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    An Alternative History of the Scarlet Brotherhood (Part 3)
    ArtharntheCleric writes "The conclusion to this article about how the Order of the Scarlet Sign might have stayed in the shadows in the Flanaess."
    An Alternative History of the Scarlet Brotherhood (Part 2)
    ArtharntheCleric writes "Part 2 of an article on how the Order of the Scarlet Sign might have stayed in the shadows in the Flanaess, pulling the strings in the Kingdom of Shar."
    An Alternative History of the Scarlet Brotherhood (Part 1)
    ArtharntheCleric writes "How the Kingdom of Shar, and the Scarlet Brotherhood, might have developed and look if the Secret Order of the Scarlet Sign stayed in the shadows ..."
    Notoriety system for PC
    longetalos writes "This article provides a system to assist the Game Master in figuring out the notoriety (fame and reputation) of the characters in their campaign. This will help determine the reaction of NPCs to the PCs."
    The Conclave of Ull
    mortellan writes "It is said in more civilized corners of the Flanaess, that the remote frontier land of Ull is a godless wasteland; home to only nomadic horselords, hill ogres, cruel slavers and debauched gladiatorial fights. No mention is ever given to the denizens of Ull having a tradition for the arcane arts. This is for good reason because its most powerful mages are foreigners who like to stay out of sight and out of reach of their contemporaries. In such a small realm however, these rare practitioners of magic cannot exist peacefully without some contact and certain unwritten rules."
    Agents and Plots of the Horned Society Ascendant
    Osmund-Davizid writes "The Horned Society met with disaster during the Greyhawk Wars.  Iuz stabbed his one time ally in the back and massacred the Hierarchs during the Blood Moon Festival.  This is what is generally known.  This is also false.  The Society was prepared for such a contingency and in the wake of the Greyhawk Wars, the Society initiated a clarion call to its sleeper cells.  Agents of the Hierarchs operating in foreign lands began mysterious missions to rebuild the Horned Society.  Their efforts continue to advance dark agendas long after the end of the war.  Some of these agents have become powers unto themselves and the Horned Society continues to be a world spanning threat.  "
    The Society of Winetasters
    Sutemi writes "A top-secret, Flanaess-wide secret society of the good that watches the watchers. Infinite knowledge of secrets, plotting against the forces of evil and good wine. No headquarters, no leadership, you’re on your own. Sounds good? The Society of Winetasters awaits for you."
    Postfest XVI(Needfest 2011): The Order of the Illumination of the Soul
    MasterArminas writes "Psionic powers and the practitioners who use them are not unknown in the World of Greyhawk. Often referred to as mind-mages by the common people . . ."
    Postfest XI(Growfest 2009): The Queens Knights
    anced_math writes "For more than a thousand years a group of knights has wandered the upper Sheldomar, fighting evil and tyranny in all its forms.  They are beloved by the the people, and ignored by the nobles.  Until now."
    Postfest XI (Growfest 2009): Fanlareshen Sylvan Elves
    aurdraco writes "During the Greyhawk Wars, an unusual alliance of elf and man was created in the Fellreev Forest. Since then, the Fanlareshen elves and the Reyhu humans have had to learn how to cope with each other in addition to neighbors such as the Dazark orcs and enemies such as High Lady Xavendra of Iuz. This article expands upon the information presented about Clan Fanlareshen in Iuz the Evil and the Living Greyhawk Gazateer to take into account events which unfolded during the Living Greyhawk campaign in the Bandit Kingdoms region during the years 591 to 599 CY. A community stat block is provided in addition to two dozen briefly detailed NPCs. This supplement uses the 3.5 edition rules and is set in the year 599 CY."
    The Horned Society
    rasgon writes "A hidden history of the Horned Society and the most powerful members of its current hierarchy after 591 CY."
    Postfest IX(Brewfest 2008): Giant Slayers of the Lost Lands
    EileenProphetofIstus writes "The sun had just disappeared below the great pines looming before Redmod Dumple and his companions. Peering out from the shadows, the dwarf gripped his warhammer, his hands sliding back and forth around the leather grip as beads of perspiration fell from his helm and ran down his face. Redmod looked over at his companions and saw mixed expressions of fear and astonishment. Never had the party seen such a lair, the wooden palisade was monstrous in proportions; for they had finally found the Steading of the Hill Giant."
