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    Expanded Druid Spell List for Rangers
    Kirt writes "This article uses fifteen sources spanning thirty years to compile a comprehensive list of nearly one hundred fifty druid spells castable by Rangers in First and Second Editions.  I have edited the spells to select the best variants and assign the most appropriate levels, as well as added explanations for why some spells were not included in the lists."
    Revised & Expanded Druid Spell List
    kirt writes "This article uses fifteen sources spanning thirty years to compile a comprehensive list of nearly four hundred druid spells from First and Second Editions.  I have edited the spells to select the best variants and assign the most appropriate levels."
    Treasures of Greyhawk: Magic Rings
    cwslyclgh writes "Magic rings have a long history in fantasy fiction, mythology, and role playing games, it only makes sense that the World of Greyhawk holds some magical rings that are unique to it.  Here then are five such rings."
    The Wand of Black Ice - a New Magical Item
    grodog writes "A new magic item, from the glaciated northern lands, laden with forebodings of darkness (or so believes the Fiend Sage of Rel Astra...)."
    Revised Druid Spell List
    kirt writes "This article presents a list of all the spells I find suitable for druids, drawing on the four most fundamental sources in First and Second Edition: both Player’s Handbooks, Unearthed Arcana, and the Tome of Magic.  The purpose is twofold: first, to synthesize First and Second Editions with a unified vision of druids.  Second, to build a comprehensive spell list, so that a subsequent article can detail the different subsets of spells available to druids of various patron Powers (e.g., Obad-Hai, Beory, Ehlonna) or faiths (Flan, Tuov, Oerid)."
    Spellbooks of the Flanaess: The Wyrmkin Scrolls
    cwslyclgh writes "Not all magic was created for and by humans or elves. Dragons also have a long magical tradition. Read on to find out more about Dragon Magic."
    Magic Items of Ull: Part 2
    mortellan writes "Loremasters of the arcane can tell much of a magic item’s history just by studying the age and design of it. However time to time an unearthed magical treasure will confound cursory examination and reveal a possible new layer to a region’s past. It is in the unlikely armpit of the world called Ull that a few such items have been rumored to exist."
    Magic Items of Ull: Part 1
    mortellan writes "Magic items have spread prodigiously throughout the Flanaess since the Migrations to the point where every culture and region has dozens of unique creations attributed to their name. The craft of magical items, once the province of Power Mages and High Priests, is now practiced in every major city and town by all levels from Archmagi to simple hedge wizards. No less abundant are the wondrous items coming out of the Baklunish West, including Ull a remote region not famed at all for arcane or divine creations. It is this misconception that has kept many of Ull’s exotic treasures long hid from adventuring eyes until now."
    Postfest IV: Arcane Spells - Spider Strand
    Cebrion writes "The spider strand spell was originally developed by an adventuring elven mage/ thief who was most often in the service of Veluna and Furyondy. The spell was crafted for use in "second story work", and for use in adventuring in the vaulted caverns of the Underdark. The spell is most useful in helping those who cannot climb very well to do so, or to speed up how quickly an adept climber can climb."
    Postfest IV: Censer of Undying Strife
    chatdemon writes "The power to slay armies. A goal many a deviant mage dreams of attaining, but thankfully few achieve. In the Flanaess however, those few are infamous, their names spoken in fearful whispers even centuries after their deaths. Vargalian of Gorna was one such evil mage. Learn the secrets of his defeat of the army of Keoland, if you dare."
    Postfest IV: Hurricane Bow of the Sea Princes
    cwslyclgh writes "Considered by some to be a national treasure, the famed hurricane bow was lost during the greyhawk wars, read on to find out some of the history and powers of this unique magical item."
    Postfest IV: The Invoked Devastation
    duicarthan writes "From Xodast’s Tome of Research comes a spell steeped in Suel arrogance. The very harbringer of their own doom. The Invoked Devastation!"
