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    Postfest XI (Growfest 2009): Fanlareshen Sylvan Elves
    Posted on Thu, July 09, 2009 by LordCeb
    aurdraco writes "

    During the Greyhawk Wars, an unusual alliance of elf and man was created in the Fellreev Forest. Since then, the Fanlareshen elves and the Reyhu humans have had to learn how to cope with each other in addition to neighbors such as the Dazark orcs and enemies such as High Lady Xavendra of Iuz. This article expands upon the information presented about Clan Fanlareshen in Iuz the Evil and the Living Greyhawk Gazateer to take into account events which unfolded during the Living Greyhawk campaign in the Bandit Kingdoms region during the years 591 to 599 CY. A community stat block is provided in addition to two dozen briefly detailed NPCs. This supplement uses the 3.5 edition rules and is set in the year 599 CY.

    by Casey Brown


    Population: 4,000 elves (not all are members of Clan Fanlareshen, but Clan Fanlareshen is currently the dominant clan of the Fellreev’s eastern elves)

    Ruler: Clanmaster Ostorio

    Government: Tribal Minarchism led by a Clanmaster advised by a Council of Elders

    Capital: None

    Other Settlements: Fort Hendricks, Fort Scorn, hidden villages (most of which are temporary settlements of 200 elves each)

    Resources: darkwood, fish, fur, timber

    Population: 89% Sylvan Elves, 5% Wild Elves, 5% High Elves, 1% Half-elves

    Religions: Rillifane Rallathil, Elhonna, Elven Pantheon

    Alignment: N*, NG, CN, CG


    Background (591 to 599 CY)

                Since the construction of Forts Hendricks and Scorn in the 580s, the elves now have something that they never had before: two stable fortified encampments from which they can launch patrols, stockpile weapons and food, train warriors, and tend wounded. Roughly four hundred adult elves live with the humans at or near these two forts and relations continue to improve every year as the older, embittered Reyhu have mellowed and adapted to life in the forest. At the same time, those Reyhu who were just children when they arrived in the forest (and those who have been born since), and who grew up idolizing the mysterious elves, are now adults who work and fight beside the Fanlareshen. Their voices ring loudest in Skannar’s ears despite their young age because they do not lack for experience. The constant fighting of monsters sent into the forest by the Old One, and the combating of his troops based out of Fort Skagund, has seen to that.

                One other group of note lives in the central-eastern Fellreev, the Dazark orcs. Familiar with the patterns of the nomadic orcs, for generations the elves had avoided the Dazark, allowing the orcs to range freely through the forest as long as they did not come close to any occupied elven settlements. As the Dazark are far less aggressive than most orc tribes are, the Dazark have been rather peaceful neighbors. One side benefit of this arrangement for the elves had been the fact that the Dazark attack their Uroz kin on sight. Since Uroz orcs comprise some of the troops camping south of the Fellreev and based out of Fleichshriver, some Iuzian incursions that have made it past the Defenders of the Greenkeep and across the Artonsamay have been driven back by the Dazark.

    In 594 CY, a Fanlareshen hunting party tracked and attacked a Uroz war band that had crossed the Artonsamay, hounding them through the forest’s depths and, through sheer luck and accident, into the waiting arms of a large Dazark war band. The Dazark were overjoyed to see their Uroz cousins running towards them. The Uroz, more concerned with what was chasing them than with what awaited them, never noticed the danger until it was too late. Caught between the elven bowfire and the Dazark clubs, the Uroz patrol was slaughtered.

                Warily, the elves eyed the much larger Dazark war band that they had stumbled upon, ready to fight or flee. After several tense moments, the Dazark leader looked at the elves and spoke the following words in Common: “The enemy of my enemy is probably not my enemy.” Clearly, the Dazark would rather fight their own kin than their ancient racial enemies. The Fanlareshen elders pondered this for a full year before embarking on a bold plan.

                In 595 CY, the Dazark were formally invited to attend a trading bazaar to be held in the southeastern Fellreev despite the objections of Skannar Hendricks. Skannar had no use for the orcs but his trust of Clanmaster Ostorio was such that he reluctantly agreed with the plan only because he did not expect the Dazark to acknowledge the invitation. Both he and the Clanmaster were surprised when the Dazark actually agreed to send a trade delegation to the bazaar.