    The Knights of Holy Shielding
    Cebrion writes "Welcome to “Knightly Orders of Greyhawk”! Here follows the third installment in this continuing series on the knightly orders of the Flanaess. The Knights of Holy Shielding form the elite core of the army of the Shields Lands, which over its 200 year history has known great triumphs as well as great tragedy. Journey back now to the days of yore, when an alliance of lords resulted in the formation of one of the proudest orders of knighthood to set foot upon the battlefields of the Flanaess..."
    OPERATION RED STEEL - Scarlet Agents
    Abysslin writes "So, is the Brotherhood content with their current position among the power nations of the Flanaess? Shall they now lie like a sleeping dog in the morning sun, content and well fed? Not hardly; Uncle Pramas, current leader of the Office of Diplomacy has been charged by the Father of Obedience to put the Brotherhood’s eyes and ears in all corners of the flanaess. In every city and town, in every council room, every church, every inn, under every bed, in every closet, in all places that a word is spoken or an action taken, lies the eyes and ears of the Brotherhood. And hence was born Operation Red Steel."
    The Knights of the Hart
    Cebrion writes "Welcome to “Knightly Orders of Greyhawk”!  Here follows the second installment in this continuing series on the knightly orders of the Flanaess.  Protecting the common folk from the unholy horrors of the north, the Knights of the Hart have become the shining light of hope and goodness in the central Flanaess.  Let us now travel to the rolling plains of Furyondy, the shaded canopies of the Vesve Forest, and to the Halls of Tranquility in the capital of Veluna and become one with the three orders of the Knights of the Hart…"
    The Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom
    Cebrion writes "Welcome to “Cebrion’s Knightly Orders of Greyhawk”!  Presented here is the first in a series on the knightly orders of the Flanaess.   Born out of the early tribulations of the Great Kingdom, the Knight Protectors has been called the most illustrious order of knighthood yet to be known in the long history of the Flanaess.  Two other knightly orders of great renown grew out of the traditions of the Knight Protectors, these being the Knights of Holy Shielding and the Knights of the Hart, who will each be presented in later articles.  But for now, let us go back nearly 700 years into the past, into the eastern lands where a king would have been slain by the forces of evil and history irrevocably altered, if not for the gallant actions of a few lowly peasants…"
    Archpriest of Wee Jas Prestige Class
    Nellisir writes "Archpriests are the favored servants of Wee Jas, powerful characters that command a powerful synthesis of arcane and divine magic. It is not a path for the weak or doubtful – the Lady of Book and Bone presents hard tests to anyone seeking her favor – but the rewards are great for those strong enough to endure."
    Of Witches and the Rise of The Coven
    Cebrion writes "This article delves further into the history of witches and what affect throughout time the presence of witches within the varied societies of the Flanaess has had upon the growth of The Coven. Also presented are the requirements for joining The Coven and the secrets of the powerful artifact that makes a confederation of witches serving such varied powers even possible - The Eye of the Covenant."
    The Witch Addendum
    Cebrion writes "This addendum contains further information on the class features of the Witch, including spells from Dragon Magazine #114 converted to 3.5, additional spell selections from books other than the Players Handbook, the Epic Witch, and information on multiclassing, feats, and much more!"
    The Witch
    Cebrion writes "The Witch is an individual steeped in mystery, having made pacts with unknown powers that normal folk simply do not trust or understand. Consequently, the Witch is seldom trusted or understood as well. The witch serves as an agent in the real world for a supernatural power that is referred to as the witch’s patron. This patron grants the witch knowledge and power to aid her in doing her patron’s bidding. The patron views the witch as a servant, though the witch does not view herself in this role necessarily. The witch more often thinks of herself as an intermediary between her patron and the real world, helping her patron when she also has a vested interest in her patron’s goals."
    Postfest V: King Artur's Knights - The Knights of Fury
    gvdammerung writes "When Count Artur Jakartai succeeded Belvor IV as King of Furyondy, he determined to establish a group of peerless knights to set a chivalrous example for all knights in Furyondy. These knights would epitomize everything Artur hoped for his kingdom. They would be fierce combatants, stalwart champions of right, genteel courtiers, skilled diplomats and patrons of every grace and art. This is their story."
    Postfest V: The Knights of Furyondy
    gvdammerung writes "Furyondy is a land of chivalry and knighthood. There are many individual knights and orders of knighthood. Not every knight, however, belongs to an order of knighthood. This article looks at the basics of what it means to be a knight in Furyondy. "In days of Old, when knights were bold . . ."
