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    Schools of Magic in the Flanaess
    Osmund-Davizid writes "There are many opportunities for mages to learn their craft throughout the Flanaess.  From the humble hedge wizard teaching simple spells out of his home, to established academies of arcane lore, schools of magic catering to every possible specialty of the Art are available to wizards seeking to improve their knowledge and skills.  Described here are a few examples of schools of magical learning located throughout the Flanaess."
    Merchant Ships of Greyhawk
    Matteus writes "Sea trade bustles across the Azure Sea, and you’ve encountered a merchant vessel. Perhaps the party are catching a ride on a merchant ship. Perhaps the party have joined a pirate crew and hope to plunder a merchant vessel. Where did it come from? What cargo does it contain? The twelve costal realms of the Azure Sea, Densac Gulf, and Vohun Ocean are listed below. The cargo lists for each realm are mainly drawn from their respective resources listed in the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer. This is especially useful if you're a pirate crew searching for plunder, which was my point in making it."
    All Things Weird and Wonderful: The Magic Items of Zagyg
    Kraftwerk writes "There can be no doubt that Zagyg Yragerne was one of the most powerful and accomplished magi ever to stride the face of the Oerth.  Even before his apotheosis to the divine, the tales of his epic feats and adventures were long the stuff of legend.   In the lifetime of such a wizard, nonesuch enchanted items aplenty were created:   Weird and wonderful, as ever was the wont of the Mad Archmage.   In honor of Gary Gygax Day – commemorating the birthday of the father of our beloved Campaign World – come gaze upon some of these magic items.   May they ever bring a smile to your lips...just as Zagyg himself would wish it!"
    Postfest XVIII (Richfest 2016): The Sunstone Bull
    dark_Lord_Galen writes "A Fallen Comrade remembered as a faithful of Pelor. Father Benatosis, bright and cheery, a ray of Pelorian Sunshine in a dark place.Presenting the Sunstone Bull, by Tyler B. (a.k.a. Redtail)"
    Postfest XVIII (Richfest 2016): Amethyst Songbird
    dark_Lord_Galen writes "Naturally beautiful music sometimes has help.... and sometimes nature sings a duet. Presenting the Amethyst Songbird, by  Tony M. (a.k.a. Krug Krugsheir)"
    Postfest XVIII (Richfest 2016): Tragedy and the Grey Friar... Revisited
    dark_Lord_Galen writes "Nearly a year after the tale of the Tragedy of Greyfriar, Bant, 1/2 Elven Cleric of St Cuthbert, still maintains the hope of seeing such a myth made reality along the northern borders of Furyondy. A chance meeting while on leave teaches him the value of patience, and good story telling."
    Postfest XVIII (Richfest 2016): Waterous Wonders of the Rhennee
    Icarus writes "Once again, gadjo, I am your trusted guide to introduce you to the magic of my people, the Rhennee and the magic of the Waters themselves!  These magical tokens bring forth beloved animals, who share the Waters with us, and are treasured in myth and lore. "
    Postfest XVIII (Richfest 2016): Companions of the Truest Sort, Part III
    Kraftwerk writes "In the conclusion of this three-part missive on Oerth's Figurines of Wondrous Power, The Colorless Mage of Perrenland offers a great list of all such known statuettes for your perusal.  Strange, enigmatic, and each one possessed of their own individual mien, any of these rare icons represents an incredible discovery in a historical sense and a treasure fit for the most haughty of kings, both.  Read the final installment of this treatise here...."
    Postfest XVIII (Richfest 2016): Companions of the Truest Sort, Part II
    Kraftwerk writes "Just as they can be found upon its land or in its air, the potent and mysterious Figurines of Wondrous Power can likewise be found beneath the depths of Oerth's blue seas.  Read on the natures of three such enchanted icons here...."
    Postfest XVIII (Richfest 2016): Three Figurines of Wondrous Transport
    grodog writes "Three new Figurines of Wondrous Power, focused on transportation, as described by the Fiend Sage of Rel Astra:- Amber Terror Bird - Aquarmarine Narwhale- Topaz Void Shark"
    Postfest XVIII (Richfest 2016): Talako Mambenorn - Of the Figurines Of Wondrous Power
    Syzygyst writes "Postfest XVIII (Richfest 2016): Talako Mambenorn - Of the Figurines Of Wondrous PowerAn excerpt from one Talako Mambenorn, mage, to the infamous Rary (The Traitor). Among other things, it concerns the Figurines Of Wondrous Power."
