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    Churches in the City of Greyhawk: Trithereon, Heironeous and Hextor
    Posted on Mon, September 03, 2001 by Tizoc
    MerricB writes "Though none of these churches are major players in the City of Greyhawk, the activities of their priests may yet impact the precious trade of the greater Domain.

    Author: MerricB

    Churches in the City of Greyhawk:
    By: MerricB (
    (Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.)


    The Temple of Trithereon lies in the River Quarter of the City of Greyhawk, attended by only a very small clergy. As the deity of Individuality and Retribution, Trithereon's followers only visit the shrine on holy days unless they have retired from the active pursuit of the god's goals, which is to say, adventuring.

    The primary active member of Trithereon's clergy in Greyhawk is the war-priest Gerald (Ftr3/Clr9), who has recently led several expeditions against gnolls and humans serving the god Hextor in the Cairn Hills.

    Gerald has been helped in this enterprise by followers of Heironeous, in what has been an unusual collaboration, as followers of the two religions are generally not on the best of terms due to Chaos vs. Law problems. Primarily amongst those helping Gerald of Trithereon has been Gillian the White (Pal7), a consecrated warrior from the County of Ulek.


    Heironeous has an even lesser shrine in the City than Trithereon, normally tended only by a pair of acolytes. This is mainly due to the disapproval of the Council of Oligarchs - those worthies feeling very uneasy about the followers of any god of war being permitted in the City. They have only been prevented from banning such shrines altogether by the support of their Captain of the Guard (a follower of Heironeous).


    The Church of Hextor, in addition to trying to establish a presence in the Cairn Hills, also has major links to the slave trade. Because two of the primary tenets of the Hextorian religion are Might Makes Right and The Loser Is Weak, survivors of any battle are collected by followers of Hextor and shipped to lands that permit slavery. As the Flanaess has been wracked by minor or major wars for the past few centuries, the availablity of slaves has never been an issue.

    The route from the Nyr Dyv to the southern seas is thus quite important, and only the Selintan River gives that sort of access. As a result, the City of Greyhawk as the major port on the Selintan River has an agent of the Slavers of Hextor working in it. Master Raeldis (Ftr5/Clr5) seems to make his living as a minor weaponsmith in the Artisan's Quarter, but in reality is the main agent for the priesthood of Hextor. As yet, none of the churches of Good have discovered his secret.

    A major construction in the Cairn Hills is currently underway - a Temple of Hextor being built beneath one of the ancient tombs that give the Hills their name. Supervising this work is H'drek (gnoll Ftr2/Clr5). The temple is out of the way of the normal trade routes, but a few lone travellers have disappeared recently in the area.


    Note: Urban"
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    Re: Churches in the City of Greyhawk: Trithereon, Heironeous and Hextor (Score: 1)
    by Issak_the_Pale on Mon, September 03, 2001
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    I not only like the general layout of how this was written, but also the play-ability of how the NPC's were written. By stating the NPC's classes (Ftr/Clr) it is thus useable in any of the 3 editions of D&D and Greyhawk.
    However I do find it odd that GH city doesn't really like Heironeous a LG deity, and barely tolerates it's existance becasue he is a god of war. On the other hand there is no mention of this for Hextor - a LE deity - and one that practices slavery.
    I would suspect that the Captain of the Guard would do his best to try to bring down the Church of Hextor, as IIRC slavery is outlawed in GH City, and the Captain is a follower of Heironeous.
    Of course now I am waiting for the Pholtan Church write-up!
    Issak the Pale

    Re: Churches in the City of Greyhawk: Trithereon, Heironeous and Hextor (Score: 1)
    by MTG ( on Thu, September 06, 2001
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    I really enjoy the characterization of the clergy of Hextor. The title "Master" is neat, and the smithy connection is good. I also think that it's neat that you're using gnolls as subaltern clerics.

    Finally, Gillian the White reminds me of the Arthurian Knights. I'd like to learn more about where he's from in Ulek County.

    A little more on Gillian the White (Score: 1)
    by MerricB on Fri, September 07, 2001
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Gillian the White is actually female. :) Her father was a senior officer in the Ulekian Light Cavalry. He and her elder brother were both killed by orcs in an ambush in the north-eastern hills. (Though I can't remember their name at the moment, sorry). Whilst growing up, Gillian primarily lived in Jurnre.

    She's the NPC sister of my personal PC - Meliander Corthan (LG Wiz13) who in my campaign now serves as an advisor to the Count of Ulek and lives in the Silverwood Forest.

    At some point I'll develop up more information about the County of Ulek, as I've got an especially soft spot for the homeland of my original AD&D character. ;^)

    Gillian's name actually is Gillian Corthan, but somehow she's acquired the title of "the White" - probably some comment on her purity, dedication, and preferred style of clothing.

    Her name is pronounced with a hard "G", though her nickname is Jill.

    Merric, the Dreamer-Minstrel

    Re: Churches in the City of Greyhawk: Trithereon, Heironeous and Hextor (Score: 1)
    by Man-of-the-Cranes on Mon, March 11, 2002
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    This is the kind of thing I was saying we needed in my recent post GT. As has already been commented, this could easily be used by DM's in any of the various editions, and provides hooks and plot teasers galore.

    My own Church of Heironeous did grow quite significantly before and during the wars, with two paladin PC's both tithing vast amounts of money, but there actual followers/influence did not rise proportionately.

    Now they are once again on the decline.

    Keep it up Merric,

    Man of the Cranes

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