    Postfest V: The Order of Keepers
    Argon writes "When we think of secret societies, the Silent Ones of Keoland, the Scarlet Brotherhood, or even the Circle of Eight come to mind. But what do we know of demi-human societies and their organizations? The Keepers are one such society which is rumored to have existed for over four thousand years. Turn the page and read further for this is but one secret the Keepers could not keep from us."
    Postfest V: Shadowsages of the Vale
    Duicarthan writes "For decades the infamous Shadowsage has left portenous documents and foreboding rumors throughout the Flanaess. But how can this be? For one man to shape events and lead explorers and sages astray from his true identity. Find out how the Shadowsages came to be and the organization behind them!"
    Postfest V: Thanes' Glory
    gvdammerung writes "Thanes' Glory is a secretive order of mostly rural knights in Furyondy that harkens back to the days of the Viceroyalty of Ferrond. Their goals and allies are various and may be considerably more potent than even the knights of Thanes' Glory fully appreciate. The dead hand of the past reaches out to grasp the future."
    Postfest V: Witches of Greyhawk - The Coven
    Cebrion writes "Since before the dawn of civilization there have been those gifted few who have had the special ability to commune with supernatural forces. These unique individuals have been known by many names, though they are most often called witches by common folk. Among the many witches of the Flanaess, there are some who have formed alliances bbased on common goals or through serving the same patron. Presented here is one of the oldest of these groups- The Coven."
    Court Wizard Prestige Class
    breetai writes "The court wizards are often advisors and counsel to those in power. Their Knowledge of events and goings on as well as scrying abilities makes them more than competent as agents and advisors for those in power."
    Prestige Class: The Avengers of Trithereon
    bdpenney writes "Trithereon has long been my favorite god in the Greyhawk setting. Individuality, standing up for yourself, and beating the living tar out of anyone who would infringe on your rights or who wrongs you. Anyway, after going over the Complete Divine from cover to cover several times, I put together a prestige class which allows Trithereon's clerics to serve as even more of an extension of their deity's will in the the world.This class was used as the Storm Lord as a bit of a gauge, comparing the powers of one against the other and looking for balance, which I believe is achieved. Also, before anyone complains about the needing the Track feat as a prerequisite, please keep in mind that this is not a cleric's forte, and even the prestige class for Trithereon's worshipers presented in Dragon Magazine didn't have Track as a prerequisite (though it was awarded as a bonus feat at first level). It is with all this in mind I crafted this prestige class, which is now used in my campaign by the very fiery and vengeful Marcek Crane, refugee from Sterich."
    The Noble, Character Class For Greyhawk
    Anced_Math writes "This is a character class based upon the Aristocrat, but designed to serve as a PC Class. Concentration is upon a well rounded charater whose primary emphasis is upon leadership, knowldge, diplomacy and the occasional muscle."
    Bardic Colleges and other Bardic Treasures
    Tamerlain writes "This is a link to a 40+ page .pdf article on bards that I've been working on for far too long. The new Dragon has a Bardic shortcoming that closely resembles one of the basic "strictures" of the Bard I've worked up...I decided I'd better get this out for general consumption lest the whole thing become "outdated!". As for the length, I'm sorry, but when have I ever done anything that was short?"
    Prestige Class - Tusker
    DangerDwarf writes "Pomarjian Orcs occupying the easter provinces of Ulek have come to fear the wrath of the Tuskers, an unconventional dwarven cavalry with a burning hatred for the humanoids "stinkin' up their homeland"."
    The Risters
    DangerDwarf writes "the 3rd edition rules allow for race/class combinations not allowed before. One such combination is that of the dwarven wizard. Here is one way to add them to your campaign."
    Faroth - An Elven Character Class
    Kirt writes "Many DM’s and players have been frustrated by the level limits placed on demi-human advancement. I have created a set of classes specific to each demi-human race, so that demi-humans are unlimited in advancement in their own classes. In my campaign, there are four classes specific to elves: “Arathalian” (noble warriors), “Faroth” (wilderness warriors), “Nolengol” (sorcerers), and “Herutaur” (druid-mages). Earlier CF! articles described Arathalian and their role in the Elven Knights of the Hart.This post describes Faroth, the most common elven class. It is formatted for 2nd edition."
