some inside information from some hobgoblin troops of Kalem's that were being kept here as prisoners. Apparently, Kalem realized if he told us the true nature of what was happening, when he made his request we would have told him to shit in one hand and wish in the other and see which one filled up first. It also seemed that Kalem had not been honest about his true heratige.

    We were creeping around in disciples robes of Dispater to avoid obvious detection, right? Well, naturally, as we poked about we just had to snatch open a friggin' door that was the entrance to one of Dispater's temples in the place. And, naturally, there was a service being performed.

    What do you do? After our initial shock and horror at seeing an osyluth walking among the line of disciples at the dais, we just lowered our heads and got in line. Of course as the High Priest began his droning chant we winced. When the group of disciples replied, but we did not.....I'll give you two guesses as to what the osyluth did.

    Yup, it attacked. Well, we engaged in this massive battle in this temple to Dispater with the priest and the disciples. When they were defeated, our intrepid heroes found themselves facing off with a lone osyluth who suddenly looked at us, laughed, and vanished. We freaked, realizing it would call down the wrath of this place known as Conqueror's Keep. And it did.

    The DM maliciously, and bluntly told us we had two actions we could make. Did it help? Of course not. The whole group was suddenly ensnared by a rope...guess what an erinyes who appeared with the informant osyluth. Into the room was herded a gaggle of nupperibo. Apparently they were to dine on us as we stayed trapped by the rope of entanglement.

    There were huge stained glass windows in this temple and my fighter, without explaination, got the entire group hopping toward the window. I later explained that he had intended to crash our entire group from the window to plummet to our deaths before he would have allowed us all to be eaten alive by the damned souls of Hell.

    Effectively trapped and helpless we merely stared in dismay at the DM. He had made note that two of the PC's had noticed a black shape coming nearer from the window outside. And that's when we were Kalem who burst through the window. And no, he did not look like a 5'7" tall half-elf of drow/human descent. He was more like seven feet tall, as ebony as any drow...oh, and let us not forget the two huge bat wings, and the prehensile tail...fangs...horns... You get the idea. He too was a devilkin who happened to be a rival of Kalakat. Kalakat had been given something to hang over Kalem's head, but politics made it impossible for Kalem to act against Kalakat you see where this is going. That's were we came in...such complete ignorance.

    Kalem attacked and killed the erinyes, freed us from the rope and entered into battle with the osyluth, just in time for Mister Kalakat to make his appearance with a contingent of human guardsmen. Kalem could not touch Kalakat, and we were left to fight him...not that we particularly wanted to be involved with the situation at this point...but that decision was well out of our grasp at the moment.

    Due to issues too lengthy to go into at this point, Kalakat centered his attacks on my thief, Shayla, and very nearly succeded in killing her. I later found out it was to try and goad Kalem to attack which would have opened up an entirely new bag of shit. So I'll leave that to your imagination as to why Shayla was such a big centerpiece in this combat. I'll just make note here, that before this time, we had no idea that Kalem was half baatezu.

    Whew, That's enough for now. I'll just say that a very complex relationship had developed between Shayla and Kalem the devilkin............Forget the poison issue....her alignment was shifted by the DM from neutral good to neutral with occasional good tendencies for entirely different reasons. o_0

    I worked on a portrait of Shayla not long after this incident to commemorate the strangest roleplaying and moral situation I had ever roleplayed. She's not too bad, but I think her eyes are a bit off since I didn't grid my paper.

    Shayla Spring Ebb

    Last updated on 01-21-2005 @ 04:53 am

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