                That summer, a small fleet of Red Planks’ barges, guarded by Defenders of the Greenkeep, made their way to the meeting ground’s docks that were located on a large tributary of the Artonsamay’s several miles from that river’s junction with the Cold Run, loaded with goods to trade. Soon thereafter, Fanlareshen, Reyhu, Defenders, Rhenee, and Dazark (and even an uninvited but not unwelcome small group of hin from Rookroost’s Gonagin family who somehow managed to figure out when and where the bazaar was going to be held) were busy trading. Initially, the Dazark were looked upon with skepticism as they walked around, looking like savages, though they were not insulted due to strict orders from the Clanmaster and Hendricks (although several hin came very close to death while haggling with the orcs until the orcs were told that playful insults were part of hin haggling traditions and to pay them no heed). However, when it became clear that the orcs were not going to go crazy and start randomly attacking the other participants, everyone relaxed and the bazaar went smoothly.

                However, someone else knew of the bazaar and its location. High Lady Xavendra, ruler of Groucester and a powerful Iuzian priestess, had discovered the location and date of the bazaar after torturing a captured elf at Fort Skagund. She quickly and quietly hatched a scheme that, if successful, would remove four major thorns in her side from the Fellreev and clear the way for her patrols to search for Nerull’s Bane. From the east, a humanoid force from Fort Skagund would attack, supplemented with bugbears from the southeastern Fellreev. From the south, a flotilla of Iuzian soldiers garrisoned in Artonsbrueck (located on the Artonsamay just south of Rookroost) would attack. Finally, a force of demons, undead, and Uroz from Fleichshriver would attack from the west. With magical assistant from Boneheart Jumper (it is speculated that he cast his famous Phantom Bridge spell for her), Xavendra secured enough magical aid to ensure that the forces’ movements would remain undetected until they were nearly upon the bazaar.

                The plan worked nearly flawlessly. The force from Fleichshriver overran the Defender scouts before they could give warning and then used Jumper’s magic to penetrate deep into the forest. The force from Fort Skagund, despite being detected miles away by Fanlareshen scouts, relentlessly pushed across the Cold Run and moved towards the bazaar. Fanlareshen scouts rushed from their other patrol routes to help slow down the humanoids while the bazaar was abandoned, leaving the path clear for the flotilla from Artonsbrueck to move up the now-unguarded Artonsamay. Having packed up at the first word of trouble, the fleeing Rhenee inadvertently fought a delaying action that prevented the Iuzians from getting their barges closer to the bazaar by fighting their way past the Iuzians. Being better at combat on water than the Iuzians, and possessing more powerful arcane spellcasters, the Rhenee were able to hold their own for a few hours. However, the Rhenees’ lack of clerical magic proved to be their undoing. Many were forced to abandon ship, fleeing south through the Fellreev towards the plains of the Midlands.

                Luckily, the Dazarks’ natural distrust of all things elven prevented a full-scale slaughter. Camped several miles to the west was a large Dazark war band, several hundred strong. When the force from Fleichshriver reached the Artonsamay, the Dazark were there to slow them down and a runner was dispatched to warn the elves and humans. Despite the presence of several chasme, bar-lguras, babau, and shadow demons, as well as hundreds of mindless undead and Uroz orcs, the Dazark held fast while taking heavy casualties.

                When word reached Clanmaster Ostorio of the Dazarks' plight to the west, he begged Skannar Hendricks for help. Initially reluctant to save the orcs, Skannar understood the tactical situation and ordered most of his men to the south to engage the now arriving Iuzian flotilla, but he also ordered his two most powerful mages, a conjurer and invoker, each already powerful when they first arrived in the forest a decade before and now each nearly an archmage after years of studying elven magic, to assist the Dazark. Gathering two squads of volunteers, the pair teleported to the besieged Dazark and immediately began unleashing their magical fury upon the demons, undead, and Uroz. The respite allowed the Dazark to gather their wounded and flee towards the bazaar site, awed by the summoned monsters and explosions the pair of human wizards brought to bear on their enemies.

