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    Little Trouble in Big Greyhawk
    Posted on Sat, February 22, 2003 by Dogadmin
    Coldpenguin625 writes "A mischevious thief, some magically enhanced pets, and one wierd pet shop. An adventure for 1st level characters set in Greyhawk City.

    Author: Coldpenguin625

    Little Trouble in Big Greyhawk (an adventure for 1st level characters)

    by Coldpenguin625

    Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.

    Adventure Summary: Characters will arrive in Greyhawk city and be allowed to explore for some time. After this they will end up in Ragnin’s Magic Emporium and Pet Shop, a small, magic and pet shop. They arrive at Ragnin’s just as he’s fending off pets that have been given potions to make them stronger. After saving Ragnin from his pets he will tell them that his brand-new Cube of Force has been stolen. He will ask the characters if they could please investigate and recover the cube, as he is loath to bring authorities into the matter since he acquired the cube illegally.

    The characters then can investigate several leads such as some empty potion bottles left behind in the shop and a few escaped “super-pets” running amok in the city. Eventually they’ll realize that the thief intends to sell the cube and is hiding in an abandoned warehouse waiting for her buyer. The adventure ends with confronting the thief and either retrieving the cube or her escaping with it.

    Maps: I don't have a scanner so I am unable to provide maps but only a small map of the pet shop for encounter 1 and a map of a generic wharehouse are needed for the last encounter, these should be easy for any DM to produce (I drew mine up in 10 minutes including labels of what's where and what not.)

    Adventure Background: Roughly a month ago, Ragnin’s Magic Emporium and Pet Shop acquired a recently stolen Cube of Force from the Greyhawk Beggars' Union. Ragnin, hoping to sell the item for a large sum of gold, put the object on the store shelves hoping it would attract a buyer.

    Instead, Therian, a bard with an interest in magic items decided he wanted the cube for his collection. Figuring it would be cheaper to have it stolen than actually buy it from the shrewd Ragnin, Therian contracted the Thieves’ Guild to steal it for him. The guild sent Reydella, a reckless and short-tempered thief who was taken by the guild only three years before. Reydella struck Ragnin’s shop in broad daylight (her style) and administered several potions to the animals before leaving. The characters enter right after Reydella leaves and a fire-breathing, snapper turtle corners Ragnin.

    Non-player Characters:

    Ragnin: Human male exp2/wiz1; AL CG.

    Ragnin is a shrewd and very successful peddler in magic items and pets. His shop is only a small, one floor building but it is always full with customers and small children eager to see the different pets he offers. Ragnin will very seldom lower his prices except when it’s for a customer he’s sold things too previously, as he doesn’t want to push away his regulars. Ragnin is very knowledgeable about the surrounding area and the adventurers who work it. He hears a lot of gossip from passing adventurers and wizards who visit his shop and he’ll part with this gossip for a price. Ragnin is a short man in his early forties with thinning hair and an ample midsection. He’s been in business for almost ten years now and has lived in Greyhawk his entire life but travels extensively.

    Reydella: Tiefling female rog3; AL NE; HD 3d6; hp.13; AC 16; Init. +6; Speed 30ft; Attack Bonus +2; Damage: Dagger 1d4, Short Sword 1d6; F+2/R+5/W+1; Skills: Hide/Move Silently/Tumble +8, Open Locks +10, Listen/Spot +6, Search/Appraise +8, Disable Device +10, Use Magic Device +5; SQ: Darkness, Resist fire/cold/electricity 5, Sneak Attack 2d6, Uncanny Dodge, Evasion. Equipment: Potion of Infuriate Animal (2), Leather Armor +1 (Masterwork), Smokesticks (3).

    Reydella is an orphaned tiefling girl, born in the cities’ lower quarter. She struggled to survive and was taken in by Org Nenshen, guild master of the thieves’ guild. After being taught “on-the-job” by other thieves and then eventually carrying out her own assignments, Reydella became a competent thief. Her tactics and style often got her in trouble with the other senior guild members but Ramsend’s liking to the girl prevented her from being murdered or turned in to authorities by people within the guild. Reydella’s style is often to rob in broad daylight, she claims this enhances the thrill she gets from stealing. She often employs magic in her crimes also as she knows several of the hedge wizards from the cities slum and dock areas.

