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    The Domed City of the Suel
    Osmund-Davizid writes "Old sailors tell of many strange phenomenon across the Azure Sea.  One persistent legend is that of a city of people lying on the seafloor.  Rumors and legends, in this case, are correct.  There lies a city under the sea, protected by a magic dome.  Within it, resides the last of a long lost tribe of Suel mystics.  Their story is a unique one."
    The Weird Enclave of Blackmoor
    Aldarron writes "The Weird Enclave of Blackmoor is a a 100+ page sourcebook, guidebook and a gazetteer to the land of the Northern Marches in the far north of the Flanaess, between the Burneal Forest and the Icy Sea.  "
    Trollbar Part III
    Osmund-Davizid writes "Part Three of Three, this article gives more detail on the relationship between the garrison commander Drazen and the Boneheart Archmage Cranzer."
    Trollbar Part II
    Osmund-Davizid writes "Part Two of Three, this article goes into detail about the dread dungeon complex of the Northern Wastes - the Dungeon of Bleeding Walls, its denizens, and those who seek to exploit the terrors within."
    Trollbar Part I
    Osmund-Davizid writes "This isolated and mysterious fortress has potential to become a game changing center of intrigue in the Empire of Iuz, due to the unique personalities located here and the potential adventuring locations in the far north.  Adventure awaits in Trollbar!  Part one of three."
    Postfest XVI(Needfest 2011): Psychic Phenomena of the Flanaess
    Argon writes "When we think of psychics many see mystic guru's or followers of Zuoken from the baklunish lands. Many of us never think of haunted locales or psychic impressions . . ."
    The Dolmen of Artur
    smillan_31 writes "1st Edition DMG briefly mentions Artur's Dolmen as a location where artifacts might be destroyed. The location was discussed in a thread on CF. To those who took part, thanks for whatever inspiration you gave me."
    Places of Interest: The Sanctuary of the Jeweled Dagger
    cwslyclgh writes "The World of Greyhawk is a land of mystery and wonder; many are the places that, once thought lost could yet again be found and in being found offer untold glories to adventurers. The Sanctuary of the Jeweled Dagger, once a place of refuge for dwarven cultists of the evil deity Abbathor and abandoned now for over a hundred and fifty years is one such place."
    Postfest XII(Richfest 2009): The Oogga-Booga Bush
    wolfsire writes "Rumor has it that down south in the Pearl Sea, there is an exotic inn nestled in the roots of a giant tree called the Oogga-Booga Bush. But you can’t believe rumors."
    Postfest XII(Richfest 2009): The Spire of Ice
    Oerthman writes ""The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan - heard you of it?" questioned the sage.  At our nods, he continued:  "What of the Temple of the Earth Dragon?  The Ghost Tower of Inverness?  Hmmm?""Oerth is infused with magic.  This magic is stronger at certain places - Castle Greyhawk, for example.  I believe the builders of the Shrine, the Temple, and the Tower tapped into a line of such strong magic - a ley line as it is known on other worlds.  Nothing else explains the placement of three such sites in exact north-south alignment.""I believe there is at least one other place where that line was tapped, far to the north.  The legends of the Rovers of Barrens speak of 'evil from the north' in winters when the Icy Sea is frozen solid.  Tales of the same type of evil come from Blackmoor, only the evil comes from the east.  The legends of Blackmoor even give it a name:  the Spire of Ice.""
    The Nations of the Central Darkness
    rasgon writes "Beneath the center of the Flanaess, including the Kingdom of Celene, the Lortmil Mountains, and the Gnarley Forest, is a network of caverns and tunnels known as the Central Darkness. The upper cave networks are largely inhabited by orcs, goblins, ogres, gnolls, and other similar humanoids, but in the deeper caves beneath are three major nations, each in their way as powerful as the nations of the surface above them, though they rule over lands that have never seen the light."
    The City of the Summer Stars
    rasgon writes "On a little-known pocket domain in the Demiplane of Dread with great implications for the history of Oerth, including the disappearance of a certain ruler of Knurl and the origin of the Rhennee."
    Salinmoor Sites: Rodeni Manor
    cwslyclgh writes "Salinmoor. The name conjures images of a haunted house on a cliff, the town of Saltmarsh, and strange fogs blowing in off of the Hool marshes.  These things are all worthy of interest, but they are not the only things that Salinmoor has to offer. Take Rodeni Manor for instance, this crumbling ediface hard under the eaves of the Dreadwood is an interesting place indeed."
    Down in the Rift Canyon
    cwslyclgh writes "The Rift Canyon, north of the Nyr Dyv, is a place that looks deceptivly small on the map, but is actually a tremendously large tear in the surface of the Oerth.  A hole this large is bound to have many unique locations with in it and this article will reveal some of them."
