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    Re: Abraxus (Score: 1)
    by grodog on Fri, August 17, 2001
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    Could be, I don't recall offhand. EGG used many of the demonic/etc. names from the lists in MM2 in his novels, and obviously further developed many of the existing lords in them as well.

    The materials that I'll continue to add to the Excerpts from the Demonomicon do sometimes draw on EGG's novels (I created some of the various demons races from Sea of Death, for example), sometimes on MM1/MM2, often on the mythic history of my campaigns, and are occasionally original, too.

    I tried to reach Jason's Encyclopedia on its new home on Vashnaar's web site, to look up citations of Abraxus in the novels, but it appears that Vashnaar has carpet-bagged elsewhere again.

    So far as I know, using Abraxus as the father of demonkind in a D&D-like world was the brain-child of my old friend Allen Ruch, per my reply to Taras above. I've simply elaborated and tweaked it for use in my own game.


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    Re: Abraxus (Score: 1)
    by grodog on Mon, August 27, 2001
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    You were right---I just opened an old copy of Zavoda's Encyclopedia, which contains the following entry:

    > Abraxas (Demon)[NPC]
    > CED Pg# - 52,146,156

    CED = Come Endless Darkness, so it appears that EGG put Abraxas (with an 'A') to use at least a few times. I don't have the books handy (I think they're still packed in a box somewhere in NJ at my folks' house), but if anyone wants to check out the page references and furnish some additional comment, that would be great.


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    Re: Abraxus (Score: 1)
    by Nerrin on Sun, October 20, 2002
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    Well, there's also the "oinoloth" (the powerful yugoloth who controls plagues and diseases on the Grey Waste layer of Oinos), called Anthraxus. I'm pretty sure he was dealt with by Horned Society people in... the second book? Or some oinoloth predecessor or successor.
    Plenty of similar-sounding names out there, yeah.

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