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    Forgotten Gods of the Suloise V
    Posted on Thu, October 18, 2001 by Toran
    chatdemon writes "The recent increase of Yeoman looting missions into the lands of the old Suel Imperium have had an inadvertent result...a long neglected minor power of the Suel has begun to find himself increasingly popular as the tombs and temples of those long dead are looted and their stolen treasures spread through the Sheldomar Valley.

    Author: chatdemon

    Forgotten Gods of the Suel: Usamigaras

    by Chatdemon (
    Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.

    Credit notes: This god is the third in my group of deities adapted from Module B4: The Lost City (TSR9049) by Tom Moldvay.

    Honorable Drelbin,
    Master Clerk of the Royal Academy of Wizardry, Gradsul

    Your continued interest in the myth and lore surrounding the religious relics being recovered from Zeltra pleases me. I am glad to be of assistance in your studies. Your latest query regarding the faith of Usamigaras comes of no surprise, since word has reached us here in Cryllor of renewed interest in the faith spreading across the river in the Yeoman League. It seems the pragmatic yet roguish lifestyle endorsed by the Shadowed Father pleases the simpletons of our western neighbor, offering them a more tangible approach to the power of arcane knowledge. Worry not though, I'm certain our peers in the Tower of Silence have taken notice of the trends as well, and I am assured that we of the Academy have naught to fear from the rise of a potential rival within the Sheoldomar's bosom.

    Attached is a record of my findings, which were gleaned for the most part from my correspondences with brother Asarelt, of the house Sirkinos in Flen. As always, feel free to consult with me further if your studies require my aid.

    Candles bright and words warm,
    Ilbrysis Noltheod,
    Librarian Corypheus, Royal Archive at Cryllor

    -- From Dispatches & Diversions; collected letters, by Ilbrysis Noltheod of Cryllor, 592 CY


    The Shadowed Father
    N Saint (hero god) of Messengers, Stealth, Thieves and Practical Magic

    The Shadowed Father is a god enjoying a newfound popularity in the southwestern Sheldomar valley as Yeoman 'dustdiggers' return from expeditions into the Sea of Dust with relics and tales of things long forgotten. Usamigaras, a son of Norebo, was worshipped in the old empire as a god of stealth and messengers, but it is the darker side of the god that is drawing followers to him now. Rogues and treasure hunters throughout the Yeomanry, Sterich, southwestern Keoland and the northern reaches of the former Sea Princes lands are beginning to pay homage to Usamigaras in hopes of furthering their careers and finding a dogma to soothe their consciences and the apprehensions of their peers.

    Usamigaras is unique in the Suloise pantheon in that he has always been a mere saint power, never having achieved greater as did Madarua. Like Madarua however, Usamigaras has earned the enmity of the Ruby Goddess by usurping a part of her magic aspect. Where Wee Jas promotes the learning of magic for the sake of knowledge and the insights into life and the multiverse such study grants, Usamigaras teaches that the true power of magic lies in its application, and that the true worth of a wizard lies only in the enchantments he has mastered and the uses he has devised for them. Wee Jas has been long embittered by Usamigaras' blatant defiance of her authority, but in light of her highly suspicious romance with his father, has not acted against the upstart saint. Jasidan clergy are not so forgiving however, and hard feelings and often outright violence, in the form of spellbattles, usually accompanies any meetings between the two faiths' followers.

    The current ranking cleric of Usamigaras in the Sheldomar area is Asarelt of Flen (Male 1/2 Orc, NE Cleric 9). Though Asarelt exerts no real dominance over the lesser clerics of the faith, many travel to Flen to meet with him and learn more about their growing faith.

    Those who walk in shadow are the brightest lights among our people for the paths they follow are surely the quickest route to their destinies. Let not the lure of arcane knowledge blind you to the powers you have already mastered, and be not ashamed to make use of whatever tricks you have at your disposal to accomplish your goals.

    Clerics of Usamigaras are becoming more common in the Flanaess as the stories told by those returning from Slerotin's tunnel spread and the lure of a quick path to power is presented to the common folk. Often working as messengers or spies to fund or hide their true professions as thieves or 'spells for hire', the faithful are beginning to appear in most of the cities of the Sheldomar, and even as far east as Dyvers and Greyhawk.

    As noted above, the clergy has a longstanding grudge with the Jasidan faith, and clerics are warned to keep a low profile in areas where that faith is strong and promote their god carefully to avoid the wrath of a stronger religion.

    Domains: Luck, Magic, Trickery, Celerity, Mind

    Weapons: Silver Dagger

    Garb: Usamigari, as the clerics call themselves, are most often found in the attire of rogues to expedite their other pursuits, but in rituals or ceremonies they are usually clad in bright multicolored robes, to symbolize their stepping forth from the shadows and assure they have nothing to hide from their peers and their god. Their holy symbol is a silver pentagram (a five pointed star enclosed in a circle), and all clerics tattoo this symbol onto their left palm as a show of their devotion to the Shadowed Father.

    Those who have played the B4 module may notice the omission of Usamigaras' healing aspect. This was intentional in my conversion of him to fit the Suloise pantheon. Healing simply doesn't fit with his other aspects, so I dropped it.

    Note: Forgotten Gods, Suel"
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    Re: Forgotten Gods of the Suloise V (Score: 1)
    by Man-of-the-Cranes ( on Sat, April 20, 2002
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    I've really enjoyed reading each instalment of this 'Forgotten Gods' series - even though as read them I believed the heavens were crowded enough as it were and that I would probably never use any of them.

    I have been proven wrong. I may just have a spot for Usamigara afterall.

    Man of the Cranes

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