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    The Wizards Library Part 5 of 6
    Posted on Sun, March 05, 2006 by Dongul
    gvdammerung writes "Presented herein are 109 wizardly grimoires, each presented in a card catalog format. No longer must one guess at what is on a wizard's bookshelf or what is between the covers of a particular tome.

    The Wizards Library Part 5 of 6
    By: Glenn Vincent Dammerung, aka GVDammerung
    Posted with permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.

    Ordinary Necromancy
    Written by "Vecna"
    Age - 2nd
    Notes - It is believed highly unlikely that this grimoire was written by the arch-lich Vecna. At most, Vecna may have had a hand in the writing of one or more of the spells usually found in copies of the grimoire. It is believed some latter wizard then added further material around the core of Vecna’s work, creating the grimoire as it is now recognized. It is even likely that this unknown wizard may have styled himself "Vecna," as several "false Vecna’s" are known. Indeed, the wizard may have even possessed the Eye or the Hand, as some have had the misfortune to do.
    Known Spells - Animate Dead/Death Spell/Reincarnation/Clone
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Patterns of Shadow and Light
    Written by Ion Antonescu
    Age - 4th
    Notes - Patterns of Shadow and Light was completed by Ion Antonescu after the death of his teacher, a unknown loremaster of Calbut in the Duchy of Tenh. Caught up in the fate of Tenh during the opening phases of the Greyhawk Wars, Antonescu completed Patterns of Shadow and Light in exile in Radigast City.
    Unique Spells - Cone of Dimness/Ebon Eyes/Lightwall/Lucent Lance/Luminous Gaze/Radiant Assault/Rainbow Beam/Rainbow Blast/Shadow Phase
    Source - Dragon 322, p.70

    Powers of the Spiritual Will
    Written by Phrandjas
    Age - 1st
    Notes - A mysterious wizard from the mists of the distant past, little is known about Phrandjas. Some have called his spells "simple," even "primitive." Reading Phrandjas, however, one does not understand the mage to be susceptible in his writing to either classification. As with too many early grimoires, the reader is left wanting to know more than what is confined to the four corners of the manuscript. The notion that all of the history of Oerth is fully comprehended in the modern age is simply arrogant thinking and wrong.
    Known Spells - Emotion/Chaos/Feeblemind/Confusion
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Pyronomicon, The
    Written by Keraptis
    Age - 1st
    Notes - The Pyronomicon is a chimerical book. Depending on which legend of Keraptis is believed, the history of the Pyronomicon changes. Certainly, the tome exists, most frequently being reported in the Bandit Kingdoms east to the Bone March. Its provenance is, however, otherwise suspect.
    Unique Spells - Keraptis’ Fantastic Famulus/Keraptis’Flaming Missles/Keraptis’ Flamecone/Phantom Stalker
    Source - Dragon 241, p. 77

    Rays of Light
    Written by Helvarian Sihdenueven
    Age - 2rd
    Notes - An Oeridian wizard of Old Ferrond, Meldar the Great is one of the most problematic of historical figures. His war with the elven wizard Helvarian Sihdenueven is perhaps the most famous incident in the migratory Oeridian’s war with the elves of old Velene, the forest that once covered what is now Veluna and western Furyondy. Among the human populations of Veluna and Furyondy, Meldar is a hero. Among the elves, Helvarian is the hero. Of course, history records that while Helvarian brought about the eventual downfall of Meldar, only scant remnants of the Old Forest of Velene now remain, leaving Helvarian’s "victory" open to interpretation.
    Unique Spells - Ray of Clumsiness/Ray of Flame/Ray of Light/Stun Ray/Targeting Ray/ Distracting Ray/Ray of Dizziness/Ray of Sickness/Ray of Ice/Ray of Stupidity/Mirror Reflection/ Rust Ray/Sting Ray/Greater Disrupt Undead/Ray of Weakness/Ray of Deanimation/Ray of Entropy
    Source - Dragon Annual 5, p.22

