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    Expedition to the Maure Castle
    After a long time out from Greyhawk, this past weekend I was back again, this time using the Pathfinder RPG to take my players to my own vision of the Maure Castle. They are four 11th level characters, that lives in Alhaster, in 576CY. They are contacted by Sir Robilar to make this expedition for his unknown patron, who just wants the fabbled Orb of the Shadows. He will lend them the Silver Key of the Portals (they dont know who is its owner), and make them sign a magical contract (that Geas them).

    IMO, Maure Castle has been hermetically closed for more than three centuries. Not just its door, but the walls are imposible to pass, and even its imposible to access through the planes (Dimesional Anchor). Its imposible to teleport in or out there, scry it, etc. The only form of entrance is using the Silver Key of the Portals, which was created indeed by Dalt to open the Hermetic Gates.

    My maps are slighty different from originals, and their distribution is altered as well. No Tomorast, no Seekers (well, one of the characters is a Seeker), and posibly no Kerzit.

    They have just opened the doors and entered in the Chamber of Offerings (the Reception Hall IMO), full of dust, rest of clothes, pillows and carpets, and a lot of corpses decayed by time. There, after a light search (dont even reach the fountain), the were attacked by six allips.
    Posted: 03-05-2013 05:45 am