    Postfest VII: The Hall of Silence
    anced_math writes "An ancient artifiact designed to protect the war councils of the Knights of the March from Vecna, the Hall of Silence prevents the prying of outside eyes and ears.  However, hundreds of years after it's creation, it disappeared apparently of it's own volition.  Now it is sought by the Silent Ones, as they fear what it may know."
    New Dangers in the Flanaess
    MichaelSandar writes "Celene. Greatest of the olven lands in the Flanaess. For years Yolande has closed her borders, leaving only the Knights of Luna to patrol outside her borders. Now, a dark power begins to rise - at the heart of the capital in the guise of Tiollar Taneska: The Tomorrow Tree."
    Postfest VI: The Prison
    wolfsire writes "The Prison, this article, is a confession of a librarian’s clerk about a book bearing the same name within which can be found a gate to a recently established pocket part plane, again of the same name."
    The Priests of Chaos and the Caves of the Unknown
    MerricB writes "Monster-infested caves, a besieged keep, and some novice adventurers. Many campaigns have begun with the Keep on the Borderlands, but what happens when the adventure is expanded? More tales of the servants of the Fhoi Myore from the County of Ulek campaign."
    History of the Forbidden Caves I
    wykthor writes "Story Abstract: There is an important mountain located in the Crystalmists, in the intersection of the Sulhaut and Hellfurnace Mountains. Taking the LGG map, it is situated aprox 1 cm (0.4 inch) south of the last “s” of the written words “Crystalmists MountainS”. In this particular mountain there is a small complex of caves with an underground giant stairway leading to a deeper series of larger caves, ending in a colossal gate to a demiplane that shelters an ancient, cursed city of giants. This city was once ruled by a titan assigned by Thrym himself who wished to create a new giant capitol and kingdom for all giantish sub-races, but his project failed miserably. Worse, his envoy and his followers became corrupted by the demon lord Kostchtchie and engaged a civil war against the god’s loyalists, forcing Thrym to intervene directly and curse the city. The simpleton name “Forbidden Caves” was coined by the frost giant tribes that refer the local as taboo, refusing to share details of its history. After so many centuries the current clans know little more than rumors and half-truths, as even among them to speak of this place could invite disgrace and bad luck. Currently, the upper level of these caves is occupied by a band of renegade frost giants and ogres."
    History of the Forbidden Caves II
    wykthor writes "This article continues the story, including who currently occupies the uppermost levels of the Forbidden caves. In the conclusion there is also some plot hooks for adventuring (level 10+) in this complex."
    Braggi writes "This article was inspired by "The Drow of Oerth" written by Josh Raup, which mentioned five drow cities, including the Vault and four new locations. Chantelolth is from my last major campaign which needed an central location for drow appearing both in the Pomarj and the Bright Desert."
    Postfest II: Two From the Marklands
    wavescrest writes "Two locales of interest within the Marklands are detailed herein, for use in a Greyhawk campaign set around 591 CY. What lies beneath the city of Mowbrenn? Fiendish cultists that seek to overthrow the young count, thieves and vagabonds, adventurers in search of the unknown. What is the story of the twin mounds upon which Mowbrenn city is founded? Pilgrim's Gate - the only city within the Pale to allow unbelievers in. However, not all who enter leave as unbelievers. Who are the people incarcerated within the Vigilatory, and why do they only leave as wide-eyed zealots of Pholtus?"
    Postfest II: The Thelwood Horror
    Osmund-Davizid writes "A sinister transformation has occurred in what was formerly known as the Thelwood. The trees of the forest have all slowly changed into a dead, bone-like matter. The plants and animals of the forest have either died or fled to other areas. A plague of calcification has been created and is now slowly spreading beyond the borders of the forest. This calcification plague now threatens to transform the entire region. What is behind the curse of the Bonewood?"
    Postfest II: The Altar of Dhawar
    mortellan writes "“The ferocious peoples of Ull have always been notorious for their degenerate inclinations towards worship but these questionable practices likely predate the Uli occupation to a time when the tribes of the Yorodhi claimed the sheltering southern Ulsprue Mountains as their own. Within this remote range, tales of a certain unholy site still evoke a chill in the hearts of highland ogre tribesmen and lowland traders alike.”"
    Postfest II: Goldchasm
    WightNight writes "In the Northwest area of the Adri forest is a place of mystery. A great rift in the forest that has been an engima and a vague fear for many years. Now the history of the Goldchasm has been revealed! Brave or foolhardy adventurers can venture into the depths of this strange canyon to discover the lost treasures of a forgotten people. Yet, they must beware, for all is not as it appears at first glance. Subtle forces are at work in the Goldchasm to protect the secrets that are hidden there...."
