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    The Wizards Library Part 3 of 6
    Posted on Wed, February 22, 2006 by Dongul
    gvdammerung writes "Presented herein are 109 wizardly grimoires, each presented in a card catalog format. No longer must one guess at what is on a wizard's bookshelf or what is between the covers of a particular tome.

    The Wizards Library Part 3 of 6
    By: Glenn Vincent Dammerung, aka GVDammerung
    Posted with permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.

    Dunhill’s Papyrus
    Written by Alan Dunhill
    Age - 4th
    Notes - It is a truism that "one need not be good, if one is sufficiently lucky." It might be added, "or if one is a diviner." Dunhill, a native of Onnwal and by no means an arcane prodigy, yet managed to not only succeed but prosper in his career as an adventurer thanks to a unique collection of divination spells. While there is some debate, the weight of scholarly opinion is that Dunhill discovered and recorded these spells but did not create them. The true origin of these spells remains a mystery.
    Unique Spells - Detect Mineral/Know Intelligence/Serpentine Sight/Envision Whole/Insight/Time Sense/Forecast Usefulness/Know Command Word/Locate Wizard Mark/Teleport Track/See Backward/Clairsentience/Reverse Scrying/Speak With Water/Candle of Revelation/Well of Wisdom/Speak With Distant Dead
    Source - Dragon 253, p.88

    Echo and Resonance of the Great Void
    Written by Whisper (Vecna)
    Age - 1st
    Notes - Attributed to "Whisper," it is widely held that Echo and Resonance of the Great Void was written by the arch-lich Vecna. The selection of spells known to be included is nearly dispositive as is the prose, which is simultaneously arrogantly self-aggrandizing and seductive. That Vecna would choose to use a pseudonym should surprise no one. Less well known than Iggwilv’s Demonomicon, Echo and Resonance is arguably as fine a work, even while it is more esoteric in its exposition.
    Known Spells -
    Vol. 1 - Find Familiar/Monster Summoning I-V
    Vol. 2 - Binding/Demand/Torment/Dismissal
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Encyclopedia of Non-Substances
    Written by Asmiak
    Age - 3rd
    Notes - An eccentric and paranoid, Asmiak was a contemporary of Zagig but, whatever his brilliance, his phobias kept him from achieving the latter’s greatness. Like Zagig, Asmiak was a resident of the City of Greyhawk and the two were known to be friendly, if not truly colleagues. Much of what is known of Asmiak comes from the writing of Zagig as Asmiak, in his paranoia, attempted to erase or disguise all evidence of his existence.
    Known Spells - Erase/Nondetection/Misdirection/Improved Phantasmal Force
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Epic Saga of the Great Conjurers
    Written by Mordenkainen
    Age - 4th
    Notes - Not truly a grimoire in the classic sense, the Epic Saga of the Great Conjurers is much more of a biography of notable wizards to which Mordenkainen adds this own thoughts on magical theory as variously exemplified by the great conjurers discussed. While the work includes a selection of spells, these are secondary to the biographical information. Unusual for a grimoire, the Epic Saga of the Great Conjurers has been published by Greyhawk University Press. These editions lack, however, any selection of spells.
    Known Spells - Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound/Conjure Animals/Monster Summoning VI/Cacodemon
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Evolution of Arcane Willpower
    Written by Tenser
    Age - 4th
    Notes - Less well known than several other of Tenser’s books, Evolution of the Arcane Willpower is arguably his finest work. Always possessed of an interest, and willingness to use, transformations, Tenser herein literally writes the book. No finer exposition on the transformational magical art exists. This is a standard text.
    Known Spells -
    Vol. 1 - Polymorph Self/Polymorph Other/Polymorph Any Object/Tenser’s Transformation
    Vol. 2 - Change Self/Alter Reality/Massmorph/Shape Change/Alter Self
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Exalted Dweomercraft
    Written by Jaran Krimeeah, the Wizard of the Vale, the Black One
    Age - 4th
    Notes - Would-be usurper. Exile from Aerdi. Master of the Valley of the Mage. Jaran Krimeeah along with his drowish concubine crafted Exalted Dweomercraft to be the penultimate synthesis of Oeridian and drowish arcane arts. Stolen during the Greyhawk Wars, the tome, or copies, have been reported in Bissel, Chendl, Dyvers and Niole Dra. The later report is given at least some credence for doubtless the Silent Ones would give much to know of the Mage of the Valley’s arcane researches. No less avidly, the Black One seeks the return of his property.
    Unique Spells - Tysiln’s Wonderous Carriage/Jaran’s Prismatic Blade
    Source - Dragon 241, p.75