    Postfest XVIII (Richfest 2016): Companions of the Truest Sort, Part I
    Kraftwerk writes "Creatures that have lived dual existences for untold centuries in bodies of warm flesh and blood and cold stone and metal alike -- the animals suspended in time as Figurines of Wondrous Power have awed and amazed those so fortunate to behold these rare beasts throughout Oerth's history.  Learn more of the origins of these unique magical items that truly have lives of their own here..."
    The Fountain of Fenom the Blasphemer
    Sutemi writes "The Mad Wizard is dead, assassinated long ago for his blasphemies, but his Fountain still exists. Its magic is as twisted as it is powerful, but there just might be some foolish enough to drink from it. The water of the small spring looks innocuous but it holds the power to make or break great heroes or villains."
    Nitalae, the Lonely Blade
    masterarminas writes "The Suel Imperium died under the Rain of Colorless Fire, its treasures hidden under the ever-shifting ashes of the Sea of Dust.  And in one lost crypt, deep in the trackless desert, the sword Nitalae waits . . ."
    The History of the Tapestry of Ruin
    mortellan writes "For your inspection, an item of magical antiquity whose history has intentionally been kept quiet for far too long by the so-called enlightened courts of the Baklunish West."
    The Five Blades of Corusk
    wavescrest writes "Take a look at five deadly blades, crafted by the barbarians of Rhizia, that sparked the bloody continental war that would be known as the Greyhawk Wars. These are the Five Blades of Corusk."
    Postfest IX(Brewfest 2008): A Natural Selection of Staves
    Wolfsire writes "Dungeon Magazine issue number 85 contains a third edition adventure written by Matthew G. Adkins entitled “Natural Selection: Celadon Druids Vs. Urnst Rangers.” This article adapts, discusses and modifies one portion of the treasure in it to first edition with emphasis placed on and discussion of aspects of the Greyhawk setting and bowyery."
    Postfest VII: The Eye of the Kraken
    smillan_31 writes "From the far southwest comes an artifact of potent power, born from the dark abysses of the Pearl Sea from bloody oaths and a marriage that founded a nation – the Eye of the Kraken."
    Postfest VII: Scarlet Bane
    jarthalas writes "Many have reasons to fear the Scarlet Brotherhood, and in the countries their insidious plots have succeeded, they have reason to hate. Still, those rare few have managed to marshal those emotions, striving to fight the honorable battle against a foe whose main tact is deception and guile. One such individual, and an unlikely one at that, has gone to even greater lengths in his personal battle to see the fall of the Brotherhood.                        Jarthalas, The Dreaming One"
    Postfest VII: The Relics of Al Akbar
    jarthalas writes "My old friend, in regards to your recent interest in lost and recovered relics of the various faiths throughout Oerth, I submit to you the following excerpt of the Historian Cortiil of Ekbir, as well as my own research into the abilities of the items his party discovered. While this accounting is incomplete, without having access to these items or to those who were there to witness the dark events that followed the rebirth of the Lord of Mourning, it is, I fear, the best I can offer you. In closing, I am sure that you will be disappointed that I have not enclosed a treatise upon the spells I mention below. Forgive me, my dear friend, if I save this knowledge for a future discussion. When next we meet in Ungra Balan, I shall endeavor to fill you in on the history of Al’Balthazar and the recent events in the Baklunish states of the west.                                - Jarthalas, The Dreaming One"
    Postfest VII: Manual of Ruby Golems
    abysslin writes "Within a month’s time he had accomplished more with the plentiful rubies of Scar than he had with the sands of his homeland in a year’s work. Not long after, Razic was accompanied by two of these hulking creations at all times, further cementing his position as master of Scar. Those that whispered revolt among the populace no longer had hope. Razic was here, and he was here for good."
    Postfest VII: The Crown of Stars
    MichaelSandar writes "Twenty years ago, the lich Zarychts made his bid for power in the Yeomanry.  Working with Cultists of Erythnul and Agents of Chaos, he determined to control the Caves of Chaos.  To do this, he began creating a magical crown for himself, until something went terribly wrong."
    Postfest VII: The Dagger of Misfortune
    mortellan writes "Never take an enemy’s blade unless you know what killed him.-old Uli warband saying.In the chronicles of arcane lore there are innumerable magical daggers, yet few astute sages bother to learn about the history of cursed daggers, finding them an annoying footnote at best. Out of the Baklunish West however, there is one dagger that has proved tenacious enough to be the talk of many a Baklun assassin or illicit weapon trader."
    Postfest VII: Cube of Dur Ahnce
    Lilith writes "The Cube of Dur Ahnce appears in several minstrel’s tales coming from the Blackmoors. The unusual tales, sung and played in an almost maudlin funerary tone, tell of Dur Ahnce, a minor mage of unremarkable talents."