    Postfest II: Spikerift
    abysslin writes "Rumors abound throughout the Grandwood Forest of Spikerift although a very small percentage if more than a handful of its population has ever laid eyes upon it. Not even Gwydiesin himself can discern truth from tale among the myriad of stories of this foul locale. The better part of the forest’s populace including the humanoids avoids the area entirely and only Fiorena Goldhand and her companion, Auruma, patrol the territory surrounding Spikerift."
    Postfest II: Everlasting Ashes of Greyhawk
    donimator writes "Nine mysterious ash trees have existed across the Flanaess for as long as any mortal can remember. These trees have maintained their majesty throughout time and have repelled all attempts to remove them. Olea Onili, a professor at the University of Rel Mord has put forth a theory about them that involves the druids and planar travel. Following is a compilation of his discoveries on this topic up to the day before his unexpected disappearance."
    Postfest II: 594 CY- Enter the Dragon
    tzelios writes "Tzeliobas-Aristomenes, Greyhawk Construction Company Long before the Twin Cataclysms, by the banks of the Jewel River, concealed by dense and hostile forestation, ruins of an abandoned city were discovered by the early Flan occupants of the land. Most of their men were lost during investigative ventures at the area by predators and monsters. Only one team, leaded by a powerful druid, was successful to overcome the obstacles and reach the depths of the dungeons beneath the ruins, merely to return infected by a malign fungus. During the migrations, the Suel newcomers were strong enough to subdue the denizens and re-inhabit the city. From the Iuz-sponsored Obmi to the autonomous Avanson recent expeditions to the so-called “lost” city, it clearly served as a sacred Tharizdun reverential place (inverted ziggurat coins were recovered), only to be destroyed by internal strife and a water catastrophe."
    Postfest II: The Vanishing Obelisk of Grendep Bay
    cwslyclgh writes "The vanishing obelisk of grendep bay appears for one month every seven years, and those that enter into it are lucky to be seen again, as they enter into a bizarre series of demiplanes."
    Postfest II: The Zol River Sink
    Valkaun_Dain writes "The Zol is a small river who's source is in the Good Hills of Keoland. It travels swiftly down the Sheldomar Valley providing farmers with a source of irrigation and fat trout. After 120 miles the Zol suddenly vanishes into a vertical cave shaft called the Sink. No one has ever been to the bottom and back and no one is sure how deep it really is. As with other deep places in Oerth there is probably wealth and glory to be found in the Sink. As with other deep places danger and death are sure to be found. The Sink never seems to give up its dead nor anyone else that dares venture over the edge. An old gnome that lives nearby claims to have been to the bottom and beyond but his story is hard to believe."
    Postfest II: Grot-Ugrat: Legacy of Hate
    cwslyclgh writes "Horrible things happened durring the Hateful Wars, and the evil humaniods were not always to blame. Visit Grot-Ugrat, high in the lortmils, where the legacy of the hatred can still be felt."
    Postfest II: The Fane of Wings
    Oerthman writes "Knowledge is discovered, lost through centuries, found again. What do we know of those who built the Five Cities in the Great Kingdom? Or who worshipped once in the Fane of Wings? Do not men ever search for the treasures of these forgotten people? - Quag Keep by Andre Norton"
    Postfest II: The Rencontre Inn
    ivormac writes "He stood outside the Inn, its shadow looming over him. He squinted at the freshly painted sign, the gracefully flowing calligraphy spelling the words “Mysterious Places”. He caught his breath, both excited and apprehensive at their meaning. Shoulders squared (albeit knees shaking), he pushed open the heavy door."
    Postfest II: The Celestial Archway
    Coldpenguin625 writes "It is said that of all Celestian’s holy sites, none is holier than the Celestial Archway, for within the arch is the very essence of Celestian, or at least that’s the theory. Every clergyman of the Far Wanderer is expected to undertake a pilgrimage to this site at least once in their lifetime; often this pilgrimage is taken during midlife, usually when questions of faith begin to creep into a clergyman’s mind."
    Postfest II: The Bonewood
    peteroui writes "The Bonewood holds the source of the Thelly river, so it was only a matter of time before th river started drying up. But what clue do the gemstones of the Thelly give to the solution?"
    Postfest II: The Catacombs of Denirkhan
    Phoebus writes "The lands west of the Paynims are unforgiving and desolate, few explorers have had reason to investigate this wilderness, at least until now. An ancient clan of assassins made their home here and rumors tell of ancient catacombs with vast wealth and powerful artifacts. Almost impossible to find let alone survive these crypts have remained inviolate since the Invoked Devastation."
