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    In the Court of the Count of Ulek - The Court Wizards of Ulek
    Posted on Wed, March 20, 2002 by taladmin
    MerricB writes "In general, the court of Count Lewenn of Ulek is a harmonious place. One of the Count's best-loved advisors is the court wizardess: Lady Caitlin of Greyhawk. This article profiles the Lady Caitlin, as well as the two previous holders of the position.

    Author:Merric Blackman

    Used with permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission.

    Although it is the long-standing tradition in the County of Ulek to have a druidic ruler, various Counts have found it advantageous to have an advisor who knew more than a little about the arcane side of magic - a Court Wizard.

    The power of the position has varied according to the holder and the Count; in most cases it has simply been as a minor advisory role, with little weight given to the advice, generally because the druidic training of the Count was in opposition to the arcane training of the Court Wizard.

    The last three Court Wizards have been exceptional people, however. Count Lewenn has been more tolerant of their advice as well - which may be one reason that others in the druidic hierarchy are not entirely pleased with him at the current time.

    Garion, the first of the three, took up the role as an elderly man, but held the position for fifteen years (566-580 CY). For the most part, he was retiring and deferential. The most important part of his service to the County was the introduction of more structured use of arcane magic into the celebrations of the four Festivals: Midwinter, Midsummer, and the Solstices. Illusions in the main, but fireworks and other amusements as well. The gnomes of Ulek now aid in the production of these illusions and fireworks, and the halflings are the most devoted spectators.

    His student, Meliander Corthan (male human Wiz13, LG) returned to Jurnre after Garion's death to take up the position of Court Wizard. Meliander had been an active adventurer, and honoured by King Belvor of Furyondy for his work in hunting down remaining elements of the Temple of Elemental Evil.

    Meliander was a more active political figure than Garion, although none could doubt his love for his homeland. Under his advice, and with the support of the Count and the Knight-Marshal, the County of Ulek began to build up its army against reports of growing evil in the Pomarj and the Wild Coast. This effort had barely begun, however, when the Greyhawk Wars erupted over the continent. With the forces of Iuz invading Furyondy and the Shield Lands, Meliander counselled the Count to send troops to aid the beleagered realms. The Count, with the agreement of his other advisors, concurred, and most of the County's army was sent north.

    Meliander himself, receiving word of agents of both Iuz and Vecna looking for an artifact of some power - the Codex of the Infinite Planes - gathered together an adventuring company and left the County in order to stop them. It appears that he was successful, but none of the company returned.

    His wife, an enchantress of noble birth from the City of Greyhawk, assumed his position as Court Wizard. The Lady Caitlin of Greyhawk (female human, NG, Wiz8), as she has become known, does not have the martial prowess of her husband, but is his superior in dealing with people and inspiring them. She soon had to deal with the invasion from the Pomarj of "General" Turmosh Mak and his horde of humanoids - with most of Ulek's forces away to the north, the County and Principality found themselves in an unenviable position. Together with Knight Marshal Lachlan, she managed to inspire the folk of Ulek to resist the invaders.

    Today, Lady Caitlin still holds her husband's position as Court Wizard, and there is little doubt in anyone's mind that she would retain it if he were ever to return. Although most in the court believe Meliander to be dead, Lady Caitlin believes that he is still alive, and rebukes severely any who suggest otherwise.

    Lady Caitlin seldom makes overt use of her magical skills, instead preferring to rely on her insight and charm. Her enemies in the court are primarily those she has blocked in advancing beyond their abilities - a number that is steadily increasing. Caitlin splits her time between the Royal Court and a tower constructed by her husband in the Silver Wood. She is raising her young daughter, Teresa, aided by her familiar - a pseudodragon named Teri - and Gillian the White (LG female human Pal9), sister of Meliander. Teresa was born in 581 C.Y, and has no conscious memory of her father, which greatly grieves her mother. Adventurers in the County are likely to find Caitlin sympathetic and an occasional source of commissions, as she has a wide ranging network of informants keeping her up to date on events throughout the western portion of the Flanaess.

    Note: Ulek, Meliander, Caitlin"
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