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    The Wizards Library Part 2 of 6
    Posted on Fri, February 17, 2006 by Dongul
    gvdammerung writes "Presented herein are 109 wizardly grimoires, each presented in a card catalog format. No longer must one guess at what is on a wizard's bookshelf or what is between the covers of a particular tome.

    The Wizards Library Part 2 of 6
    By: Glenn Vincent Dammerung, aka GVDammerung
    Posted with permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.

    Book of Darazell, The
    Written by Darazell
    Age - 3rd
    Notes - Written by a wizard/assassin of old Aerdi, the Book of Darazell has travelled throughout the Great Kingdom and now its successor states from Medegia to the North Province. Numerous copies, or partial copies, are alleged to exist. Rumors have it that Darazell’s spirit inhabits the original. If true, it would be a novel method of authentication.
    Unique Spells - Deaden Senses/Darazell’s Noose/Blade Bane/Poison Blade
    Source - Dragon 243, p.92

    Book of Dead Smiles
    Written by Tanith
    Age - 3rd
    Notes - An intriguing grimoire, the author focuses on enchantments, charms and necromantic spells. Of Tanith, little is known for a certainty. She is contrastingly regarded as both a minor mage but also as a significant one, doubtless for the unique mix of spells in which she specialized. While most copies of the Book are mundane in their contents, rumors circulate of more potent copies.
    Spells - Unknown
    Source - Return to the Keep on the Borderland, p.56

    Book of Inverted Darkness, The
    Written by Unknown
    Age - Unknown
    Notes - A rare volume, the Book of Inverted Darkness is principally a book of prophecy and, to a lesser extent, a discussion of some of the more obscure planar environments. Those spells contained in the volume are either divinations, usually of the darkest sort, or planar in their nature. All are believed to be interlineations.
    Spells - Unknown
    Source - Vecna Reborn, p.50

    Books of Shadow, The (3 Volumes)
    Written by Bane-Eye (Vol. 1), Dariastren (Vol. 2), Kreshenk (Vol. 3)
    Age - 2nd/3rd
    Notes - The work of the so-called Gray Cabal, variously rumored active in the Quaglands, northwestern Ferrond, Admundfort, Dyvers and Verbobonc at various points in time, each volume of the Books of Shadow was written by the master of the cabal, who was the apprentice of the previous master. Three volumes are known and all date from the 2nd Age. Whether further volumes exist, or if the Gray Cabal remains active, is not known.
    Unique Spells -
    Vol 1 - Claws of Darkness/Shadow Spiders/Gloom Ravens/GuardianShadow/Wings of Gloom/Summon Greater Shadow/Summon Shadow Fiend
    Vol 2 - Shadow Spray/Dariastren’s Shadow Well/Mantle of Twilight/Dariastren’s Shadow Blight
    Vol 3 - Kreshenk’s Shadow Mask/Net of Shadows/Scimitar of Shadows/Blend with Shadows/Shadowtheft
    Source - Dragon 261, p.28

    Book of Souls
    Written by Unknown
    Age - Unknown
    Notes - The Book of Souls is difficult to catalog. It is reported to be a book of necromancy of the worst sort. It is reported to be a book of fiendish mein. It is reported to be something of both. Reliably, the Book of Souls is dangerous. While it holds out the temptation of great power, damnation almost inevitably follows in its wake. While few copies are available, it is said the original is unique and that all copies are inherently less potent.
    Spells - Unknown
    Source - Dragon 234, p.21

    Book of the Brethren
    Written by Unknown
    Age - Unknown
    Notes - Included in this catalog for completeness, it is highly doubtful this work exists. Reputed to contain virtually all known spells in 21 volumes, this book is doubtless a fraud. Allegedly lodged in Vecna’s personal library, if this book does exist, but a single copy is known and Vecna would likely eviscerate anyone seeking access to its contents.
    Spells - Unknown
    Source - Dragon 272, p. 55

    Book of the Requiem, The
    Written by Azalin of Knurl
    Age - 2nd
    Notes - There are those who would deny the wizard Azalin any credit for being a wizard of note or indeed of existing at all. The Book of the Requiem settles the former argument much, as the "Libre Rex Mortis" resolves the latter. While removed from Oerth by dark powers to a plane of imprisonment, the arch-lich Azalin appears to have recently made good his escape, much as Vecna has done.
    Unique Spells - Blood’s Call/Life Bond/Death’s Tithe
    Source - Dragon 252, p.82