    Postfest IV: Jaran's Prismatic Blade
    Duicarthan writes "From the arcane library of the Mage of the Vale (The Black One) comes a spell from the tome of Exalted Dweomercraft, Jaran's Prismatic Blade!"
    Postfest IV: Minotaur Mask of the Ulsprues
    mortellan writes "This hideous looking and possibly cursed item was created as a profane gift to a long dead cult of Baphomet, demon lord of minotaurs. Sages speculate the Mask was made to perpetuate a much larger and complex rite involving something called the Elder Maze."
    Postfest IV: Spell Books of the Flanaess: Demanding Dweomercraft
    cwslyclgh writes "Some spellbooks just seem to have a knack for changing hands, appearing and disappearing through out the course of history. Read on to learn of one of these books and the magic contained with in it."
    Postfest IV: Staff of the Hornwood
    chatdemon writes "The Old Faith Druids have a saying: "The trees never forget", and sometimes, the gods make sure those memories are respected by those who walk beneath the leaves. Discover the secrets of a piece of the Legacy of the Hornwood, and the blessing of one druid's work by the goddess Ehlonna."
    Postfest IV: The Talisman of Zagy
    Gahennachild writes "Uncover the arcane mystery and invariable rumors that cloud the mystery of these strange artifacts originally crafted by the late Zagig Yragerne."
    Postfest IV: The Tome of Agony
    cwslyclgh writes "Coveted by some, feared by many, scholars across the flanaess debate the secrets of the mysterious Tome of Agony. Read on to discover some of the sinister secrets of this dread libram of dark lore."
    Postfest IV: The Tongue of Kurell
    wykthor writes "The mighty Tongue of Kurell is at long last revealed. Touched by the Vengeful Knave and extolled by his clergy, this weapon is a fearsome artifact."
    Postfest IV: Wolf's Bane
    chatdemon writes "The wolves of the Hornwood have long existed somewhat peacefully with the other inhabitants of the forest, but when the cold face of Luna shines into the blackened hearts of men and turns them to lycanthropy, the land cries out for this abomination to be cleansed. Blidmiad, the Wolflord, is no friend of the werewolves, and lends his power to this strange sword, which exists solely to end the unnatural lives of those fearsome beasts."
    The Spells of the Mage Hunter
    cwslyclgh writes "Who exaclty is it that strikes fear into the hearts of Iuz's spellcasting followers in the Vesve, and what magics does that person use to foster this fear? Read on to begin to uncover some of these secrets."
    Dweornite Gems of Oerth
    bdpenney writes "Long shrouded in mystery, the powers of the dweornite gems of Oerth are finally revealed in all their glory! See why these fabulous gemstones are so coveted by those who know of their existence, and how the mightier stones can change a character's destiny for all time!"
    Secrets of the Invisis Vis
    cwslyclgh writes "When I wrote my article on force magic (appearing in Dragon Magazine #323) I created a great many more spells for the article then were eventually used. The spells that follow were for one reason or another dropped from the article (for space reasons, because the editors thought that they were similar to an already existing spell, etc.)"
    Magical Staves of Greyhawk
    cwslyclgh writes "The magic staff is one of the most archtypical images associated with wizards and other mages, and as Greyhawk has wizards so too does it have a plethora of magical staves. Wizards are not the only people to make magical staves however, infact under the current rules system any spell casting class can meet the requirements… the article below offers 4 staves for use in the World of Greyhawk, 2 created by wizards, and 2 created by other classes."
    Spell Books of the Flanaess: The Lost Book of Gems
    cwslyclgh writes "There are many wizards in the world of greyhawk, and not all of them belong to the circle of eight. For every Bigby or Tenser there are dozens of lesser mages, many of whom create thier own spells with just as much pride as an archamage. Here is a spellbook created by one such wizard, lost in the wilds, and perhaps waiting to be found by your player characters."
    Magic of the Dwarves (part 2): Domains of the Dwarves
    cwslyclgh writes "continuing along the idea of dwarven magic in the 3e envirnment, it seems likley that the dwarven gods would grant domains to thier folowers that are different then those that human gods might grant. This part of Magic of the Dwarves will focus on a few of those domains, and introduce a few new spells as well."