    Postfest VII: Wardsbane
    Daigle writes "Chartrand had been told that the abjurations here were strong, but she just shrugged the advice off as worried prattle from some amateur treasure hunters. Squatting on the cool marble floors of the tower, drops of sweat running down her brow and off the tip of her narrow nose in a near perfect tempo, she is thankful that her colleagues were more serious with the counsel they were given. “Four wards and three traps in less than fifty steps from the archway! This place is insane!”"
    Postfest VII: Cryptical Armaments of the Hool: Squall and Contumely
    Wolfsire writes "Deep within the Hool Marshes, between the headwaters of the Dank Brook and the broad Javan River, there lurks an ancient batrachian menace.  Beware the Dank Den of the Bull Wug Wug!  This article details two magical weapons created as part of the development of the lair of the Bullywug Great Chief referenced in the Module U2, Danger at Dunwater.  "
    Celestial Quipu
    wolfsire writes "In some ways a celestial quipu is much like any ordinary quipu used in Xamaclan to this day. They are both strings of knotted cords that record, and facilitate communication of, information. But in many ways, a celestial quipu is very much unlike any ordinary quipu."
    Cup & Talisman of Al'Akbar
    saqurtmudyn writes "The greatest of gifts bestowed by the gods of the Paynims to their most devout servant, the Cup and Talisman of Al'Akbar were lost to the dim reaches of antiquity. But Al'Akbar's imams and caliphs still recount the beauty of these treasured items. Herein these revered artifacts are illustrated in stunning detail."
    Postfest IV: The Bloodshield of Hextor
    bdpenney writes "An object of unspeakable horror and power, made from the heart's blood of Hextor's vanquished foes, it is the unholy Bloodshield of Hextor. Read the vile detail of the origin and malefic powers of one of the most infamous artifacts of the former Great Kingdom."
    Postfest IV:The Bringer of Doom
    Duicarthan writes "Long whispered of in stories and tales of the Twin Cataclysms, the bringer of doom was an artifact that utilized the energies required to change a millennia and two ancient races forever. Here is the object that created a legend for the time, the Invoked Devastation."
    Postfest IV: The Devourer
    Osmund-Davizid writes "The connection between the Coldwood and Icespire is more then just superficial. There is a powerful artifact at the epicenter of each location that entwines them by a shared fate and shared origins. At the dark heart of Icespire, lies the vile staff, Devourer. It has the power to lay to waste entire regions and is guided by an unknown power. Beware, lest the curse of Icespire be set loose upon the world!"
    Postfest IV: Magic of the Serpentfolk
    Cebrion writes "Excerpts from The Elder Races: Arcana & Ecologies Vols. 26-30: Magic of the Serpentfolk"Little is known of the Elder Races, but I will tell you of one of them: the Serpentfolk. The Serpentfolk were (are) a race of exceptionally gifted magicians oft confused with the yuan-ti, to the detriment of many scholars. Little is known of them, their origins, and of the power they once held upon Oerth. Only recently has evidence of this ancient and once preeminent reptilian race begun to surface…---Mulgath the Wanderer, Savant-Sage of Dyvers""
    Postfest IV: The Screaming Column
    bdpenney writes "Perhaps the most dreadful artifact to voilate the World of Greyhawk, the Screaming Column represents the ultimate punishment that the mad Overking can inflict upon any who displease him. Read, if you dare, the horiffic tale and details of an artifact so foul that some of the gods of evil would turn away in disgust and horror."
    Spear of Celestian
    Tourmaline writes "This magical weapon was inspired by the 3.5 'Sword of the Planes'. I mused that Celestian's followers would make Spears of the Planes, since the spear is Celestian's weapon. Then I thought that a Spear of the Planes would probably have slightly different qualities, given the Far Wanderer's home plane, and... well, one thing led to another. I'm not sure if this is a major magical weapon or a minor artifact now; I'm listing it as the latter to be safe. Whichever it is, enjoy reading about it and tell me what you think!"
    The Six Great Night Hags - Artifacts of Despair
    Wykthor writes "The most active of the sextet in the dealings with the prime material plane races, Despair is also the most profilic in the creation of evil magic items and cursed relics. This article details two of her most powerful creations, a soul-absorbing staff she created with the blessing of Incabulos and a collar that ensures a bargainer will fulfill its obligation or else it will be damned to Hades."