    Extreme Powers of Observation
    Written by Kwalish
    Age - 2nd
    Notes - It is not known whether the author of Extreme Powers of Observation is the same Kwalish as the inventor of the famed Apparatus. While possible, it is far from certain. It is believed that the author was familiar with both Kuroth’s Theories of Perception and Phandal’s Ancient Cryptomacy as Extreme Powers of Observation demonstrates many similarities, even while exploring much new ground. It is speculated that Kwalish was a contemporary of Kuroth, perhaps even his apprentice.
    Known Spells -
    Vol. 1 - Detect Magic/Detect Illusion/Indentify/Detect Invisibility/Glassee/
    Locate Object
    Vol. 2 - Infravision/Clairvoyance/Blur/Vision/Blindness/Wizard Eye/ Eyebite/Ultravision
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Forgotten Arts of Oratory Magnetism
    Written by Leomund
    Age - 4th
    Notes - A scholar’s scholar, Leomund’s magery is always well researched and meticulously documented, reflecting a great knowledge of and respect for the history of wizardry. Leomund can never, however, be accused of being a mere copyist. Like Bigby, his spells carry a distinct signature but, unlike Bigby, Leomund’s interests are more wide ranging, less specialized. The Forgotten Arts of Oratory Magnetism is a case in point, a brief but thorough sojourn into territory he would not revisit in his career.
    Known Spells - Fascinate/Taunt/Irritation/Truename/Leomund’s Lamentable Beladourment
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Gazette of the Northern Climes
    Written by Otiluke
    Age - 4th
    Notes - This grimoire functions as such but also as a journal of Otiluke’s journeys into the Frostfell of Blackmoor, the Griffs and the Corusk Mountains. Occasionally published as a journal, it is important to distinguish between the grimoire and the journal. Better copies contain both and hold open the prospect of discoveries within the text not otherwise obtainable.
    Known Spells - Gust of Wind/Ice Storm/Control Weather/Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere/Cone of Cold/Wall of Ice
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Hidden Book, The
    Written by Unknown Female Gnome Illusionist of the Kron Hills
    Age - 4th
    Notes - The Hidden Book lives up to its title. It is unassuming in appearance, often sporting a facetious title. Its pages are ensorcelled to appear as other than they are. The mere presentation of The Hidden Book is a tribute to subterfuge and the illusionist’s art, not even considering the spells it contains.
    Unique Spells - Chalkboard/Delusions of Grandeur/Phantom Foe/Sensory Deprivation/Shadowy Grappler/Solipsism
    Source - Dragon 324, p.70

    Ice-Shard Tome, The
    Discovered by Crylandren of Ratik
    Age - 4th
    Notes - The Ice-Shard Tome originates in the frozen lands of the Frost Barbarians. Written by someone versed in what appears to be a highly unique magical tradition, the book is comprehensible with study and effort. Last reported on sale in Dyvers, the original Ice-Shard Tome has traveled widely. Crylandren’s copyings presumably remain in Ratik, but the wizard having died, its exact whereabouts are not known.
    Unique Spells - Ice Shard/Coldlash/Frostbite/Cloak of Winter
    Source - Dragon 243, p.89

    Iggwilv’s Nethertome
    Written by Iggwilv
    Age - 3rd
    Notes - Too dismissively, if accurately, described as a lesser version of the famed Demonomicon, Iggwilv’s Nethertome is a formidable work that deals with matters concerning the lower planes. The volume is best thought of as Iggwilv’s traveling spellbook, something not to be taken lightly given the quality of Iggwilv’s dweomercraft. Less frequently encountered, there are yet more known copies of the Nethertome than the Demonomicon. It is arguably the second greatest work known to exist on the summoning and binding of fiends.
    Unique Spells - Iggwilv’s Lightning Cage/Iggwilv’s Timeless Sleep
    Source - Dragon 225, p.51