                Just as the Dazark war band reached the bazaar, word reached Skannar and Ostorio that the force from Fort Skagund could no longer be held back. Knowing that his mages could only hold off the force from the west for only so long, and that his men holding off the Iuzians to the south would soon need to retreat, Skannar swallowed his pride and asked the Dazark leader, a massive barbarian named Hurg-gak, if the Dazark would lead a tactical retreat to the north. If Hurg-gak agreed, they would be led into Reyhu lands but they would also serve to clear a path between the approaching flanking forces.

                Hurg-gak’s brother, a powerful shaman named Hurg-Gluk, quickly tossed the bones while calling on Luthic. When they landed, they pointed to the north. The decision was made. With the Dazark forging a path to the north, the powerful mages delaying the force from the west, the elves delaying the force from the east, and the Reyhu slowing down the Iuzians from the south, casualties were kept to a minimum and the reluctant allies were able to retreat north, deeper into the wilds of the Fellreev. Many of the Dazark gave their lives selflessly that day, joyfully charging into battle, often slaughtering dozens of enemies before falling. It was a sight that neither Ostorio nor Hendricks would ever forget.

                Once clear of being entrapped, each group separated into smaller bands and continued to flee north. Eventually, Xavendra’s three forces, slowed down by the thick forest and without a large force to engage, gave up the chase. The next day, the Iuzian forces were harassed by highly mobile strike teams, composed of elves, humans, and orcs, until they retreated back across the two rivers. However, Xavendra’s attack was not a complete failure. Weeks later, a large Iuzian force was able to locate and enter Nerull’s Bane while the Fanlareshen and Dazark were kept occupied to the south. However, due to events beyond the scope of this article to relate, Xavendra was unable to gain control over the dead there, so the allies face no additional threat in the northern forests.

                After the battle, Clanmaster Ostorio, along with a only-slightly-reluctant Hendricks and a grieving Baila, Defender Ambassador to the Fanlareshen/Reyhu alliance, named the Dazark as friends and granted them free passage throughout the eastern Fellreev. Unfortunately, the Defenders who had not been at the bazaar had been wiped out nearly to a man. Only those who had escorted the Rhenee up the river to the bazaar having survived. These, now led by Baila, were officially invited to live with the elves or the Reyhu as they wished.

                For several years, the elves, humans, and orcs continued to work together to fend off the forces of evil in the forest. They even received unintentional help when a major faction fight within the Rookroost Thieves Guild turned that city into a chaotic mess in 595 CY, forcing High Lord Tadurinal (who, with High Lady Xavendra’s help, had usurped Lord Marshal Arus Mortoth late in 594 CY) to pull some of his troops from Fort Skagund and move them into the city to maintain peace. Of greater impact on forest security was an event that occurred late in 596 CY in Groucester. It was then that the shadowy dragon known only as That Which Slept destroyed Groucester and much of the surrounding lands with a negative energy burst. As Rookroost had fallen further into chaos during 596 CY and continued to do so throughout 597 CY, and with Groucester destroyed, Fort Skagund now faced a serious shortage of supplies and fresh troops. Late in 597 CY, the three allies agreed that it was time to attack Fort Skagund. Early in 598 CY, the assault was launched.

                The initial assault began well, with the forest allies overrunning the Fort’s outer pickets and making for the Fort itself. However, sensing defeat, the Iuzian garrison commander had one last trick up his sleeve as he used a scroll to open gate to an abyssal layer (which was later identified as Torremor, former home of Pazuzu and now apparently controlled by the Old One). As the rift opened in the sky, a huge gargoyle-looking demon, later identified as an elder nabassu, flew through it. The huge elder nabassu, itself the size of an adult dragon, was accompanied by several large, mature nabassu and a dozen or so juveniles. As the nabassu descended, their gaze felling all who were near, the rout was on. Every humanoid, whether elven, human, orc, or Iuzian, fled the fort, seeking to hide from the demons in the forest’s depths.

