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    Company of the Talon
    Posted on Thu, June 11, 2009 by LordCeb
    mortellan writes "The following campaign article was intended to add some depth to the NPC Gustin Longpike, owner of the Blue Dragon Inn from the City of Greyhawk Boxed Set. While this adventuring party is currently defunct, many of its members are still found throughout the Flanaess and have some interesting tales to tell...

    Company of the Talon
    by mortellan

    This adventuring party was formed in 561 CY in the City of Schwartzenbruin in reaction to the influx of other companies attracted to the tales of riches hid throughout the Yatil Mountains and Quag Lake basin. The company achieved moderate success as adventurers go. Among their most notable accomplishments are:

    • 562 CY The original Talons, Thurgis, Klastic, Callia and Paxana slay a flock of harpies that came to plague a trade route to Yecha. The steel talons that scarred them became their brand. Additional members were added in later adventures including Gustin Longpike, Telvest Lorwin and Kythis Hadren.
    • 563 CY Cleansing of a troll cavern community near Traft in the Clatspur Range.
    • 563 CY Searched the upper levels of the fabled Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth and recovered much magic and valuable gems. Telvest acquires the elvish longbow Correlenya.
    • 565 CY Successfully hunted down a network of dopplegangers operating in Molvar.
    • 566 CY Searched the Burning Cliffs in the Northern Wastes for lost treasures, barely escaping with enough treasure to revive some dead companions.
    • 567 CY Traveled to the Dry Steppes and Hellfurnaces in search the ingredients to a magical elixir to revive a Baklunish Mullah who was cursed by an evil spirit into stasis.
    • 569 CY Were responsible for putting down an upstart cult of Erythnul in Bissel.
    • 569 CY In the Mounds of Dawn, they cleared the lair of a pair of Mind flayers and their henchmen.
    • 570 CY Journeyed to Thillonria to return the remains of a fallen barabrian noble. They slew the white dragon Capristillis as it endangered the town of Jotsplat.
    • 571 CY Aided the elves of Celene against a plague of magically summoned beasts sent by a coven of evil witches residing in the Gnarley Forest. Rashaman gained his tall scrying mirror from these hags.
    • 571 CY Incapacitated and captured the Mountain Giant King Grothmind from his lair in the Yatils and chained him to the city walls of Schwartzenbruin. This act of bravado won them popular name in Perrenland. The party was convinced by Thurgis to release him back into the Yatils minus an ear. Grothmind was never heard from again.
    • 572 CY Slaying of the blue dragon Arcanthalax as it was terrorizing Krestible. The riches recovered were enough to prompt the group to disband and retire. The Company of the Talon consisted of:
    • Paxana Eventhil (female half-elven ranger from Verbeeg Hill) Currently captain of the Highfolk Homeguard.
    • Thurgis Falden (male human druid) Currently last seen in Greyhawk area investigating Evil Standing Stones.
    • Callia Evergreen (female priestess of Ehlonna from Highvale) Slain twice and revived once, last death was at the hands of the Gnarley witches.
    • Lord Kerris Klastic (male human rogue from Urnst) Was slain once and revived. Currently lives in the Urnst States running shady operations.
    • Lord Frederick Rhynehurst (male bard born in Perrenland, now of Verbobonc) Was slain twice and raised from the dead both times. Currently Lord of a small village near Verbobonc.
    • Gustin Longpike (male human fighter from Perrenland) Currently owner of the Blue Dragon Inn in Greyhawk City and guildmaster of brewers.
    • Duanth Ironhead (male dwarf priest of Moradin) Slain by Mind flayers, not recovered.
    • Telvest Lorewin (male human fighter from Perrenland) Former Vinter, now deceased.
    • Sheila Whitelock (female sorceror-rogue from Furyondy) Slain by the dragon Capristillis and not revived.
    • Kythis Hadren (male human fighter-priest from Perrenland) Currently leader of the Longcloaks of Krestible.
    • Rashaman the Red (male half-elf wizard from Safeton) Slain once and revived. Currently missing and believed dead. "
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