    Therian: Male High Elf Bard 4; AL CN; HD 4d6; hp. 18; AC 13; Init. +6; Speed 30ft; Attack Bonus +5; Damage: Rapier 1d6; F+2/R+5/W+3; Skills: Bluff +10, Diplomacy +10, Perform +10, Sense Motive +7, Spellcraft +9, Tumble +8; Feats: Dodge, Rapier Focus, Improved Initiative; SQ Bardic Music and Bardic Knowledge;

    Spells 3/3/1:
    Cantrips – Detect Magic, Daze, Mage Hand, Presdigitation, Read Magic, Resistance;
    1st level – Charm Person, Expeditious Retreat, Sleep;
    2nd level – Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, Hypnotic Pattern;
    Magic Items: Cape of Montebank, Bracers of Armor +1
    Equipment: Guitar, Book of songs and poems, Rapier, eccentric clothes.

    Therian is a young, high elf from Celene. He has been fascinated by music and its uses in controlling the minds of the masses since he was very young. He attended the Greyhawk Bardic College several years ago and remains in good standing with them. He often uses the magic of his Bardic Music to control others and to obtain whatever he desires. Therian is a tall High Elf with flowing golden hair and blue sparkling eyes, he is very thin and light as well. Therain despises those who cross him and never forgets their names or faces and does not rest until he has revenge on them.

    Oswald the Great: Male Human War1; AL LG; HD 1d8; hp.4

    Oswald the Great is a human man who is delusional about being a great warrior of fame and skill. He believes that he is a mighty warrior and that all the women fall for him because he’s so suave and handsome. He often brags about his great skill and will treat actual warriors like children and will offer to teach them and make them into great warriors, “just like him”. Oswald is short and thin, with short brown hair and eyes he’s just basically your average person, the only difference is he’s most likely to get himself killed one day when he takes his fictitious warrior persona too far. He’s never seen without his armor, a decent suit of scale mail, and his weapons, which include a spear, sword, dagger, and crossbow. He believes that if he carries all those weapons people will be awed by how powerful he looks.

    Shandrella Tealeaf: Female Halfling Wiz3; AL N; HD 3d4; hp.9

    Shandrella is an old, uncaring halfling wizard who makes and sells magic items from her run down shack in the slums of Greyhawk. Most of the magic she sells is custom made by her such as her “Potions of Animal Infuriation”. She will make anything for the right price with no questions asked. She is quite paranoid of authorities and such and always memorizes spells such as magic missile and shield. Shandrella stands less than three feet tall and is always wearing patched, faded robes. Her hair is long, stringy, and gray and she has very little in terms of grooming.

    Scene 1: Pet Shop of Horrors (EL1)

    Characters approaching or passing Ragnin’s Magic Emporium and Pet Shop will hear a lot of commotion and see a few customers run out of the store. Inside Ragnin has been backed into a corner by a small, snapper turtle and other pets are tearing the store apart. Ragnin will insist the characters try to save the pets but will not complain if the only way to stop a particularly vicious creature is with force. All of the pets have been given potions that will last for five rounds after the characters arrive. All of the pets have also been given potions of Animal Infuriation, which makes them very angry and hostile.

    Turtle, snapper: hp.3; Speed 6in.; AC 15 (10 if being grappled); SQ Fire-breathing 2d4 damage to anyone directly in front of the turtle.

    Cat, calico: hp. 4; Speed 15ft.; AC 16; SQ Blur, 20% miss chance on all attacks.

    Monkey: hp. 4; speed 20ft.; AC 17; Damage: 1d4 (thrown objects); SQ Fly

    Rat: hp. 2; speed 10ft.; AC 14; Damage: 1d2+6 (bite and potion of strength).

    Tactics: The animals are spread out through the store and are all extremely angry and hostile. If any character approaches within three feet of one of the animals they will either attack or the turtle will pull itself inside its shell. If picked up, the turtle will use its fire-breath. All of the potions last for five rounds after the characters arrive.

    Scene 2: Investigation (EL 1)

    Ragnin will heartily thank the characters and will then scream as he realizes his new Cube of Force is missing. He’ll ask the characters to investigate and recover the item. If he is asked why he doesn’t call the authorities he’ll confide in them that the cube is stolen property. He will offer a payment of 100 gold orbs but will go as high as 150 orbs.

    In the store are several strewn about potions bottles amidst the wreckage of everything else, many of the bottles either spilled off the potion racks or were given to the pets before being let loose, but four of them (Spot/Search check DC 20 for each) have a strange symbol (a small pattern of five stars on a blue field) that Ragnin’s potions don’t. If questioned, he says he has no clue whose bottles they are. A spellcraft check (DC 20) will reveal that the potions from the empty bottles were very powerful and unlike the average healing or strength potions Ragnin sells.