    Sea Mages of Greyhawk (Wizard Kit)
    donimator writes "The Sea Mage is a wizard kit constructed with 2e rules in mind. These have long existed in my Greyhawk campaigns in an informal way so I decided to write a kit description as much to define them better in my game as to share them with others. If anyone would like to do a 3E conversion, please feel free to do so. The Sea Mage is more than simply a sea-faring wizard. They develop a special connection with their ship that allows them to harness great magical abilities over the seas and weather to ensure their vessel's safe journeys. They are relatively rare in much of the Flanaess, their specialized magic beginning years ago in the Hold of the Sea Princes and spreading along the western shores of the Azure Sea. Their powers and abilities are well-known across the waters of Oerik, though and pirates and navies alike have learned to fear the power of a Sea Mage."
    The Sons of Winter - Prestige Class
    wykthor writes "After all the hardships the candidate passed surviving in the cold and acknowledging the basic teachings, the character may stand before the Order in acceptance and bring himself to the spirit of winter, gradually becoming closer to a creature of cold and uncaring. A new prestige class for 3rd edition D&D."
    Evil Rangers, Dwarven Paladins, and Other Anomalies
    CruelSummerLord writes "It is usually accepted that Oerth and its life follows the writings of Xagyg and his successors. And yet we hear more and more of such classes and races as are not mentioned in the old books. What do chroniclers of the Flanaess, who wish to maintain the integrity of the world in their writings, make of this?"
    Pelorian Sayings, Dogma & Detail
    Rob writes "Within a campaign prelude for a new player, many new day-to-day details of the clergy of Pelor were outlined. This article explains these "features of the faith" and includes details on rivalries with other Greyhawk faiths due to overlapping portfolios and other issues. The article is formatted as follows: First, a brief, “in-game” quote informally, irreverently or humorously alluding to the topic touched upon; Second, a defining statement specifically noting the campaign or game aspect touched upon; Third, the specific phrase, campaign element or campaign detail is put in quotes; Fourth, a few paragraphs I wrote for the player, putting the phrase or information in context; basically brief vignettes demonstrating the use of the saying.Fifth, an explanation of the phrase or additional campaign detail, sometimes including DM Notes and "In Your Campaign" notes."
    Preservers - A prestige class dedicated to Boccob
    Creighton writes "The Preservers are solitary individuals dedicated to husbanding the magic of Oerth before it fades from the land forever. They believe that the fading of magic from Oerth would be disasterous for its inhabitants and could perhaps spell the destrucion of the planet itself.Author: Creighton"
    Elvish Class - The Arathalian
    Kirt writes "The arathalian are noble warriors that serve the scions of the elves with loyalty and grace. Author: Kirt"
    Master Bladesingers
    The Suloise slaver didn't read the note twice - he didn't have to. He knew his fate as surely as if it were carved in stone. He glanced over at the cage containing the huddled forms of his captives, elves to a man. The royal elven entourage, cunningly captured and offered for ransom to their liege, looked back with eyes morose yet proud. The only petty satisfaction the slaver would have before he died was that those elves would not see the note, which read: "I am Talishine of Celene, Master Bladesinger of the Wolves, and I will meet you soon and take my people." Author: Randy Blair

    Note: Elves, Third Edition
    Blackskulls of Iuz
    Epoch writes "Of all the servants of Iuz the Old, few are more feared than the Blackskulls: an order of elite priests and priestesses. Chosen through a terrifying ordeal of torture, fasting and spellcasting displays, the Blackskulls are among the most sadistic, cruel, and powerful members of Iuz’s army. Author: Epoch"
    Dyversian Merchant
    Dyvers_triad writes "Masters of trade and commerce, the Dyversian Merchant is skilled in the use of magic to acquire and sell items of rarity while avoiding deception. Alternatively, some individuals of a darker nature use the magic to do what their good-hearted antitheses seek to avoid. Author: Dyvers_triad"
    Neheli's Own - Nehelian Horse Rider
    The famous (or infamous, depending on which side of the border you happen to be standing on) cavalry known as Neheli's Own is not comprised of average soldiers. These are among the elites of the Keoish forces, and here is presented the 2nd edition kit which helps give them a unique character and feel. Author: MTG

    Note: Keoland, Military, Second Edition, Sheldomar
    The Nesh Servant of Bralm
    Among the Suel, there occasionally rises one who can organize, plan, and lead in a way few others can. In time these blessed few come to the attention of the one who favors such traits – Bralm. Presented here is a 3rd Edition conversion of Bralm's specialty priest from The Scarlet Brotherhood. Author: Eric Price

    Note: Bralm, Third Edition
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