                Hundreds of Iuzians, those too slow to flee, were slain that day, either devoured or becoming undead thralls of the nabassu. Dozens of elves, Reyhu, and orcs died as they were chased through the forest by the flying demons. Knowing that slowing the huge elder nabassu was crucial if anyone was to survive, Skannar Hendricks pushed both Hurg-gak and Clanmaster Ostorio off his flying carpet before flying to attack the elder nabassu. With the help of his two powerful mages, he as able to delay the monster enough for the rest of the elves, humans, and orcs to flee, but the effort cost him his life. Ostorio was horrified as he watched his friend eaten whole by the elder nabassu. To this day, the Clanmaster grieves for his lost friend and blames himself for not being able to fight by his friend’s side during his final moments.

                Since that battle, nabassu now roam the Fellreev east of the Cold Run River, seeking prey. An army of ghouls and ghasts, controlled by the elder nabassu, now rules Fort Skagund and its environs. However, the elder seems content with the Cold Run as a border, focusing its demonic attention on the Bluff Hills, and the danger of That Which Slept. Some have speculated that the elder nabassu’s arrival at Fort Skagund was done according to the Old One’s plan, for the nabassu may be the only way of stopping That Which Slept from destroying the northern Flanaess.


    Clan Fanlareshen (Scattered Tribe): Conventional; AL N; 2,250 gp limit; Assets 450,000 gp; Population 4,000; Mixed (3,560 wood elf, 200 wild elf, 200 high elf, 40 half-elves).

                Authority Figures (listed in order of importantce; stats do not include magic item bonuses):

    Clanmaster Ostorio, leader of Clan Fanlareshen and Head of House Ostorio (N middle-aged male wood elf ELF Sentinel Pal8/ELF Rgr2/Order of the Bow Initiate 1; Str 11, Dex 15, Con 9, Int 13, Wis 12, Cha 15). Standing a few inches over five feet, Clanmaster Ostorio’s reddish hair is cut neatly in a military fashion. Over 200 years old, the Clanmaster is not as young as he once was but is still very dangerous with a bow and is a master of forest warfare tactics and strategy.

    High Priest Palarisin Cori’sial, High Priest of Clan Fanlareshen, Guardian of the Oaken Copse and Head of House Cori’sial (NG old male wood elf Cloistered Clr7/Thaumaturgist 2 of Solonor Thelandira; Str 7, Dex 12, Con 5, Int 12, Wis 19, Cha 16). Leader of the Oaken Copse, a collection of forest revering elf clerics, druids, and rangers, Palarisin teaches those who will listen the ways of Solonor Thelandira. Oddly, he often works closely with Baila (whom he would trust with his life), who considers him something of a grandfather figure.

    Pileosi Coreander, retired Senior Trailblazer and Head of House Coreandor (CG venerable male wood elf ELF Rgr3/Wolf Totem Bbn2/Wildrunner 6; Str 10, Dex 12, Con 6, Int 11, Wis 15, Cha 11). A huge specimen of a sylvan elf in his prime, Pileosi Coreandor is now content to advise the Clanmaster when his wilderness expertise is required. No one knows the eastern Fellreev as well as Pileosi, save perhaps the oldest of the mysterious Flan druids who roam the forest’s depths. It was Pileosi who suggested the locations for Fort Hendricks and Fort Scorn.

    Yolandyl Trayesi, Keeper of the Forest and Head of House Trayesi (CN old female wood elf Sidhe Scholar Druid 9; Str 7, Dex 9, Con 7, Int 14, Wis 18, Cha 16). Wild and mysterious, Yolandyl Trayesi leads the druidic members of the Oaken Copse as they search for monsters, enemies of the Clan, forest fires, diseased animals, polluted water, and other things that could damage the forest.

    Tabisha Dawnbreeze, Arcane Tactician and Head of House Dawnbreeze (CN middle-aged female wood elf Expert 3/Warmage 9; Str 10, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 16, Wis 11, Cha 15). The brilliant and beautiful Tabisha Dawnbreeze leads the Arcane Blades and works closely with Skannar’s powerful mages to train both elves and humans in the arts of forest battle magic. Fond of flashy, booming spells, nevertheless she has decreed that powerful fire magic is not to be used in the forest.