    Bricks of Spiritual Fortification
    Written by Webster (Serten)
    Age - 4th
    Notes - Ostensibly written by "Webster," the majority of scholarly opinion holds that Bricks of Spiritual Fortification was, in fact, written by Serten. Why he would choose to use a nom de plume is unknown. In any event, the work stands as the ultimate exposition of the mechanics of "wall" dweomers.
    Known Spells - Wind Wall/Wall of Fire/Wall of Force/Wall of Iron/Wall of Stone/Prismatic Wall/ Glassteel
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Clouds and Fog
    Written by Dahlver-Nar
    Age - 2nd
    Notes - History records at least three notable "Dahlver-Nar’s." Which, if any, set down this grimoire has never been firmly established. "Dahlver-Nar" of Keoland and "Dahlver-Nar" of the Bandit Kingdoms are the two leading candidates. They are considered the most likely because they would have had the easiest access to Casimur’s Seven Skies of the Universe, upon which Clouds and Fog is demonstrably based.
    Known Spells - Stinking Cloud/Fog Cloud/Cloudkill/Wall of Fog/Death Fog/Solid Fog
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Codex of Silence, The
    Written by Acererak
    Age - 2nd
    Notes - Gifted to Acererak’s servant Moghadam in return for his service as the arch-lich’s architect, it long remained in Moghadam’s possession until Acererak betrayed his liegeman. Thereafter, the Codex found its way into Sunndi and then further abroad.
    Unique Spells - Quell/Tongue Parasite/Dream of the Earth/Light into Darkness/Silent Accord/ Blue Earth
    Source - Dragon 249, p.43

    Compendium Imortale Magica Malifica
    Written by Vecna
    Age - 1st
    Notes - Undoubtedly written by the arch-lich prior to his transformation, the Compendium is principally concerned with the manner in which one might become a lich. As such, the Compendium scarcely qualifies as a grimoire at all.
    Unique Spell - Song of the Dead
    Source - Dragon 272, p. 55

    Compendium of Signs Magical and Mundane
    Written by Jawal Severnain
    Age - 3rd
    Notes - Written by a the son of an Ekbir noble and a Perrenland merchant, the Compendium is the foremost reference on all manner of signs, runes and glyphs. In this way, it qualifies as a grimoire but one of a very limited sort. Most consult the Compendium as a reference work rather than as a spellbook.
    Spells - Unknown
    Source - From the Ashes, Atlas, p.17

    Components and Reactions of Phosphorous
    Written by Daern
    Age - 2nd
    Notes - Often called the "Father of Alchemy," Daern was a unique and surpassing fine intellect. While most famous for his classic exposition on the use and theory of fireballs, Daern is even more noteworthy for his alchemical researches. Daern pioneered research into "natural fire," the study of non-magical pyrotechnics, flame and explosions. His inventions in this area include the alchemical formulas for "liquid fire" and the means for projecting it to great effect. Like his master Quall, Daern exhibited as discerning eye in his selection of apprentices, most especially Arbane.
    Known Spells - Affect Normal Fires/Dancing Lights/Fire Charm/Fireball/Delayed Blast Fireball/ Incendiary Cloud
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Cosmogony of Magnetic Fluids
    Written by Mordenkainen
    Age - 4th
    Notes - Mordenkainen stakes his claim to be the modern "Father of Electromagnetism" with Cosmogony of Magnetic Fluids. While it is likely that the vast majority of mages will read the Cosmogony for its practical formulae, there is an underlying theory of what Mordenkainen identifies as "fluids" that has the potential to revolutionize how electricity is imagined and utilized. Along with Arbane’s work, there are perhaps no more thought provoking grimoires.
    Known Spells -
    Vol. 1 - Chain Lightning/Volley/Energy Drain/Mordenkainen’s Disjunction
    Vol. 2 - Shocking Grasp/Lightening Bolt/Repulsion/Reverse Gravity
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Cryptichronos (aka The Hidden Time/The Book of Horrors)
    Discovered by Azirian/Adjazzet/Olmoroth
    Age - 1st
    Notes - The Cryptichronos is an elder tome first entering the Flanaess in Zief. Believed to be Hyperborian in origin, the tome has since disappeared, although copies continue to be reported from time to time. It is a most dangerous tome.
    Unique Spells - Undead Control/Sinuous Horrors/Vampire Mist/Crimson Scourge/Amorphous Blob
    Source - Dragon 162, p.11

