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    Re: Fashion in the Flanaess - Furs (Score: 1)
    by mortellan on Thu, April 06, 2006
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    This fur article is rather useful to players in that furs/pelts are often a very tangible byproduct or treasure players can take from slain animals, creatures. As to GH specific fur bearing creatures, its not much of a stretch to use these charts as a guideline. My thought would be the average medieval consumer won't be able to distinguish a wolf-like monster fur from a true wolf fur and so forth. What might be addressed is how Dire animals can affect the fur trade economy. I imagine their prevalance in a campaign could change the prices GVD suggests.

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    Re: Fashion in the Flanaess - Furs (Score: 1)
    by Wolfsire on Fri, April 07, 2006
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    GVD:  “I also did not want to pin DMs down or dictate to them.”

    While you have articulated some very good reason for why the article did not get into certain matters, don’t let that quote limit you, especially when you have done the research.  Everyone is free to disregard anything that you might write concerning such matters, but everyone is not free or inclined to do the research to establish such thing realistically in the first place.  More likely the Great Fur Road, or what have you, would be established ah hoc and arbitrarily to suit a transient campaign need.  Any complex system or just tidbits you can rationalize specific to Greyhawk would be appreciated. 

    That being said, nice job, as always.  This is appreciated.

    BTW- My 6th grade math teacher used to let us play in class.  It may just be a coincidence, but subsequently I got more learnin’ in that subject than I will ever need.  Too bad they can’t allow PBEM in English class.

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