    Torren Wyndun, Senior Trailblazer and Head of House Wyndun (N adult male wood elf Light Cavalry Scout 7/Horse Totem Bbn2; Str 12, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 8, Cha 14). Sly and affable, Torren Wyndun, leads the Trailblazers. Unusually gifted with horses for an elf, Torren can cover many more miles in a single day than other trailblazers.

    Corin Highflower, Head of the High Elves and Master Bowyer/Fletcher for Clan Fanlareshen (CG old male high elf Exp13; Str 5, Dex 11, Con 6, Int 18, Wis 16, Cha 16). Corin suffered a devastating injury to his legs as a child, leaving him crippled despite the best efforts of the the elven clerics. However, he rose to prominence as the Clan’s premier bowyer/fletcher, and soon his wisdom, patience, and sharp intellect were recognized by all.

    Brin’dar, Head of the Wild Elves (CN old male wild elf Implacable Bbn9; Str 13, Dex 13, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 12). Wild and xenophobic, Brin’dar prefers the quiet of the forest to the hustle and bustle of Forts Hendricks and Scorn. He’d rather spend a year hunting than deal with the politics of the clan. The only sylvan elves he truly respects are Pileosi and Yolandyl.

    Baila, Defender of the Greenkeep leader and ambassador to Clan Fanlareshen (NG adult female human [Flan] Survivalist Ftr2/Rgr4/Ruathar 1; Str 10, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 14). Baila was named “Ruathar” and ambassador to the Fanlareshen after rescuing Marsinian from an Iuzian kidnapper. She later inherited the position of leader of the Defenders when most of her comrades were killed during the Battle of the Bazaar in 594 CY. She frequently accompanies patrols along the Clan’s Artonsamay River border. Oddly enough, Baila and Breeanna H’west’riala do not get along, but no one is sure exactly why this is so.

    Marsinian, Grugach diplomat from the Vesve (N adult male wild elf Expert 9; Str 8, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 17). Marsinian came to the Fellreev in 591 CY, seeking to establish stronger ties between his people in the Vesve and the sylvan elves of the Fellreev, and was promptly kidnapped by Iuzians, rescued by Baila, abducted again, and re-rescued. He is very opposed to the Reyhu-elf alliance as he feels that almost no humans can be trusted (Baila being a major exception in his eyes). Clanmaster Ostorio has very little time for the wild elf and secretly wishes he would just go back home.

                Important Characters (listed in order of importantce; stats do not include magic item bonuses):

    The Cousins, as they are referred to, are Clanmaster Ostorio’s four most trusted bodyguards and assistants. Often performing scouting missions, meeting contacts on the fringe of the forest, or protecting the Clan, they are the Clanmaster’s eyes and ears in the forest. Over the past two years, all four have become friends with Baila and one of the four is almost always at her side when she is traveling through the forest.

    Saven Coreander, (N adult male wood elf Rgr4/Bbn1/Wildrunner2; Str 16, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 8).

    Osiric Coreandor (NG adult male wood elf Crusader Clr7 of Solonor Thelandira, foe of Gruumsh and Iuz; Str 12, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 8, Wis 14, Cha 14).

    Aerian Coreandor (CN male adult wood elf ELF Rgr5/Darkwood Stalker 2; Str 16, Dex 18, Con 11, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 8).

    Lanithial Coreandor (N male adult wood elf Sct4/Wiz3; Str 12, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 8).

    Kinlorde Galeriven, Senior Trailblazer (CN adult male wild elf Rgr8/Horizon Walker [underground] 1; Str 12, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 8). A devout worshiper of Solonor Thelandira, Kinlorde is an expert archer and tracker of humans and undead. Having spent considerable time with a dwarf friend in the tunnels of Morak’duum, Kinlorde is uncommonly comfortable for an elf in underground settings. When the Clan needs a tunnel or cavern investigated, it is Kinlorde who unhesitatingly goes in first.