    Repertoire of Illustrious Conjurations
    Written by Drawmijj
    Age - 4th
    Notes - Drawmij’s most complete discussion of summonings and conjurations is contained in this volume. Written before his retreat beneath the waves, during his early years in Greyhawk, Repertoire of Illustrious Conjurations has enjoyed an immense and continuous popularity since first being copied. Drawmij’s discussion of Guards and Wards is, perhaps, the highlight of the tome, although the elucidation of his Instant Summons is almost equally as popular.
    Known Spells - Conjure Elemental/Drawmij’s Instant Summons/Monster Summoning VII, Summon Shadow/Invisible Stalker/Guards and Wards
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Repertoire of Subconscious Apparitions
    Written by Gaxx
    Age - 3rd
    Notes - Often confused with Zagyg, Gaxx was, in fact, the former’s brother. Research into shadow magics quickly turned Gaxx down a path much different than that of his more famous sibling. Much time spent on the Plane of Shadow then removed Gaxx from much of his humanity. His ring, this book and his apprentice Nystul are all that is now known of Gaxx for a certainty. His brother spoke of him almost not at all. Of Gaxx’ ultimate fate, there is no knowledge.
    Known Spells - Spectral Force/Shadow Monsters/Demi-Shadow Monsters/Simulacrum
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Representations of the Sentient Plane
    Written by Rialissom
    Age - 1st
    Notes - One of the few early Oeridian wizards about whom much is known, Rialssom features prominently in the Oeridian Chronicle as an advisor to early migrating Oeridian chieftains and later kings. He appears to have been particularly long lived in this regard. Of his magics, a great deal is known and from his grimoire it is apparent that he was a force with which to be reckoned. What is not clear is how great of a scholastic debt he may owe to Ye’Cind and the Theory of Occult Visual Shock.
    Known Spells -
    Vol. 1 - Feign Death/Contact Other Plane/Limited Wish/Wish
    Vol. 2 - Phantasmagoria/Weird/Mirage Arcane/Advanced Illusion/Delude
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Revelations of the Prince of Twilight
    Written by Renthon Vorishtok
    Age - 3rd
    Notes - The Revelations are alleged to have been transcribed by Vorishtok from the words of the mysterious "Prince of Twilight," as revealed to Vorishtok in the Gull Cliffs. Who or what the "Prince of Twilight" may be is neither fully understood nor known, though dark suspicions occasionally surface. It is certain, however, that the entity was one possessed of a unique puissance, the like of which has been seen only rarely in the past. In Vorishtok’s possession, and those who have come after him, the Revelations have been used to found numerous cults to the Twilight Prince or his seeming, with the possessor of the Revelations acting as mystagogue.
    Spells - Unknown
    Source - Dragon 252, p.87

    Runic Mysteries Revealed
    Written by Zagig Yragerne
    Age - 3rd
    Notes - Not a companion to Severnain’s Compendium of Signs Magical and Mundane, Runic Mysteries Revealed is itself a mystery written in code. That it is a grimoire, perhaps Zagig’s primary grimoire, is not doubted. Almost all else is conjecture. While there have been numerous partial decryptions, no satisfying decryption of the whole has been completed. Most references to Runic Mysteries Revealed, in fact refer to the first three chapters that are almost universally agreed to have been successfully decoded. These chapters contain information similar to that in Severnain’s work, thereby occasioning some understandable confusion. It is the remainder of the text that remains a baffling mystery.
    Spells - Unknown
    Source - From the Ashes Atlas, p.17

    Science of Temporal Waves
    Written by Leuk-O
    Age - 1st
    Notes - Debate rages over the authorship of this grimoire, sometimes violently should two opposed proponents of the grimoire’s authorship happen upon each other. Who was Leuk-O? What was his race? His nationality? Is he the same personage as that of Mighty-Servant fame? The unusual vehemence with which one argument or another is put forth is based on the groundbreaking nature of the spells in this volume. It is apparent from the formulae that whomever wrote the Science of Temporal Waves is believed to have been the originator of the spells and a genius. Claiming the author as from a particular tradition then holds a fair share of bragging rights.
    Known Spells - Haste/Slow/Extension I-III/Permanency
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Seven Skies of the Universe
    Written by Casimur
    Age - 1st
    Notes - Almost without question the greatest astrologer of all time, Casimur, a native of the Baklunish West, sets forth the earliest known precepts upon which the modern science of astrology is based. That he additionally notes various spell formulae is something of an added benefit. One of the best known grimoires, the Seven Skies has been widely excerpted into captains’ logbooks on the Bakhoury Coast, where the titular Seven Skies correspond to the reputed Seven Seas.
    Known Spells - Gust of Wind/Whispering Wind/Rainbow Pattern/Percipitation/Cloudburst/Wind Wall
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Shadow Book of Heriabgher, The
    Written by Heriabgher (aka the "Midnight Mage," aka the "Shadow-Lich")
    Age - 3rd
    Notes - Heriabgher was a noted mage specializing in shadow magics, hailing from Niole Dra but late of Shibboleth and Hochoch. According to reports, the shadow mage was brought low by the Silent Ones, who seemed concerned with the wizard’s investigation into the processes whereby one could be transformed into a lich-like state composed entirely of shadow. While the Silent Ones were successful in doing away with the perceived threat posed by Heriabgher’s researches, it is unknown whether Heriabgher survived as a shadow-lich or was permanently put down. Only Heriabgher’s lesser magics contained in the Shadow Book are known to survive.
    Unique Spells - Dispel Light/Shadow Lock/Dancing Shadows/Obedient Shadow/Shadow Sight/Shady Palm/Hide Shadow/Shadow Weave/Shadow Warrior/Shadow Replay/Transport Via Shadow/Death Shade/Shadow Trap.
    Source - Dragon 261, p.60

