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    Omnipotent View: The Oeridian Horde
    Posted on Sat, November 17, 2001 by Toran
    Longetalos writes "In the distant past, the Oeridians burst into the Flanaess and swept all before them, without exception. Flan, Suel, humanoid, and demihuman all suffered as the Oerids expanded, bringing more and more of hte Flanaess under their sway. In the end, the Oerids established great kingdoms and empires, in the names of their gods and their greatness. But before that happened, some managed to make peace with the Oerid hordes, allying themselves with the powerful conquerors against common foes, like the much-reviled Suel.

    Author: Longetalos

    The Oeridian Horde

    by Richard Di Ioia (
    Used With Permission. Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.

    It was during the year of the Bleeding Sun that it happened. Perhaps it was only fitting that this was the year. Pelor had long been the protector of the Flan people and now the Flan people were bleeding much like their protector up in the sky was.

    The year had started off much like any other year, the Flan eking out an existence from their nomadic ways. A long time ago the Flan had built great cities of stone. The shamen now taught that this is what brought down The Curse of Ages upon the people. The stories are vague on a lot of issues and vary from one tribe to another, but one thing remains consistent throughout all the stories. To build another city of stone would bring down the anger of the forest demons upon the Flan.

    Looking down upon the slaughtered remains of their warriors, the Flan chieftains were seriously thinking of taking their people and hiding in the forests even with the risk of the forest demons. These new intruders were unlike those that came before. The smaller tribes of the Suel were easily defeated in battle by the Flan warriors, and those tribes that were too large to destroy the Flan could hide from using the Beory's help. The Suel's gods were weak and pampered and because of this, their people suffered. Many a Suel warrior had been sacrificed to Nerull to grant the Flan immunity from his gaze.

    Unfortunately, these Oeridians did not worship the same gods as the Suel. The Oeridians worshipped gods of war and battle. Stronger than any other pantheon the Flan had ever faced before. The Flan chieftains knew that to continue to face the Oeridian gods in battle would mean the end of their race.

    "It is said that the first toy an Oeridian is given is a sword." Said Omiah chieftain of the Children of Unnach.

    "I have heard that on the day of their naming, the Oeridian mothers must bathe their newborns in the blood of a foe they defeated in battle." Said Azarucha.

    "I have faced the Oeridians in battle and survived. The fight like the gods themselves and upon their horses they are invincible." Said Nechak Painbringer of Luna's Hidden Face tribe.

    "What Nechak says is true, they pray to two gods of war. For one god is not enough to control their lust for battle. From the day they are born the Oeridians learn of naught but the methods of war. I have heard that even their goddess of love will not grant a couple marriage until they have bested each other in combat." Chodan, shaman of the Broken Stone, spoke this in a quivering voice.

    "Enough of this speaking of war and bloodshed. I will go forth and meet the chieftains of the Oeridians and discuss a truce. For it is known that the Oeridians hate the Suel as much as we do. Perhaps that common ground can bear fruit and allow us time to temper their lust for war. Our gods will win their hearts and their souls if the Oeridians are but shown the way." And with those words, the Highest Priest of Rao, Chaminyihu strode out of the conference and into the legends of the Flan people.

    Note: Ancient History, Flan, Great Migrations, Oerids"
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