    Sylvia Coreandor, Serving Wench at the Dirty Dog Tavern in Rookroost and secretly Clan Fanlareshen’s ambassador to Plar Avenfear (NG [undetectable alignment] adult female high elf Beguiler 5/Spymaster 2; Str 8, Dex 15, Con 8, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 16). Sylvia is Osiric’s younger sister by adoption. She is close friends with The Cousins and Breeanna H’west’riala. Her curious nature first drew her to Rookroost where she continues to gather intelligence for the clan.

    Breeanna H’west’riala, Fencing Instructor and adventurer (NG adult female wood elf Bbn2/Janissary Ftr2/Rgr2/Wilderness Rog2/Pious Templar 2 of Kelanen; Str 12, Dex 20, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 12). The clan’s most active adventurer, several times per year Breeanna returns to her forest home to relay any information regarding Iuzian activities she has learned and to help train her clansmen in the art of combat fencing. A devout follower of Kelanen, she does not preach to her kin as even she finds it odd that she worships a human god of war. She is friends with Sareena Tamershine, probably has feelings for at least one of The Cousins, and would have no one other than Kinlorde (whom she has adventured with) firing arrows over her head as she charged into battle.

    Brighthorn Longshanks, Breeanna’s cohort (CG adult male elite unicorn; Str 24, Dex 16, Con 23, Int 8, Wis 22, Cha 29). Originally from the Tangles Forest, Brighthorn is quickly becoming at home in the Fellreev. In fact, he can now use his teleportation powers in either forest, a feat that fascinates the elven druids and Sareena. They speculate that this is so because the Tangles and Fellreev were perhaps both part of one primeval forest, eons ago.

    Kwintin Sal’i’enta, Master of Arms (CG adult male high elf Survivalist Ftr4/ELF Wiz2/Bladesinger 1; Str 12, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 15, Wis 12, Cha 8). Kwintin trains the clan’s youngsters in the basics of combining swordplay with magic. He has a great deal of interest in both Baila and Breeanna, although Breeanna’s coldly ruthless style of fencing disturbs him.

    Ni’alla Cori’sial, Keeper of the Lore (CG middle-aged female wood elf Arcane Disciple Clr7/Loremaster 1 of Labelas Enoreth; Str 9, Dex 11, Con 7, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 13). Palarisin’s niece, Ni’alla is the keeper of the clan’s lore and library. She serves as Palarisin’s research assistant when necessary.

    Errinor Longbranch, Champion of Corellon Larethian (CG adult male high elf ELF Paladin of Freedom 5/Survivalist Ftr2/Champion of Corellon1; Str 12, Dex 17, Con 12, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 14). Errinor is an elf’s elf, representing all that is stereotypical of a high elf devoted to Corellon Larethian. He represents the high elves in councils of war.

    Sareena Tamershine, Guardian of the Unicorns (CG venerable [aged as an adult physically and as a venerable person mentally due to aging stopped] female wood elf ELF Moon-warded Rgr5/Darkwood Stalker 2/Beloved of Valeria [Elhonna] 2; Str 12, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 18, Cha 16). Taleetha’s aunt, Sareena was called to protect the unicorns of the Fellreev and has done so for several hundred years. She is one of the oldest and wisest elves in the forest and at times even Palarisin seeks her counsel. She has spent much time of late with Breeanna and Brighthorn, but Breeanna’s focus on warfare and reliance on swords and Kelanen greatly worry her.

    Taleetha Tamershine, Guardian of the Ponds (NG middle-aged female wood elf ELF Moon-warded Rgr5/Swanmay 4; Str 9, Dex 16, Con 9, Int 11, Wis 16, Cha 14). A swanmay, only Palarisin, Yolandyl, and her older sister, Sareena, know that she is more than an eccentric elf who spends most of her time deep in the forest protecting one large pond.

    Darin Wyndun, Trailblazer (CG male adult wood elf Wilderness Rog2/Branch Dancer 5; Str 12, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 14). Darin is Torren’s nephew and resident “problem child”. When not frolicking like a loon, Darin can be a quite effective scount.

