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    Item Displacement
    Posted on Mon, September 17, 2001 by Tizoc
    Dyvers_triad writes "Dyversian Merchants developed this dweomer to defeat the thin fingers and grasping hands of devotees of Kurell and other ne'er-do-wells.

    Author: Dyvers_triad

    Item Displacement
    By: Dyvers_triad (
    (Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.)

    Illusion (Glamer)
    Level: Dyv2, Sor/Wiz2
    Components: V,M
    Casting Time: 1 action
    Range: Touch
    Target: Item touched
    Duration: 1 hour / level
    Saving Throw: None (object)
    Spell Resistance: No (object)

    As the more advanced spell (Displacement), this spell emulates the natural ability of the displacer beast. The object affected by this spell appears to be about 1 foot away from its true location. It benefits from a 50% miss chance (as if it had full concealment) if anyone attempts to strike or grab it. Its common use is to protect valuable items from the common thieves of the marketplace. By displacing the location of the object, objects become more difficult to grab and run off with. It may not be cast on a held object. The caster may abate the spells effects for a short time by murmuring a predetermined command word. This is necessary for times when the caster might actually want someone else to hold the item. The caster also retains the ability to see the object’s true location at all times.

    Material component: the material component is a strip of leather from the hide of a displacer beast, which is rubbed briefly on the item as the spell is cast.

    Note: Third Edition"
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    Re: Item Displacement (Score: 1)
    by Man-of-the-Cranes on Thu, March 28, 2002
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Nice spell. What other secrets do these merchants have up their sleeves?

    Man of the Cranes

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