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    Re: Yecha Hills - Heart of the Tiger Nomads (Score: 1)
    by Wolfling on Thu, November 11, 2004
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    I remember reading somewhere that the Chakyik value guile and trickery in warfare. You should be able to outsmart and out-trick your opponent at every turn. The study of illusion is most likely a progression of these ideals.

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    Re: Yecha Hills - Heart of the Tiger Nomads (Score: 1)
    by donimator on Thu, November 11, 2004
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    There is some conflicting information regarding the Chakyik from various sources. I have alternately read where they originate from Flan stock. I have read the sources you alluded to describing the Chakyik pursuing illusionary magic. This confusion over the years has resulted in a muddled area of the Flanaess with no real direction or consistent description.

    I based this article on the simple text describing the Tiger Nomads from the '83 boxed set. To me, they are a Mongol-like culture bordering on the edges of civilization. They are a spiritual folk who care little for the rest of the world around them.

    While this may not fit well with more recently published accounts of the Chakyik, it is the way they have always existed in my campaigns. They are brave, fearless and ferocious in battle and loyal to their clan, above all else, within their homeland.

    So I have eschewed any links to illusionary magic, deceit and guile. They are a simple people. I chalk the misconceptions about this area to rumours derived about this inaccessible part of the Flanaess.

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    Re: Yecha Hills - Heart of the Tiger Nomads (Score: 1)
    by PaulN6 on Thu, November 11, 2004
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    The Living Greyhawk Gazeteer suggests that the leaders of the Nomads learn a bit of Illusionist magic from their sacred text (a copy of the text that is in the hands of the Wolf Nomads and a tradition that harks back noth to their Ancient Baklunish heritage and the time that both nations were part of the Brazen Horde (or whatever horde it was).

    I think the official history implies that only noble (royal) males are allowed to learn this magic because wizards are otherwise largely absent from the Nomad society.

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