                Others (wood elves): Clr7, Clr5 (3), Clr3 (6), Clr1 (12); Com13, Com11, Com9 (3), Com7 (4), Com5 (6), Com3 (13), Com1 (2,848); Drd7, Drd5 (4), Drd3 (7), Drd1 (16); Exp15, Exp 13, Exp11 (2), Exp9 (5), Exp7 (12), Exp5 (21), Exp3 (42), Exp1 (88); Favored Soul5, Fav3 (2), Fav1 (4); Hexblade5, Hex3 (2), Hex1 (4); Incarnate Elf Paladin 5, IncElfPal3 (2), IncElfPal1 (4); Marshal5, Mar3 (2), Mar1 (4); Mystic Rgr5, MysRgr3 (2), MysRgr1 (4); Rgr 7, Rgr5 (7), Rgr3 (13), Rgr1 (28) (some have racial substitution levels and/or the moon-warded astrological substitution levels); Rog7, Rog5 (2), Rog3 (4), Rog1 (8) (most are wilderness rogues, UA p56, with lunar rogue astrological substitution levels, DR340 p55); Sct5 (4), Sct3 (8), Sct1 (16); ELF Sentinel Paladin 5, SntElfPal3 (2), SntElfPal1 (4); Sor9, Sor7 (2), Sor5 (4), Sor3 (6), Sor1 (16) (most are Battle Sorcerers, UA p56); Warmage7 (2), Wmg5 (4), Wmg3 (8), Wmg1 (16); War11, War9 (2), War7 (4), War5 (8), War3 (16), War1 (178).

                Others (wild elves): Adp7, Adp5 (2), Adp3 (4), Adp1 (8); Anagakok Wiz3, AnaWiz1 (2); Bbn7 (2), Bbn5 (4), Bbn3 (8), Bbn1 (16); Com7 (2), Com5 (4), Com3 (8), Com1 (116); Druidic Avenger 3; Exp5, Exp3 (2), Exp1 (5); Savage Bard 3, SvgBrd1 (2); Spirit Shaman5, Spt3 (2), Spt1 (4); Warlock5, Wlk3 (2), Wlk1 (4); Wild Defender Ranger 3, WldDefRgr1 (2); Witch 3 (2).

                Others (high elves): Avenger Paladin 3; Beg7, Beg5 (3), Beg3 (6), Beg1 (12); Brd2; Clr5, Clr3, Clr1 (4); Com11, Com9, Com7 (2), Com5 (4), Com3 (8), Com1 (41); Sidhe Scholar Druid 7; Duskblade5, Dsk3, Dsk1 (2); Exp11, Exp9 (2), Exp7 (4), Exp5 (8), Exp3 (16), Exp1 (32); Survivalist Ftr5 (2), SrvFtr1 (4), SrvFtr1 (8); Swasbuckler3, Swb1 (2); Wiz7, Wiz5 (2), Wiz3 (3), Wiz1 (8) (most have Elf racial substitution levels and some are Filidh wizards, DR324 p90).

                Others (half-elves): Beg5, Beg3 (2), Beg1 (4); Brd4, Brd2, Brd1 (3); Clr3; Com5, Com3 (2), Com1 (4); Dsk3, Dsk1 (2); Exp9, Exp5 (1), Exp3 (2), Exp1 (4); Half-elf Ftr 3, Half-elf Ftr1 (2); Half-elf Urban Rgr3 (in Rookroost); Swashbuckler5, Swb3, Swb1; Wiz3.



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    Author of numerous RPGA scenarios for the Living Greyhawk campaign (Bandit Kingdoms regional scenarios and Iuz metaregionals), Casey served as a Living Greyhawk Bandit Kingdoms Triad member from 595 CY to 598 CY (2005 to 2008). Areas of special interest to him include the Fellreev Forest and the Rift Canyon.

    Special Thanks to all Living Greyhawk Bandit Kingdoms authors and Triad members who ever helped to develop Clan Fanlareshen during the Living Greyhawk campaign, especially Michael Garis, Quad Heinicken, Theo "Austin” Judd, Chuck Walbourn and John Williams.

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