    Incunabulum of the Forgotten City
    Discovered by Aelistrifel Elinareth
    Age - 1st
    Notes - The Incunabulum is the only known grimoire recovered from the Forgotten City in the Sea of Dust, once capital of the Suel Imperium, by the only expedition from the Flanaess known to have reached that city and returned. As such, the Incunabulum is sought by Scarlet Brotherhood, the City of Greyhawk’s Guild of Wizardy, the Silent Ones, the Lion Throne, Theodain Eriason and countless others. The original manuscript is alleged to have been stolen in Loftwick in the Yeomanry. It is rumored to have been sold to the Society of Magivestre in Geoff. With that country’s fall to the giants, the Incunabulum is rumored to have been secreted away in Istivin in Sterich. The reality of any of this is anyone’s guess.
    Unique Spells - Image Trap/Veil of Watchfulness/Dweomer Warp/Spell Siphon
    Source - Dragon 243, p.90

    Inexplicable Reflections
    Written by Bucknard
    Age - 4th
    Notes - Bucknard is a difficult individual to fully comprehend. He appears to flit through history without rhyme or reason, sometimes appearing ephemeral or even frivolous. Yet, he may then appear to play small but critical roles in a variety of undertakings. Perhaps, the foremost planeswalker of Oerthly origin, Bucknard is said to have authored this grimoire either immediately before or after one of his planar jaunts. It is the latter prospect that is most intriguing. Rumors have it that Bucknard discovered heretofore unknown planes, including a Plane of Mirrors and a unique "mirror magic," evidence of which might be said to include Inexplicable Reflections.
    Known Spells - Mirror Image/Magic Mirror/Gaze Reflection
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Influence on Solid Corpus
    Written by Mentor, aka Mentzor
    Age - 3rd
    Notes - Thurl’s apprentice, Mentor - a corruption of Mentzor - continued his master’s work when he graduated from his apprenticeship. Responsible for a number of architectural triumphs in Irongate, Scant, Hardby and the City of Greyhawk, he is best known for his association with Zagyg and the construction of the latter’s famed castle.
    Known Spells - Fool’s Gold/Transmute Rock to Mud/Stone to Flesh/Plant Growth/Animal Growth/Shape Change
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Intelligence and Intuitive Domination
    Written by Zagy
    Age - 3rd
    Notes - Written by Zagyg under yet another of his pseudonyms, this manuscript was prepared during the intermediate stages of Zagyg’s ultimate madness, or during a later period of rare lucidity. It is believed that it was during or shortly after the writing of Intelligence and Intuitive Domination that Mordenkainen came to be Zagyg’s apprentice. Mordenkainen’s own writings speak of Intelligence and Intuitive Domination glowingly and it is obvious that it greatly influenced the then impressionable wizard.
    Known Spells - ESP/Trap The Soul/Spiritwrack/Magic Jar
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Kieren’s Journal
    Written by Kieren Jallucian
    Age - 4th
    Notes - Master of the Greyhawk Guild of Wizardry, Kieren Jallucian has influenced more mages of the current era than any other. While not an astounding wizard in his own right, he has written enough texts to demonstrate that he more than deserves his position and may, in fact, be underestimated by his fellows. Notable among Jallucian’s accomplishment is his research into the Olman of the Amedio, recognizing therein more potential and might than is usually afforded these neglected people of the Flanaess.
    Unique Spells - Lightning Serpent/Kieren’s Curse Ward
    Source - Dragon 268, p.70

    Kitab al-Asfr
    Written by Tisan Balshareska of Kadath
    Age - 1st
    Notes - Among the magi of the West, there is a sect known as geomancers. Once, they terrorized all of the Balkunish lands while simultaneously holding the Suel Imperium in check. From their stronghold in the city of Kadath, situated at the headwaters of the Rumikadath river that flows into Lake Udrukankar, their power was unrivaled, but as with all things, their time passed. Kadath and its sister cities of the western steppes are now just trade towns. The magical might of the geomancers is a thing of the past, or so it would seem.
    Unique Spells - Dusting the Rock/Cone of Earth/Entombment
    Source - Dragon 250, p.92

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    Re: The Wizards Library Part 3 of 6 (Score: 1)
    by Anced_Math ( on Fri, February 24, 2006
    (User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
    Ok, now you have to go back and cull all the books from the Dungeon magazines, just to have a comprehensive list.  Also, Greyhawk Adventures.  Thanks again GVD!

    Re: The Wizards Library Part 3 of 6 (Score: 1)
    by mortellan on Mon, February 27, 2006
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    Another great slate of book GVD. I really need to check out Dragon 82 apparently.

    Also, Kadath in the last entry of part 3, is that relly in the Dragon article? I would assume from your notes Kadath is still there despite being 1st age? This is a kernel of info that could come in handy for me later.

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