    Cevinar's Workbook
    cwslyclgh writes "Cevinar of the Saffron Robes is a name remembered fondly in the central flanaess, but did this strange wizard who died more then two centuries ago realy deserve his kindly reputation? Take a peek at a recently discovered workbook of the Saffron robed mage and judge for yourself."
    Magic of the Dwarves (Part 1): Spells of Steel and Stone
    cwslyclgh writes "Since the advent of 3rd edition it has been possible to make dwarven sorcerers, wizards, and even bards. This brings up the whole sticky question of where these arcane magic using dwarves came from, as all previous editions barred dwarves from classes such as this. This article (and the followups that I plan) goes with the idea that dwarves have always had arcane magic users, but have kept them hidden until recently. As always I am looking for comments and critiques."
    Rhiannon's Watery Bridge
    padrias writes "The priests of the Flanaess control mighty magic through their faith and prayers, often giving them power over the very elements of nature. Here is but one example of that divine magic, a useful incantation that summons forth the element of water to do the priest's bidding.A 4th level priest spell presented in AD&D 2nd Edition format."
    Voices of the Dead: Part V. The Cult of Perren
    kirt writes "The Cult of Perren is politely ignored by most faithful adherents to the Old Kerk. Still, it is an undeniable presence among the rural Flan in Perrenland, and few are the homesteads who do not say a prayer or two to their ancestors."
    Voices of the Dead - Part IV: The Rovers of the Barrens
    kirt writes "There are probably more dead Rovers than living ones now. That is a source of strength for them, as their ancestor-worshipping shamans use these two new spells: "Summon Spirit Guide" and "Visit Camps of the Dead." Formatted for 2nd and 3rd edition."
    Voices of the Dead III: The Wolf Nomads
    kirt writes "A treatise on the ancestor worship traditions of the Wolf Nomads, which includes two exclusive new spells for Clerics in 2nd Edition AD&D and 3rd Edition D&D: Infuse with Spirit Essence and Summon Heroic Dead."
    Voices of the Dead: Part II (The Tiger Nomads)
    kirt writes "A treatise on the ancestor worship traditions of the Tiger Nomads. Including two exclusive new spells for Clerics in 2nd Edition AD&D and 3rd Edition D&D; Detect Unrest and Spirit Ward."
    Voices of the Dead: Part I (The Uli)
    kirt writes "Wherein is described the ancestor-worshipping practices of the barbaric peoples of Ull. Two new spells for ancestor-worshipping priests are detailed: Summon Spirit Warriors and Limited Incarnation."
    Spells of Raesene
    creighton writes "Raesene is a follower of Boccob known to favour subtle magics over the fire and smoke of more showy evocation incantations. Find below a few spells he devised to counter specific threats during his career. Author: creighton"
    Dweomers of Darkness: a Selection from the Incantations of Iscladoc the Dark
    grodog writes "Seven spells penned by the drowic demonologist Iscladoc, as recovered by the Fiend Sage of Rel Astra. Author: grodog"
    Magic of the Amedio 2: 3 Spells from Shandra's Collection
    chatdemon writes "Three new spells for your 3e D&D characters, from the collection of Shandra Malth, arcanologist of Luscanport in the Amedio jungle. Author: chatdemon"
    New Greyhawk God Domains
    manicmidwife writes "Introducing 16 new domains that reflect the interests of the deities of the Flanaess. Herein may be found the domains of Artistry, The Balance, Entropy, Fitness, Humour, Liberation, Misfortune, Music, Pain, Passion, Peace, Rage, Stars, Swords, Terror and Toad. All divine entities appear within the Living Greyhawk Journal #3. Author: manicmidwife"
    Three Additional Spells by Evard
    grodog writes "A description of the three recently resurfaced spells penned by Evard: Evard's Bladeblight, Evard's Enforced Incorporation, and Evard's Decaying Darkness. Author: grodog"
    Spells of Menioth the White, Part Two
    Nellisir writes "Whitefire and darkfire stand as twin monuments to Menioth's research, one illustrating the power she has lost with her undeath, the other an example of her new path into darkness. Author: Nellisir"