    Dark Sides of Memory
    Written by Mordenkainen
    Age - 4th
    Notes - A puzzling work, Dark Sides of Memory is part diary or chronicle, part treatise and part grimoire. It does not read consistently or well and Mordenkainen’s true intent or meaning remains obscure. Mordenkainen almost seems uncertain or unsure, which is highly unusual. Of course, Dark Side of Memory was never intended for public reading when it was written, a fact that must be born in mind when reading almost all grimoires, copies being more generally the product of apprentice or other copying.
    Known Spells - Banishment/Mordenkainen’s Lubrication/ Ensnarement/Contingency
    - Banishment/Mordenkainen’s Lubrication/Ensnarement/Contingency
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Demonomicon, The
    Written by Iggwilv
    Age - 2nd
    Notes - The Demonomicon of Iggwilv is justifiably as famous as its creator. Little need be said on either count save to note that attempts to explain Iggwilv’s puissance by reference to other, yet more famous and male mages reflects a sexism too common among the Boccob worshiping clique of lesser lights, themselves unable to duplicate Iggwilv’s achievements.
    Unique Spells - Dolor/Ensnarement/Exaction/Torment/Minimus Containment/Imbrue/Implore
    Source - Dragon 336, p. 76

    Displacements and Modelling the Melieu
    Written by Thurl
    Age - 3rd
    Notes - A rare dwarven rock mage to early emerge from the depths of Deep Oerth, Thurl made a name for himself in the Ulek States and Keoland, demonstrating the dwarven penchant for magics with practical applicability. While not widely followed in his time or this, Thurl’s grimoire explains much of how dwarves are capable of the engineering marvels known and reported to exist below the surface of the Flanaess.
    Known Spells -
    Vol. 1 - Shatter/Enlarge/Mending/Stone Shape/Massmorph
    Vol. 2 - Move Earth/Dig/Telekinesis/Statue
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Dissimulation and Obscuration
    Written by Tzunk
    Age - 2nd
    Notes - Almost certainly not written by the more famous Tzunk, the earliest versions of this work date from the 2nd Age. Given the spells noted to be found in Dissimulation and Obscuration, it is perhaps not surprising that the author chose to write under a pseudonym. Whatever the author’s identity, this volume is a standard text in most wizardly curriculums.
    Known Spells - Blink/Invisibility/Invisibility 10' Radius/Improved Invisibility/Darkness/Continual Darkness/Vacancy/Avoidance/Mass Invisibility
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Written by Thurgas Dornn
    Age - 3rd
    Notes - Thurgas Dornn was a wizard and also a dragon slayer. He practiced his craft in his homeland of the Duchy of Urnst, particularly in the Abbor-Alz and bordering areas of the Bright Desert. A ducal hero in his time, Dornn suffered the fate of almost all dragon slayers - one dragon too many. Dornn is survived, however, by his invaluable Dragondoom.
    Unique Spells - Dust Shield/Chain Invisibility/Fizzlebreath/Body Reunion/Lockjaw/Soften Scales/Earth Magnet/Temporary Youth
    Source - Dragon 260, p.88
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    Re: The Wizards Library Part 2 of 6 (Score: 1)
    by Thanael on Wed, February 22, 2006
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Mordenkainen’s Lubrication ??? I shudder at the implications. (That entry also has a duplicate line) Azalin did escape Ravenloft? Is it really what is said in that Dragon mag? He's still trapped in the 3E White Wolf Ravenloft Gazetteers in fact commenting on most of them personally. Thanael PS: GVD this article series is great! Is there a chance for a publication as a single pdf, for easier searchability?

    Re: The Wizards Library Part 2 of 6 (Score: 1)
    by the_colorless_mage on Mon, February 27, 2006
    (User Info | Send a Message)


    Excellent article!  One small quibble of note, though:  as long as I can remember, the demigoddess Daern has been portrayed as female.  In the Dragon you cite, she is referred to as "the father of alchemy".  I realize this isn't your fault, as you didn't write the source material, but I felt moved to mention this detail, nonetheless.

    That's not to diminish my praise for your work, though.  Both this and your Mordenkainen bio are of excellent quality!  :D

    The Colorless Mage

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