    The Black Banners of Nerull
    BusterBudd writes "“...and upon a field, dawned with death, the foul wind stretched the black banners of Nerull. Three banners of doom for three sons of gloom; Fear, Death and Defeat. Sorrow to any Kingdom’s fate; foolish and unfortunate enough to cross the Black Banners.” From the Chronicles of Ocaric. An awesome trio of Evil for any campaign. Warning, these items can be very powerful with a sprinkle of DM inventiveness. Enjoy....Ancientgamer."
    The Hand and Eye of Vecna
    Samwise writes "The path of the two legendary (and much dreaded!) relics of Vecna revealed for the first time. Learn when and where these deadly items appeared to plague the Flanaess, and what effect they had on the history of the land."
    The Spear and Shield of Ulek
    MerricB writes "Come learn about two of the legendary artifacts of the Sheldomar valley and the role they play in the history of the Ulek states."
    Holy Fragarach
    tzelios writes "This is an attempt to solve a persistent (for almost two decades) problem, often referenced as ?the Thrommel-Fragarach problem.? It has conducted through the years confusion and addling to scholars, to the affairs of Flanaess, and to the gamers alike. In order to find a satisfactory explanation, the two extreme antithetic solutions of the problem will be examined, only to be proven inadequate. Alternatively, one could argue that both are temporarily true in the proposed solution."
    Artifacts of Oerth: The Jacinth of Inestimable Beauty
    tzelios writes "Following is the study of the Rhennee Tzeliobas on the most valuable and lovely Jewel on Oerth. It was submitted before he was kicked out of the Grey College, due to a serious dispute with Iquander on the nine imprisoned demi-gods beneath Castle Greyhawk. Tzeliobas was forced to continue his degree in the University of Flanaess, partly wasting Tenser´s funds for the support of Rhennee's education. Together with the groundbreaking "The Magical Properties of Gemstones" by Tenser, he presented references never seen before and of unknown origin.Author: Tzelios"
    Artifacts of the Multiverse: The Platonic Solids
    tzelios writes "Adventuring in the Demonweb Pits, the gypsy Rhennee Tzeliobas found himself in a world partially absorbed by Lolth’s web. In this world, it was called the “world wide web” or www, a part of the 666th layer of the Abyss. Curiously, in a language similar to the common tongue, he found this document with his name inside. They found the name of the world, Earth, similar to theirs, Oerth, and he realized that the world itself had similarities to the one that his people came from by accident, Aerth. Moreover, in the document there was information that, being vassal to Tenser, he deemed necessary to inform him. Author: Tzelios"
    Magic of the Amedio 1: The Bone Slivers of Ixabna
    chatdemon writes "In recent years, especially those leading up to the Greyhawk Wars, the Amedio Jungle has yielded a vast assortment of strange magical items to explorers from the Flanaess. Come to the workshop of arcanologist Shandra Malth and learn about one of these items, which grants wondrous battle prowess to those who can stomach the pain of activating it.Author: chatdemon"
    SpinDrift Star Stone Pendant
    Damren writes "Something of a low-key magic item that I introduced in one of my 2e games. It was given as part of a background story about an elven ranger who was parted from his love. Author: Damren"
    Joramy's Vengeance
    jachyras writes "This information is based on many years of research by sages and the recent find of an ancient fortress in the Hellfurnaces. In this fortress’s library, numerous texts were recovered that have just been translated and their cryptic meanings understood. The following is a synopsis of the material recovered. Author: Jachyras"
    The Orb of Sol
    PSmedger writes "The first in a series of pieces exploring additional material that was edited (for space reasons) from the two-part Death Knights of Oerth article (in Dragon Magazine #290 & #291). This article presents a great artifact of the forces of goodness and light. Author: Pluffet Smedger"
    Suloise Relics I: Lightbringer
    chatdemon writes "The Mistress of Song's most powerful servant nearly failed in her last task, and only by the grace of her goddess did she succeed. Her spear, a most potent device for sending the undead to a final rest, is all that remains of her today. Author: chatdemon"
    The Staff of Sejanus
    Moorglademover writes "The Rod of Smiting (as appears in the 1E DMG) is essentially a +3 mace or club with an unusual power; if the attacker rolls a natural 20 to hit with it on a golem, the golem is destroyed, and it also has a bonus against creatures from the lower planes. Why? Author: Moorglademover"
    The Sun Sword of Pelor
    Dargarth writes "Just as Pelor's golden orb beats back the curtain of night, so too does the fabled Sun Sword vanquish those foul creatures that seek solace in its obsidian embrace. Neither mortal nor God, living nor dead can stand against the Sun Sword of Pelor if they have embraced the darkness. -Ye'Cinde, from Legends of the Flan 107 CY Author: Dargarth"
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