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    Advanced Materials and Their Applications - Mythril
    Posted on Mon, October 14, 2002 by Dogadmin
    Longetalos writes "In this short lesson, Professor Bedan of the Grey College describes the forging methods of Mythril as well as the benefits it grants.

    Author: Longetalos

    Advanced Materials and their Applications - lesson 1 (Mythril)

    by Longetalos.

    Used with permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission.

    "Hello class, my name is Bedan. You have probably met some of my colleagues here in the college and I hope that you get as much insight from my teaching as you have from theirs. The subject of this class is Advanced Materials and their Applications. Judging by the fact that you could afford tuition to this class I can safely assume you are familiar with gold and platinum." This last being said with a wide grin on Bedan's face. "My predecessors on this topic usually left the two most interesting materials for the end of the class. Those being adamantium and mythril. But seeing as I intend to keep you entertained throughout the semester regardless of what material is discussed, I do not need to keep those materials as a reward for patience. Therefore to indulge all of your curiosity I will begin the course with a discussion on those rare materials."

    "As with other metals, both adamantium and mythril are extracted from the ground. The difference is that these metals are purposefully hidden by the gods, most notably Bleredd, Fortubo, Dumathoin and Moradin, in difficult to reach locations. This is to test out the faith and perseverance of their followers. In addition, all veins of these metals are short and are quickly exhausted. These two factors greatly affect the rarity of these metals and thus their availability for fashioning items such as armor and weapons."

    "Given the difficulties to obtain these metals, you must be wondering what benefits they have to make the efforts worth it. Each of these materials has some unique properties and some properties in common. I will begin with the properties of mythril and then move on to adamantium."

    "Mythril is a silver colored material which never loses its shine. Its surface is very hard and non-porous. This prevents many types of foreign materials from sticking to its surfaces. Usually a quick rinse in water will wash off most dirt and grime and restore the item to its pristine state. This property is one most favored by worshippers of Pholtus who are fastidious about their shining appearance in combat. The other properties that mythril has are directly related to the method of forging used to shape the material."

    "Much like iron melts at a higher temperature than bronze, mythril melts at a higher temperature than iron. Because of current forging techniques achieving this higher temperature is very difficult. Only a few specially designed forges are able to withstand the temperature required to melt mythril. In addition the fuel used to reach these temperatures is another well guarded secret. So you can see that even once the metal is removed from the stone, there are still very few places and people able to melt mythril to fashion it into useful shapes. Of course, this property is also a distinct advantage in that the item fashioned becomes much harder to destroy with heat. Yet, only weighs slightly more than regular steel."

    "As for its uses in weapons, mythril is as flexible as the best steel but because of its hardness it keeps an edge longer in battle. When used for fashioning armor, its hardness makes it more difficult to penetrate and thus armor can either be made thinner than with steel and grant the same protection or can be made of the same thickness as steel but grant a greater protection. Unfortunately as it is as rigid as steel, its uses are as limited to those that could also be made of steel."

    "The final, and arguably the greatest, benefit of mythril is its ability to absorb magic. When properly forged for purity, mythril will absorb any spell cast at it and transform the magic of the spell into heat. The heat is evenly distributed throughout the mythril item and will cool down at the same rate as steel. As such, the greater the amount of mythril the more magic it can absorb before becoming unbearably hot as well as having a faster rate of cooling. In addition, this anti-magical property will allow weapons made of a sufficient amount of mythril to connect with creatures magically protected, such as demons, or intangible, such as ghosts. The greater the amount of mythril present, the greater its ability to penetrate the magical protections. "

    "As for the discussion on adamantium, that will have to wait for the next class."

    Note: mithril, mithral, mythril"
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