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    Amiathoer 2 : Chrysalis
    Posted on Sun, September 08, 2002 by Trickster
    orion writes "Once again we turn our gaze to the skies, for another tale of broken dreams elsewhere in Oerth's crystal sphere. The tale of Chrysalis, a moon of Oerth's forsaken sister planet Amiathoer, is one of a desparate last stand and hope lost to eternity.
    Author: Orion

    Tales of Amiathoer 2: Chrysalis
    by Orion (
    (Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.)

    When amiathoer was conquered by the undead, a single city called Analizia managed to make a stand. They knew that they wouldn't be able to hold out forever, so the high mages turned their eyes upward in hopes of salvation. What they saw was a moon. The high mages soon learned that the moon, wich they dubbed Chrysalis after a mythological hero, was inhabitable. It had abundant vegetation, a small ocean, and several species of small edible animals. The high mages began teleporting people by the dozens to the moon as fast as possible because the undead were already laying waste to the city's defenses. The mages managed to teleport the last of the city's inhabitants at the last moment, before the undead broke into the city.

    The people rejoiced at their escape and considered the gods to be at their side again. The mages and anyone else who could work built a city useing magic and natural resources. The mages then created a magical barrier around Chryalis to prevent undead from entering. What the mages didn't consider was that while the liches wouldn't be able to teleport to chrysalis, incorporeal undead would be able to fly to the moon and penetrate the barrier. The mages were blissful in their ignorance until some of their citizens began to dissapear and then come back as undead. The remainder of the city gaurd killed these zombies and attributed them to some plauge they picked up on Amiathoer, but more and more of their citizens dissapeared. The high magi were baffled, how could this occur? The mages were confident in their abilities to destroy these undead until one of the mages was killed by a wave of zombies while exploring one of the forests. The mage rose as a lich and led the undead against the living. The surviving mages decided to put an artifact that they created to use. They were still unsure of wether it was dangerous or not, but they activated it anyway. It was dangerous. The entire moon was crystalized along with all of it's inhabitants, And so, the last survivors of Amiathoer died.

    Note: Greyspace, Spelljammer, Necromancy"
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