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    Legacy of the Black Crusade: The Fall of the Knight Protectors
    smillan_31 writes "So, what to make of the bit about the Great Kingdom having attacked Sasserine in the history of that city given in Dungeon 139? The idea for this article grew out of the Canonfire! thread on that subject - so I can’t really take all the credit for it. Though like all good heretics I’m certainly willing to take all the blame."
    Mayaheine on Oerth, Part 2
    smillan_31 writes "Second in a series giving an account of the manifestation of the goddess Mayaheine on Oerth and of her vessel and Prophetess, the so-called Maiden Knight."
    Mayaheine on Oerth, Part 1
    smillan_31 writes "An accounting of the manifestation of the goddess Mayaheine on Oerth and of her Prophetess, the so-called Maiden Knight."
    The Lost History of the Zarovich Family
    Greyson writes "Once in a while we see a fellow gamer ask, "Where in the Flanaess is Ravenloft?" Gracious Greyhawkers always offer great places on where to set Strahd's famous castle in the World of Greyhawk. I have taken answers given over the years and shaped them into an interpretaion I used to run "Expedition to Castle Ravenloft". Consider the Lost History of the Zarovich Family one of many possible themes for Barovia in your Greyhawk."
    The Little Oerid Migrations
    TwiceBorn writes "Did you know that some Oerid tribes reached the Flanaess long before the Great Migrations, and even before Vecna’s reign?  Heresy, you say?  I care not!  I can feel the truth in my bones… Innkeeper, another glass of that divine Keoish brandy to wet my gullet before I regale these fine people with my controversial thoughts concerning the “Little Oerid Migrations”!     "
    Tabloid Tamoachan - The Glozeris Expedition
    gvdammerung writes "What the . . . What's with all the giant lizard guys?  Ssssh!  They are _NOT_ Sleestak.  This isn't The Land of the Lost.  Its the Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan!  But its not.  Its the Hidden Shrine.  Tabloid Tamoachan. The what?  What's going on here???  "
    Politics in Perrenland (with maps!)
    kirt writes "This article is a gazetteer of sorts for the nation of Perrenland. It describes in detail the current geo-political and economic features of all of the cantons that exist in my personal campaign. Three maps which accompany the article illustrate the political situations described."
    Politics in Perrenland
    kirt writes "This article is a companion piece to my “History of Government in Perrenland”, but it is of greater practical use, being a gazetteer of sorts for the nation of Perrenland. It describes in detail the current geo-political and economic features of all of the cantons that exist in my personal campaign. As such, it contradicts the treatment given to the cantons in the LGG and LG campaign. DMs who are not entirely bound by recent canon may find it useful and interesting."
    Map of the Great Oerik Flood
    mortellan writes "Built atop a lonely peak amid the hilly Gnarley Forest and visible from many miles away is a bizarre light house belonging to a crazy female wizard named Zendrelda. She believes without a doubt that the Greyhawk Wars are a sign that leads what she has predicted will be a Great Flood. Her lofty tower will serve as a beacon to those survivors of this future disaster. With the exception of a rare follower or two, everyone in the land thinks Zendrelda is stark raving mad. Now it turns out they could be sorely wrong."
    The Drow Goddess of Sun and Earth
    IvorMac writes "Back in 2001 I started playing D&D again after a five-year hiatus. I have always liked the Drow from GreyHawk and thought that it would be interesting to play a good Drow as they do in the Forgotten Realms. I had no idea that Drizz't even existed at the time. Believing that no good Drow gods existed I proceeded to create The Drow Goddess of Sun and Earth- Harvalsharess. I presented the idea to my DM. He liked the idea and he totally deflated me by telling me about Drizz't and showed me the history of the Drow pantheon in FR. He allowed me still use Harvalsharess as my goddess for my cleric and I change the background for her to fit FR history. Since then I have been looking for a way to bring her home (I consider Greyhawk home). I have added Greyhawk to her history and I present her to you..."
