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    Postfest VII: Scarlet Bane
    Posted on Thu, May 17, 2007 by Farcluun
    jarthalas writes "
    Many have reasons to fear the Scarlet Brotherhood, and in the countries their insidious plots have succeeded, they have reason to hate. Still, those rare few have managed to marshal those emotions, striving to fight the honorable battle against a foe whose main tact is deception and guile. One such individual, and an unlikely one at that, has gone to even greater lengths in his personal battle to see the fall of the Brotherhood.
                            Jarthalas, The Dreaming One

    After the treachery of the Scarlet Brotherhood was revealed, the Iron League found itself in dire straits. A knight, hailing from the lands of Idee, by the name of Angustan Wilhelm, was granted a series of visions by his deity, Heironeus. Angustan had been researching the Scarlet Brotherhood with fervor since the fall of his homeland, and his faith and courage were rewarded. The visions revealed a series of challenges and components that would be needed to imbue the blades with the necessary power.

    Through long months of research and prayer, the knight formulated his design for the blades. when all was ready, he gathered his companions around him and set forth upon his grand quest, as had been revealed to him by Heironeus. Their trek would take them far from home, into the deep north of the Thillronian Peninsula and beyond. The companions would suffer many hardships and tragedies to prove their worth before returning once again to the Iron League, intent upon taking war to their dreaded foe.

    There is much speculation among scholars about the true forging of the blades. The truth is much simpler through. It was through Heironeus' will that the blades were created, and the steadfast devotion of the knight and his fellows. Each challenge they would face would test their courage and honor. Each component they gathered, be it the simple (though rare) metals used to make the blades to the still warm heart of a mighty rhemoraz, were found in such a way as to symbolize the struggle against the Scarlet Brotherhood.

    While the blades themselves may not tip the balance against the Brotherhood and its minions, they serve as a beacon. A new symbol of hope in the desperate struggle shines int he east. It is through the actions of such men as those who set out upon such a desperate quest, with naught but faith, hope, and determination to guide them, that real change may yet be seen. No matter the outcome, these blades will surely pass through the generations among the faithful of Heironeus, ensuring that honorable men will stand against the treachery and tyranny of the Brotherhood until justice prevails.

    Scarlet Bane
    This saber is of unusual design. It is both longer and thicker then most blades of its kind, designed for durability in combat against much heavier weapons. The blade is blue Adamantite, with a mithril lightning bolt of Heironeus set within it. The quillion is also mithril, the symbol of the Iron League hidden within its twists and curls.

    The soul of a young knight, Sir Athelguard, is bonded within the blade. It was through the treachery of the Brotherhood that he died, and the grace of Heironeus that he resides within the blade to continue his eternal struggle. He has eagerly abosrbed all of the information that his master has taught him, giving him significant knowledge on the tactics of the foe. Athelguard will never impose his will against its wielder, unless they are agents or members of the Scarlet Brotherhood.

    +3 adamantite Saber (Special 1d8 damage, 18-20 crit/x2)
    Speaks: Common, Suloise, and Alignment (LG)
    Skills: Knowledge Scarlet Brotherhood +10, Knowledge Religion +5
    Special Purpose: To defeat the Scarlet Brotherhood
    Against the Scarlet Brotherhood, Scarlet Bane becomes +4 and deals +2d6 bane damage.
    At will, frost covers the blade and the air chills to 20 degrees in a 10' radius, making breath visible.
    At will, emits a light blue glow in a 5' radius.
    3/day, all allies within 50' radius gain the benefit of the Bless Spell (12 minute duration).
    3/day, wielder gains the benefits of the Protection from Evil spell (12 minute duration).
    1/day, the sword may be enveloped in a cool blue flame, granting its wielder the benefits of teh Chill Shield spell (as 12th level caster).
    1/day, the sword may project a lightning bolt of ice, 10' wide and 60' long, dealing 6d6 damage (Reflex save for half damage, DC 17).

    Honor Guard
    The companion blade is a Main-Gauche made of blue Adamantite and shaped like a long lightning bolt.
    +2 Main-Gauche (Special 1d6 damage, 19-20 crit/x2).
    At will, Detect Evil (as Paladin ability) while the hilt is held, or the blade is drawn.

    A Treatise Upon the Practicies, Tactics, and History of the Scarlet Sign.
    While this simple book is not magical in nature, it is perhaps one of the more complete gatherings of information upon the Scarlet Brotherhood outside of their own libraries. The information was painstakingly gathered by the knight, Angustan Wilhelm, and other agents of the Iron League. At the behest of Lord Mayor Cobb Darg, of Iron Gate, copies were quickly printed and spread throughout the Iron League, and copies have even found their way to Nyrond and Veluna. It is said that Darg keeps a copy of the tome upon his desk, next to the dagger of a Scarlet Brotherhood assassin.

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    Re: Postfest VII: Scarlet Bane (Score: 1)
    by Mystic-Scholar on Mon, September 28, 2009
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    A most unusual combination of weapons. I think perhaps the author may have meant the Sabre, rather than the Saber.

    The main-gauche is a dueling weapon (of the dagger family) used in the off-hand. The Sabre is also a dueling weapon patterned after the fashion of the Saber, whereas the "true" Saber is a cavalry slashing weapon best used from horseback.

    The blades are introduced rather abruptly. I think another sentence in the first paragraph introducing us to the advent of the blades would have been in order. The forging of the blades sounds like quite the adventure in itself.

    The "heart of a rhemoraz" as an ingredient for the blade was a nice touch. And the history of the adventure adds a nice backstory. All in all two very nice weapons. Well done.

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