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    The Spear and Shield of Ulek
    Posted on Sat, December 06, 2003 by Trickster
    MerricB writes "Come learn about two of the legendary artifacts of the Sheldomar valley and the role they play in the history of the Ulek states.

    The Sword and Spear of Ulek
    By: MerricB
    Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.
    The Spear and Shield of Ulek
    by Merric Blackman

    This hardwood shortspear with a bronze head and the matching bronze shield with a unicorn design are of great antiquity, having been borne by one of the heroes of the Flan people during their struggles with the Firbolg giants in what is now known as the Sheldomar Valley.

    After the corruption of the Firbolg by the Fhoi Myore spirits - the act that resulted in the creation of the cursed Fomorian giants - the Spear and Shield were specially enchanted by Amergin, the great druid of the Old Faith, to be unusually potent against Fomorian giants. It is known that both Beory and Ehlonna had a hand in this blessing.

    Both were kept in the royal house of the Flan people for many centuries, but were lost shortly after the Twin Cataclysms, when the migrating Oeridian and Suel people flooded into the Sheldomar.

    Eventually both were recovered by he who would become the first Count of Ulek in one of the trials required of him to prove his fitness for the throne. After that date, they were once more held in the royal palace at Jurnre.

    About three-hundred years ago, when Keoland's imperial ambitions began encroaching upon the borders of the County, the Spear and Shield disappeared by the Royal Vault. It was discovered that Morgan, the Court Wizard of Ulek, had fled with both. His name was cursed, and the long rupture between the druidical rulers of Ulek and the practicioners of the arcane arts began. (Such has only recently been healed).

    In fact, Morgan was simply seeking to protect the items from the Envoy of Keoland. Unfortunately, upon returning to his secret laboratory he was betrayed by his apprentice who had fallen under the sway of a master vampire. He managed to conceal the spear in the Demiplane of Five Dragons, but the shield fell into the hands of the vampire.

    At this point, the goddess Ehlonna took an active interest in the shield, which she had helped bless many centuries ago. One of her servants wrested the shield away from the vampire and destroyed him - the apprentice was cursed to remain in the laboratory of the master he had betrayed. The shield was then sent back to Ulek with one of her Leafsisters.

    Unfortunately, Ehlonna's aid was in vain. Raiders seized the shield as it was nearing Jurnre, and the Shield disappeared from our knowledge.

    Of late, reports have come of a bronze shield being auctioned in the lands of the Sea Princes, and the laboratory of the wizard Morgan has been discovered beneath a barrow raised in honor of a Leafsister of Ehlonna.

    With rumours of the rise of the Fomorian giants on the eastern borders of Ulek, it seems that both might be soon needed again.

    Spear of Ulek: +3 Shortspear
    - Against Fomorian giants, it deals 5d6 damage instead of its normal damage code.
    - Against other giants, it deals 2d6 damage instead of its normal damage code.
    - If the Spear damages a creature possessed by a spirit, demon or suchlike, the possessing creature must make a DC 22 Will save or be forced to end the possession.

    Shield of Ulek: +3 Light Shield
    - When used in a combat against giants, as a Standard action the bearer may attempt to blind all giants in a cone area of maximum distance 60 feet. Each giant in that area must make a DC 22 Fortitude save of be blinded permanently. (Or at least until suitable healing spells are applied).
    - Gives an additional +4 bonus to AC vs attacks from possessed creatures.

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