    Postfest II: Valley of the Mage I & Taryn-Nym
    Argon writes "The Valley is currently renowned for being ruled by an ageless mage rumored to be of human decent. This Exalted or Black one as he is known is said to have ruled this land since the height of the Great Aerdy nation. None would contest the fact that the Valley is one of the most dangerous and mysterious places of Oerth. But what was this place before human-kind graced this world? Who ruled it, or what was it back in the beginning? Well a small sect of secular sages may be able to answer this question for us. Where the following knowledge was attained from or which source originated this fable is unknown, but this is by far the most information one has every come across on the valley."
    Postfest II: Valley of the Mage II
    Argon writes "In the second installment of this intriguing article we explore the Calenlasse (Tree-Shapers) as well as Velo ev Biurth. "The elves had not always known the way of the Calenlasse; it was the turn of one event that spawned this connection of the elves with nature, the story of Jarsali and the Treant"."
    Postfest II: Valley of the Mage III
    Argon writes "“A chosen one too lead the land, of stout heart and beard” “Yes great Moradin this rock you have sent us gives us life, I will gladly take this position the Life Rock asks of me” “For it’s veins are gold and silvery, I will have all know who thy king be”."
    abysslin writes "Jyfet stopped just short of the arch, raising his arm and outstretching his hand. Slowly his nervous and shaking hand drew nearer to the shimmer, his heart beating like the gallop of a horse. His finger touched the shimmer. Faces of the onlooking lorekeepers winced with anticipation and awe all at once. Jyfets whole hand had breached the shimmer and was not seen on the other side of the arch. Jyfet took a step and before the lorekeepers could even gasp he was gone and with him, the shimmer within the arch."
    The Mystery of the Lost Suss City
    tzelios writes "The scrolls circulated into the hands of highly reputable scholars of Flanaess, such as Culhan-Re, Iscoeliades, and perhaps even the redoubtable Iquander, evoking most of the time the admiration for Scarlator`s results. Nonetheless, the treatise met the fierce resistance of certain academic cliques, leaded by the stubborn C. Greybane. No one can tell for sure if Greybane`s polemic was driven by his anxiety to defend his threatened antiquated theses, or by mere self-delusions. Contains new monster appendix with Galap-Dreidel link. Author: Stylian Scarlatos Editor: Scott Casper"
    Newly Discovered Dungeons of the Flanaess
    CruelSummerLord writes "Places like the Temple of Elemental Evil, the Ghost Tower of Iverness, the Tomb of Horrors, and White Plume Mountain are the most famous places spoken of where countless adventurers lie in early graves. However, new areas are always mentioned in the lore of taverns and campfires..."
    Ettin's Mound and the Northwest Adri
    PeterOui writes "Explore the legendary Ettin's Mound and get a lay of the land and its expanded from Carl Sarget's "Ivid the Undying"."
    The Rickety Nail
    orion writes "Many travelers report visiting a mysterious shop called " The Rickety Nail".It seem's to appear and disappear in random towns all over oerth.Now sit back and listen to this tale,For if you ever encounter this shop be wary!For, Your very persona will determine wether you are welcome with open arms or thrown to the edge of the world...And beyond!!!! Author: Orion"
    The Sud Graufult: Hielearch Monastery
    Taras writes "Sitting high amid the Glorioles, Hielearch Monastery was once a place of spiritual contemplation and a retreat from the troubles of the world below. Isolated on one of the upthrust peaks of the Glorioles, it seemed to touch the Heavens themselves. Until Hell was unleashed within it's walls. Author: Taras Guarhoth"
    The Sud Graufult: The Ruins of Torvald
    Taras writes "A dark blight upon the lands of the Sud Graufult, the ruins of the town of Torvald have stood empty and forgotten for hundreds of years. Foul magics were once worked within it's walls, and vile sacrifices and atrocities were performed upon it's inhabitants. Few know anything about what lurks today within it's shattered walls. Author: Taras Guarhoth"
    Tale of Kaldak von Shargallen
    Taras writes "In the 567th year CY, a ship was lost off the cost of Ahlissa. Of the 67 men on board, two survived that horrific night. Here is the story of one of those men. Author: Taras Guarhoth ("
    Karl Zavnen's Notes on Icespire
    Taras writes "Shrouded in mystery and foul sorcerery, Icespire claimed the lives and souls of a number of mages who have been sent to investigate it. Here lies the notes of one of the few mages who managed to escape having his life and mind ripped from his body. Author: Taras Guarhoth ("
    On the Creation of Icespire
    Taras writes "Icespire, a tower jutting from the rocky coast of Ahlissa, permanently shrouded in bitter cold. Madness and death have taken all who have braved it's frigid confines, keeping it's mystries safe...for now. Author: Taras Guarhoth ("
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