    Spells of the Lydian Faithful, Part 2
    chatdemon writes "A small group of travelling bards and minstrels huddles around a campfire somewhere along the Javan river in northeast Sterich. They've camped together simply for protection from the cold and the terrors that still, even 3 years after the end of the wars, come lurking out of the darkness of night, but tonight is a special night for these travellers, a night in which they hold bardic council and trade magics from around the land. Join them for another peek at the spells employed by Lydia's followers. Author: chatdemon"
    Spells of the Lydian Faithful, Part 1
    chatdemon writes "Many wizards and sorcerors neglect the power of song while pursuing their art, but in the echoing halls of Lydia's temples, the art of song magic is alive and well. Here is a sampling of some of the unique magics employed by her followers. Author:chatdemon"
    Spells of Menioth the White, Part One
    Nellisir writes "Revealed are three of Menioth's more common spells, her brilliant bolt, enfeebling strands, and ray of quickness. Author: Nellisir"
    Erevan's Plaques of Power (New Spell)
    Kirt writes "Cunningly carved and painstakingly painted, the plaques of power deal succor and mayhem to those favored by fate and consumed by chance... Author: Kirt"
    Recovered Spells of the Mad Archmage
    manicmidwife writes "From the library of Fioranna Ailestriel of Greyhawk, Elayne Mystica reveals an odd collection of spells attributed to none other than Greyhawk's own Mad-Archmage, Zagyg. These incantations, while strange beyond a doubt, may hold some usefulness to the creative spellcaster even now.Author: manicmidwife"
    The Dark Art of Subjective Divination
    MerricB writes "Mages have long debated the theories behind how magic works. The most problematic of these has been the arts of divination, which often invokes questions of free will versus premeditation. One branch of the divinatory arts, subjective divination, is quite obscure but has been revealed to be of greater importance than once thought, as the following essay shows... Author: MerricB"
    Two recently rediscovered spells by Evard
    grodog writes "A description of the two heretofore unknown spells penned by Evard: Evard's Noxious Tentacles and Evard's Draining Demise. Author: grodog"
    Item Displacement
    Dyvers_triad writes "Dyversian Merchants developed this dweomer to defeat the thin fingers and grasping hands of devotees of Kurell and other ne'er-do-wells. Author: Dyvers_triad"
    Spells of the Bloody Hands Cult
    Taras writes "The Cult of the Bloody Hands has long been among those religions suppressed by the Aerdi. Those priests and cultists caught by the Aerdi tend to die quickly, and the cult’s writings have been declared heretical and burned whenever found. Fragments from one of the cults unholy works are revealed here, showing some of the spells unique to the cult. Author: Taras Guarhoth ("
    Neheli's Own - Magic
    No unit with such a long and proud history as Neheli's Own would be complete without a sampling of the magic which has assisted them through the ages of Keoland's existance. These items are not commonly available, and will be highly sought after by the riders seeking to reclaim part of their unit's heritage, as well as gain further tactical advantage on the field of battle. Author: MTG

    Note: First Edition, Keoland, Military, Second Edition, Sheldomar
    The Spell Tome of Arzevarsh
    Dargarth writes "Some secrets and magic are hard for scholars to come by. The Tomes of Arzevarsh are an example of material that surface scholars have been trading and selling to each other for ages. Author: Dargarth"
    Siryn's Whirling Sword Dervish
    ragnar writes "Who said the pen is mightier than the sword? A first/second edition mage spell to prove otherwise. Author: Ragnar"
    Wonders of the Archimage
    PSmedger writes "Spells & Magic straight from the great mages of the Flanaess! Read the works of two of the Circle of Eight's most legendary figures.....Nystul's Phostfire and Mordenkainen's Defiance. Author: P Smedger"
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