    If the characters go outside they can attempt to question people about what they saw after the commotion started, some people will brush the characters off but others will give descriptions of random people although one (Gather Info check DC 18) will give an accurate description of Reydella, the others are just random customers.

    The characters may also encounter several enhanced pets that escaped the store during the confusion and may need to save the innocent townspeople who are being attacked by the pets. One of these people is Oswald the Great and he claims that he was just pretending to be weak to get the creature off guard.

    Rabbit: hp.4; Speed 20ft.; AC 17; Damage 1d8 (potion of bloodlust). The potion has for some odd reason also caused the rabbit to sprout massive fangs, each 4 inches long.

    Gerbil: hp. 4; Speed 15ft.; AC 16; Damage 1d6 (bite and claws); SQ potion of growth. The gerbil, due to the potion, is roughly the size of a large dog.

    Baby Alligator: hp. 6; Speed 10ft.; AC 16; Damage 1d6; SQ potion of jump

    The characters may ask about the symbol at the University of Magic or the Wizards' Guild. Either way the characters will learn that the symbol belongs to an unlicensed wizard named Shandrella. They will also learn that there was no way the simple enhancement potions given to the animals would make them go berserk. Neither University nor the guild knows where Shandrella lives except that she probably lives in either the dock area or the lower quarter.

    Asking around the lower quarter will get the characters directions but most people in this area are thuggish, poor, and/or drunk so money will need to be provided in order to get directions.

    Scene 3: Confronting the Wizard

    Shandrella lives in a run-down old shack in the lower quarter. Although she manages through life by selling her minor potions and charms she is still desperate for money. This desperation is not bad enough that she’ll divulge character information for a small price; very large prices may be a different story though. Characters will need to roll very well Bluff, Intimidate, or Diplomacy checks (DC 22) to win over the woman and get her to even think about giving out personal information, and even then the characters will have to buy something. A following check (DC 20) will then show if she agrees. If Shandrella gives out the information each player receives 100 points on top of any roleplaying accomplished.

    Shandrella will give them information on Reydella including physical description, name, and even that she was from the Thieves’ Guild. Shandrella has associated with Reydella before so she does know the tiefling somewhat. If asked where to find Reydella, she’ll answer that Reydella hangs out in many different places but is usually in the lower quarter where the watch has less of a presence.

    Shandrella will also, if pressed, explain her Potions of Infuriate Animal and that they were custom made for Reydella.

    Scene 4: Caught Red-Handed (EL 2 or 3)

    Reydella is in a small and abandoned warehouse waiting for her buyer. If the players do not arrive before nightfall, Therian returns to purchase the cube. The bard may also be in the middle of the transaction when the characters arrive, either way, Reydella will have two men to provide protection in case the deal goes sour. Use the 1st level thief templates from the DMG to represent the thieves.

    Tactics: Reydella will stay back and let her cronies do the work for her; if they are beaten she will drop a globe of darkness on the characters and try to make a run for it. If Therain is present he will use Tasha’s Hideous Laughter followed by Sleep and Daze; if things get tough he will cast Expeditious Retreat and attempt to get outside before using his Cape of Montebank to escape.

    Success: If the characters succeed they receive their pay plus a 25% discount at Ragnin’s store. All characters receive 100xp for recovering the Cube. Success will also earn Therain and the guild’s anger as well as Reydella as an enemy if she survives.

    Failure: If the characters fail, Ragnin will be very disheartened but sometimes failure is in the life of an adventurer. Reydella and Therian, if he was encountered, will still be very angry that they were crossed and will add the characters to their list of enemies. ====END OF FILE====

    Note: Greyhawk City, Beggars' Union, Thieves' Guild"
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    Re: Little Trouble in Big Greyhawk (Score: 1)
    by grodog on Sat, February 22, 2003
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    A fun little romp!


    Re: Little Trouble in Big Greyhawk (Score: 1)
    by Abysslin ( on Sat, August 14, 2004
    (User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
    heh, this is kind of cool. Sometimes I forget to just take the lower levels back to the basics.

    The Success and Failure outcomes are pretty standard, but I think they were a nice touch, CP.

    Re: Little Trouble in Big Greyhawk (Score: 1)
    by cwslyclgh on Tue, August 24, 2004
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    seems like an enjoyable little adventure... I might have to think of running it sometime.

    Re: Little Trouble in Big Greyhawk (Score: 1)
    by Dethand ( on Tue, September 28, 2004
    (User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
    Short and sweet but good none the less! Was a good tour of theives and their ways.

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