    What made Zagyg so mad anyway?
    chatdemon writes "There's more than one theory about the source of Zagyg's madness, or is it his anger? Come vote in this fun poll and let's find out what the real story is.Originally submitted as a poll idea, this one is a bit verbose for our poll engine, so it gets its own article!"
    The Bringer of Doom! Its secrets revealed
    chatdemon writes "Mage Xodast stood atop the towering cliff, surveying the endless landscpe beneath him, only vaguely aware of the young Magess' presence. Xodast held in his hands a small cubic box, 6 inches on each edge, constructed of some peculiar black metal, with arcane geometric runes etched into all its sides save the lid, in which was set a perfect hemisphere of flawless ruby. "I hold in my hands the key to ultimate power, the weapon our people have prayed for for nearly 70 summers," Xodast whispered, as if to noone in particular.Edition/Game lite, Pre and Post wars content.Author:Rich Trickey"
    Oeridian Religious History
    moorglademover writes "A short treatment of the religious history of the Oeridian people; with grateful acknowledgement given to Taras Montand-Guarhoth, whose Imperial Orthodox Church has been used in my campaign and to Professors Cary and Scullard, whose 'History of Rome' gave me the idea in the first place. Author: Olias of Sunhillow/MoorgladeMover"
    orion writes "Elsewhere in Oerth's crystal sphere floats the world of Amiathoer, a planet that was once a lush tropical paradise, and home to the original mortal creations of the gods of Oerth. Pride and insolence changed all that, turning Amiathoer into a barren wasteland of undeath. Author: Orion"
    The Scarlet Brotherhood: Its Origins Revealed!
    chatdemon writes "The Brothers in Red are an elusive mystery to most scholars of the Flanaess, being almost unknown until recent decades. Only the most learned sages know the truth of their past, present and future goals. Author: chatdemon"
    Greyhawk Spotting - Pool of Radiance, Ruins of Myth Drannor
    manicmidwife writes "Notes on the Pool of Radience/Ruins of Myth Drannor CRPG from a Greyhawker's point-of-view... Author:Manicmidwife"
    Greyhawk Spotting - The Baldur's Gate Saga
    manicmidwife writes "Notes on the Baldur's Gate CRPG from a Greyhawker's point-of-view... Author: Manicmidwife"
    An Alternate View of the Greyhawk Wars
    Jared writes "It is said that history is written by the victors, and for every faction in a conflict, there is a different story explaining that conflict. Is it no surprise then that divergent accounts of the Greyhawk Wars should surface from time to time? Author: Jared"
    The Church of the Everlasting Light
    Taras writes "The rivalry between the priesthoods of Pholtus and St. Cuthbert is legendary, and at times borders on open warfare. And, yet, in the heartlands of the Kingdom of Nyrond can be found a sect which venerates both of the rival gods while fending off the advances of the orthodox Pholtus worshippers from the nearby Theocracy of the Pale. Author: Taras Guarhoth"
    The History of The Necronomicon in the Flanaess (Part One)
    grodog writes "A treatise on the history of that most vile and blasphemous of tomes, The Necronomicon, and its place among the occult circles of the Flanaess. Author: grodog."
    Restorers of the Triune Mother
    Dedicated to the heretical cause of restoring Wee Jas' ancient position in the Suel pantheon, before she assumed the role of goddess of death, the Restorers are spread out across the Flanaess, gathering information and tools for their cause. Often, their goals are unknown to outsiders, and their motives less than pure, the Restorers may help one day and hinder the next. Author: Sam Weiss

    Note: Balance, Restorers, Suel, Wee Jas
    The Imperial Orthodox Church
    Taras writes "The Imperial Orthodox Church stands as the richest, most powerful, and largest of the Pholtine churches that rose to prominence with the Aerdi. Read on, and learn more of the heresy of Monotheistic Aerdy. Author: Taras Guarhoth ("
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