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    Omnipotent View: Lich Lord Conclave
    Posted on Sat, October 27, 2001 by Toran
    Longetalos writes "From the fastness of his hidden demiplane, the lich-lord Ariakin plots the downfall of his enemies. Espically the elves, who stand between him and the fifth seal, needed by the lich-lord for the completion of his foul plots.

    Author: Longetalos

    Lich Lord Conclave

    by Richard Di Ioia (
    Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.

    A demi-plane of dread, separated from the Prime material but with a slim veneer of magic and distance. A demi-plane is no larger than a small fiefdom, yet the energy required to create it is greater than most mages have ever achieved. This particular demi-plane was created by a mage ancient even by the reckoning of elves. A Lich-Lord, some say the first human lich to walk Oerth, by the name of Ariakin.

    Within this demi-plane there exists a palace fashioned along the architecture and grandeur of the ancient Suel Imperial palace. One of the main chamber of this palace is a room protected from most magic short of artifacts or gods, and even gods may think twice before attempting to breach those protection. For hundreds of years the master of this demi-plane has resided here and hatched his plots. Today is no different.

    "My fellow mages, welcome to my humble abode," Ariakin says in ancient Suloise with a voice magically enhanced to still sound human. "We have been thwarted in our attempts to regain the fifth seal by one who once traveled with that meddlesome mage Sha-Gral. Kemal make plans to have Sha-Gral and his master eliminated so that they can no longer incite others to interfere with our plans. While you are at it eliminate the ones who killed Petov."

    A low sepulchered voice spoke from the back of the room "I have spoken with Garian. He has prepared the fiends for the ritual. He only awaits the fifth seal."

    Once again Ariakin spoke, "He may have to wait a short time. The accursed wood elves have recalled their heritage and stand guard over the fifth ward. It would seem that the sundering of the clans is not as fully complete as we had believed. The gray elves are still looked upon with respect by the other clans. If it wasn't for Deltichia they would have all been slaughtered in the war with that Ur-Flannae archmage Vecna. Unfortunately, she guides them still and they full well what we are capable of."

    "We should have destroyed the tree and driven them south into Celene to join with the rest of their kin. As it is, they are still influencing the other clans in the Vesve. The descendants of Galitholian cannot be allowed to recreate the kingdom of the West. Alone of the elven clans, they hold the knowledge of their ancestors, back from the time of the elven supremacy." A deep bash voice spoke.

    "As it once was, so it shall be again. This time we shall not fall into the trap of our ancestors. The elves are the enemy, we allowed ourselves to be led into a war with other humans from fear of taking on the elven hosts. Never again. Humanity is the race of future, the elves had their time and we took it from them. The are weak and spineless. The cower in the corners of their forests and isolate themselves in their cities. The City of Summer Stars was the last of their great cities and they will never have a chance to grow in power again. You know what you must do so leave this plane and work your magics upon the unsuspecting fools."

    Note: Suel Imperium, Vesve"
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    Re: Omnipotent View: Lich Lord Conclave (Score: 1)
    by Man-of-the-Cranes on Sun, November 11, 2001
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    This is a well researched and well written beginning dealing with one of my favourite periods of GH history.

    Man of the Cranes

    Re: Omnipotent View: Lich Lord Conclave (Score: 1)
    by Mystic-Scholar on Tue, October 06, 2009
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Nicely done, though I am unfamiliar with the personages named in the story.

    Isthe name "Ariakin" a play on "Arinanin-b-Korin," whom the Oerth Journal #1 claims as the first Lich of Oerth?

    Not being familiar with the information being spoken of, I was confused by the whole "conversation" and at a lost to know what was being spoken of. Some sort of allusion to the first four seals and their purpose may have helped.

    Re: Omnipotent View: Lich Lord Conclave (Score: 1)
    by madmardigan on Thu, February 24, 2022
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    The accursed wood elves have recalled their heritage and stand guard over the fifth ward. It would seem that the sundering of the clans is not as fully complete as we had believed. 

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