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    Treasures of Greyhawk: Magic Rings
    Posted on Tue, October 28, 2008 by Dongul
    cwslyclgh writes "Magic rings have a long history in fantasy fiction, mythology, and role playing games, it only makes sense that the World of Greyhawk holds some magical rings that are unique to it.  Here then are five such rings.

    Treasures of Greyhawk:  Magic Rings
    By C. Wesley Clough

    There are many treasures on Oerth, both magical and mundane, for intrepid adventurers to find and perhaps no treasure is prized more by adventurers then the magical ring.  Easy to carry, innocuous and generally easy to use, magical rings are a boon to any heroes life. The rings listed in the DMG are by no means the only magic rings to be found in the Flanaess, many mages and priests make rings of their own unique design.  Some rings, unique to the Flanaess, have been made over and over again, enough so that they have proliferated and are now nearly as common as the rings listed in the DMG.  Below are listed 5 types of magic rings that are not uncommon in the Flanaess.  


    Ring of Arcana

    Commonly fashioned of silver with onyx settings these rings are a boon to all who live by the use of magic.  These helpful rings are fairly common, and can be found at mage guilds and large temples across the Flanaess.  Especially promising students of the University of Magical Arts of the free city of Greyhawk have been known to receive rings of this sort as graduation gifts from the faculty.
    When worn this ring gives the wearer a +5 competence bonus to all spellcraft skill checks and a +5 competence bonus to all knowledge (arcana) skill checks.
    Faint divination, Caster Level: 5th, prerequisites: Forge Ring, creator must have 5 ranks in spellcraft and knowledge (arcana) skills, Market Price: 10,000 gp


    Ring of the Crypts

    These bone rings are highly sought after by adventurers and tomb robbers who often venture into the Cairn Hills and other such areas where undead might dwell.  Each day the ring will protect the wearer against the first attack that would normally result in negative levels.  No damage or negative levels will result from the attack.  Additional attacks are handled normally, however, the wearer gets a +4 circumstance bonus to the fortitude save to remove any negative levels that are gained while wearing the ring.

    Moderate abjuration; Caster Level: 7th Prerequisites:  Craft Ring, death ward; Market Price:  6,000 gp.


    Ring of Fharlanghn

    First created by clerics of the god of roads, these copper rings are commonly engraved with images of sandals, boots, and other such footwear.  Pilgrims and others who travel great distances, especially those who do so by foot, prize rings of this sort highly, and adventurers often find them useful as well.  While worn a ring of Fharlanghn prevents the wearer from becoming fatigued, whether from spell, effect, or situation (such as sleeping in armor, or a forced march).  A spell or effect that would normally cause exhaustion instead causes the wearer to become fatigued.  A character wearing a ring of Fharlanghn can only become exhausted if subjected to an exhaustion effect while already fatigued.  A character that does become fatigued or exhausted while wearing a ring of Fharlanghn, can remove those effects in the standard ways (such as rest, a restoration spell, etc.).
    Faint Conjuration, Caster Level: 3rd; prerequisites: Forge Ring, lesser restoration; Market Price:  11,000 gp


    Ring of Heroes Resolve

    Typically crafted as a thick gold band engraved with words of wisdom.  The first of these rings is believed to have been created by the church of Heironeous for use by paladins and clerics in the pursuit of holy quests.  The secret of their making has passed to many good aligned faiths in recent decades, and people of all faiths and classes can be found wielding them against the forces of darkness.

    The Ring of Heroes Resolve grant the wearer a +5 resistance bonus to saving throws, and a +2 Morale bonus to attack rolls made against evil opponents.  Finally the ring blocks any attempt to possess the wearer (by a magic jar attack, for example) or to exercise mental control over the wearer (including enchantment (charm) effects and enchantment (compulsion) effects that grant the caster ongoing control over the subject, such as dominate person) as if the wearer was under the effects of a protection from evil spell. This protection does not prevent such effects from targeting the protected creature, but it suppresses the effect for as long as the ring is worn. If the ring were to be taken off before the effect granting mental control ends, the would-be controller would then be able to exercise command of the controlled creature.

    Strong abjuration; Caster Level: 3rd Prerequisites:  Craft Ring, Aid, Protection from Evil, Resistance; Market Price: 49,000 gp 


    Ring of the Reaper’s Grace

    Commonly fashioned of bone or ivory with onyx settings these rings were originally made by cults of Nerull for their few allies.  The ring allows the wearer to rebuke/command undead as a 6th level cleric 3/per day.  The turning check is made with no modifications based upon the wearer’s charisma.  The ring can control up to 12 HD of undead at one time, and this total doesn’t count against the total that the wearer can control on his own or through other means.
    These rings are steeped in the evil forces of necromancy, and a character of good alignment receives a negative level while wearing one.  The negative level remains as long as the ring is worn, and disappears as soon as the ring is taken off.  This negative level never results in actual level loss, but cannot be over come in any way while the ring is worn.
    Moderate necromancy; Caster Level: 6th, prerequisites: Forge Ring, creator must be a cleric of 6th level or higher able to command/rebuke undead, Market Price: 7,200 gp
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