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    Re: The Elves of Oerth (Score: 1)
    by Argon on Tue, July 29, 2003
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    When I created the Elves of Oerth it was meant to reflect changes I placed in my game. I replaced the Drow of Greyhawk with the Derro. I felt the drow were over done in the Forgotten Realms and wanted a world that felt different then the Realms. granted there are many difference's between Greyhawk and the Forgotten realms. But another reason for the change in my campaign. Had to do with a homebrew world I was trying to create. In the end I felt it was easier to change what I didn't like about Greyhawk then to create a world from scratch.
    Greyhawk has a better history and overall flavor than the Forgotten Realms. Once again my opinion. But with many things nothing is perfect. So their will be people who love this article and other's who believe I have destroyed what they hold dear about the Elvin race. In the end I feel either view has given me my ulitimate goal. Reconigition for my work, whether you agree with it or not.
    I would personally like to thank everyone who has posted a commment and anyone who will in the future.

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    Re: The Elves of Oerth (Score: 1)
    by Delglath on Tue, July 29, 2003
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    Canonfire! is a fansite partially devoted to the individual visions of Greyhawk players and, more often, DM's. We have no real ties to WotC or the RPGA and are therefore not representative of either.

    In fact, the notion that one must conform to a set of standardized concepts in a setting is the antithisis of this site's goals.

    Everybody has their own vision of Greyhawk. It is these visions which we provide an avenue of expression for, so that they can be shared with the Greyhawk community in general in the hope that they spur the imaginations of DM's and players and thus bring alive the setting we all love.

    Argon has done that; whether his vision conflicts with or is in harmony with the Living Greyhawk campaign is irrelevant.

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