    Slerotin’s Manifesto
    Written by Slerotin
    Age - 1st
    Notes - The authenticity of the Manifesto is certain. Its whereabouts are not. Initially discovered in the Hools Marshes, the Manifesto appeared briefly in Keoland, for a long period in the Wild Coast and most recently in Onnwal. With the fall of that land to the Scarlet Brotherhood, however, it is feared the Manifesto is now in the hands of the Scarlet Brotherhood. Fortunately, exacting copies were made by Linia Holstreth, Lady Sage of Safeton in the Wild Coast. Now, if only those copies could be located.
    Unique Spells - Slerotin’s Fortitude
    Source - Dragon 241, p.79

    Spells of the Black Pyramid
    Written by Azarran
    Age - 2nd
    Notes - A Baklunish wizard, Azarran sought to master the secrets of the Baklunish and Suel mages that brought about the Rain of Colorless Fire and the Invoked Devastation. He failed. The wizard did, however, produce arguably the greatest magical treatise on desert power. Unfortunately, Azarran appears to have succeeded in his original intent to at least some degree for the Spells of the Black Pyramid is said to be an accursed volume of lore.
    Unique Spells - Camel’s Tenacity/Desert Burial/Dust Storm/Crown of Despair/Sand Spiral/Screen of Heat/Touch of the Pharoah
    Source - Dragon 331, p. 70

    Spherogenesis of the Multiverses
    Written by Otiluke
    Age - 4th
    Notes - In Spheregensis of the Multiverses, Otiluke theorizes that the multiverse can be understood in and as the interaction of cosmic "spheres." To prove his point, Otiluke presents an array of spells made possible, he claims, by "spherogenesis." Irregardless of how one views Otiluke’s underlying theories, the spells work. While few may accept Otiluke’s cosmic sphere theory, many still value the product of his arcane researches.
    Known Spells - Outiluke’s Resilient Sphere/Outiluke’s Telekinetic Sphere/Outiluke’s Freezing Sphere/Globe of Invulnerability/Flaming Sphere/Prismatic Sphere
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59

    Spielbuk Spayle’s Book
    Written by "Spielbuk Spayle" aka Crotomar
    Age - 3rd
    Notes - "Spielbuk Spayle" is the pseudonym for who is believed to be the wizard Crotomar of Rel Mord. An academic’s academic, Crotomar taught at the University and concerned himself with the preservation of knowledge. Spielbuk Spayle’s Book is, then, a book concerned with the magical protection and enhancement of books, particularly spellbooks.
    Unique Spells - Animate Drawing/Organize Spellbook/Protection from Bookworms/Ink Transfer/ Ink Luminescence/Protection from Liquids/Damage Link/Spielbuk’s Pocket Spellbook/Temporal Corridor
    Source - Dragon 262, p.76

    Subconscious Reprecussions of Pyromancy
    Written by Quall
    Age - 2nd
    Notes - While it is doubtful that this work was written by the originator of the feather token, the author must yet be accounted among the most notable of mages. While not himself a significant figure among wizards, "Quall’s" choice of apprentices was inspired, particularly his selection of Daern. With Quall, and particularly with Daern, the foundations of alchemy in the Flanaess as an organized study, parallel to the arcane, begins.
    Known Spells - Fire Trap/Wall of Fire/Firewater/Flaming Sphere
    Source - Dragon 82, pp.57-59
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    Re: The Wizards Library Part 5 of 6 (Score: 1)
    by rasgon ( on Wed, March 08, 2006
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    I love your interpretation of Gaxx. This series is a very nice take on Bruce Heard's Dragon 82 article (which I had been meaning to do something with myself...), merging them nicely with canonical lore and other articles of the same ilk.

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