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    Postfest I: Two for the Road
    Posted on Thu, August 30, 2001 by Legate
    A couple of short encounters for a party in need of action: Temple of Ehlonna Dereilon and Red Dragon.

    Author: Mike McKweon

    2 For the Road
    by Mike McKweon (
    (Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.)

    Temple of Ehlonna Dereilon (in the Dim Forest. Based on against the giants: the liberation of Geoff)

    Before the coming of the shadow dragon to the village the temple of Ehlonna was the spiritual center of the village. The wood elves also paid homage to Corellon and the other elven gods but the temple holds a special place in the village. It is said that Ehlonna herself blessed the stone temple many years ago when Flann woodmens first made contact with the elves of the forest. The temple was a simple one story stone structure. Tan colored wooden doors with iron worked handles the shape of unicorns greeted travelers up the path to the temple. Inside was the main worship hall. Rows of pews lead the way to the alter and the lectern. Inside the faithful would listen to the glory of the deeds of the Maiden of the Forest. Behind the alter craftsman had contructed a stained glass portrait of the godess and a unicorn. It is said that two arrows used by the godess lay inside the alter. Behind the alter lead the way to the dwelling place of the priests. Here they would store their belongings and the bows which where their main weapons. About 4 priests were stationed at the village, a human one often visiting from outside the forest. Only the most senior priest had his own room. There was no kitchen or dining area, the priests ate with the villagers outside the temple. A small library and a dressing area compleated the inside of the temple. In the back of the temple stood an archery range, here the priests would sponser contests for the faithful in the favorite sport of the godess.

    Adventure seed: CY591 - a High priest of Ehlonna asks a ranger or elf in the party to travel to the village to recover the sacred arrows of the godess. There is a 50% chance they will encounter a mature adult female shadow dragon in the ruins of the village. Shadows lurk in the village as well. The PC's will be well rewarded by the priest should they fulfill the task.

    Red Dragon: Based on Dragons of the Flanness.

    High in the Southern Crystalmists near the border of sterich, in a long abandoned dwarf hold lies the wyrm Vesmonstran. On a pile of gold that rivals the treasure house of Ivid, for hundreds of years he has slept. Solitary and greedy, he fits the temperment of his kind. In the days when the Kingdom of Keoland was young he raided keep after keep, gathering gold and silver to satisfy his greed. No warrior or wizard was strong enough to defeat him or wise enough to find his lair high in the Crystalmists. Never bothering to have mated, he counted coins alone in the deep. After gathering his great hoard it is said that the dragon entered a deep sleep, for hundreds of years he has slept undistrubed by gold seeking adventurers. His pride has made him feel safe inside the stone cavern he calls home. The dwarfs of the valley have left him alone. It is said that his hold includes several magic tomes of the Suel, a golden magical chalice of Heironeous, and a sacred ax of Clanngeden.

    Possible Adventure seeds: However from underneath the Oerth, the dark elves have discovered his lair. What role does the dragon play in this? With the defeat of the giants in Sterich will the wyrm see a chance to see greater glory once again? How will the dwarfs of sterich, shut inside their fortresses react to this? Is the fragile leadership of the country ready to stand united against the threat? Will his pride and greed be his undoing? Is their a female red that seeks to produce his spawn? Is he lustful after this long slumber? Is HE the one seeking to spawn?

    Vesmonstranuan: Red Dragon Wyrm - CR 23 HD: 37d12+370 (650 hp) AC: 42 (-4 size, +36 natural), Att. Bonus: +48, Saves: Fort/Ref/Will - +30/+20/+27, Weapon (DC) 22d10 SV (38) (DC) 35 (SR) 30, Speed: 40 ft., fly 200 ft. (clumsy); ST 41, DX 10, Con 31, Int 24, Wis 25, Con 24; Special Abilites Damage reduction 20/+3, Caster level 17th, He can also cast cleric spells and those from the Chaos, Evil, and Fire domains as arcane spells.
    Feats: Flyby attack, Snatch, wingover, improved initiative, sunder, power attack, quicken spell, Hover, and Cleave
    Spells: Read Magic, Detect Magic (seven others) 1st: Alarm, Enlarge, message, magic missle, feather fall, indentify, tenser's floating disk 2nd: melf's acid arrow, darkness, levitate, blindness, knock, see invisibility, Glitterdust 3rd: fireball, magic circle against good, hold person, clairaudience, tounges, gust of wind 4th Wall of fire, shout, polymorph self, illusory wall, fire trap 5th cloudkill, dominate person, telekensis, dipel good 6th true seeing, move earth, guards and wards, control water 7th teleport without error, Prismatic spray, greater scrying, spell turning 8th Unholy Aura (cleric), Incendiary cloud (cleric)

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    Re: Postfest 1: Two for the Road (Score: 1)
    by Scottenkainen on Fri, June 21, 2002
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    The temple of Ehlonna suffers, as most D&D temples do, of being too generic. Substitute the iconography, and this could be a Catholic church. What sacred texts would be in a library of Ehlonna? Now that would have made a good article.

    The dragon, as typical of 3E D&D, is ridiculously over-powerful.

    Re: Postfest 1: Two for the Road (Score: 1)
    by esilv on Wed, September 29, 2004
    (User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
    Nifty, short ideas. Easily adaptable for most GM's.

    For my campaign, I'd make the Temple a wooden structure, perhaps with open windows. The great stained glass I would replace with an intricately carved wooden "trellis". Open to the outside, it would depict the scene as described above. I do like the idea that the priests who tend the temple take their meals with the common folk of the village.

    For the dragon, sure, he's powerful. Which would explain why the dwarves leave him alone. The ancient tales warn them well against disturbing the slumber of so mighty a beast.

    Re: Postfest I: Two for the Road (Score: 1)
    by SirXaris on Fri, April 08, 2011
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://
    I think these are good adventure seeds which I can adapt to my own campaign.  I like the above suggestions for making Elohnna's temple more woodsy, too. ;)


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