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    Religion for the Enlightened
    longetalos writes "Listen to the sage Reaccus Sowodnen explain how the deities of Oerth interact with their followers and the rest of the population."
    Omnipotent View Hot Sea and Cold Sun
    longetalos writes "As Procan seethes over Dagon's interference in what he considers his domain along the south coast of Ulek, he gets a surprise visitor to his plane who offers an alliance."
    Gods Of The Flanaess: Beory
    CruelSummerLord writes ""Nature can be joy, beauty, birth and life. It can also be suffering, ugliness, death and destruction. All such things are part of the greater whole, the eternal cycle, that Beory personifies in physical form upon the Oerth."-His Noble Mercy, Lewenn, Count Palatine of Ulek."
    Gods of the Flanaess: The Elder Elemental God
    CruelSummerLord writes ""Demons such as Lolth and Orcus are indeed evil, but this creature lies somehow deeper. It manifests the incipient madness and depravity that may lurk at the back of all our minds that we cannot control, so irrational and deranged, yet so hateful and full of purpose. Such is the disgust this foul thing inspires even in myself."-Iuz, Lord Of Pain. "
    Gods of the Flanaess: Erythnul
    CruelSummerLord writes "How do I define ‘living life to the fullest?’ I define it as doing what I want, to who I want, when I want to, because it brings me pleasure."   -Khuludden the Bloodstained, priest of Erythnul."
    Gods of the Flanaess: Zilchus
    CruelSummerLord writes ""This gold piece that I hold before you is what has built our thriving society. Wealth and commercial trade are the building blocks of the world, the lifeblood of our state, and our greatest friend and treasure. And yet the gold coin is but a partial symbol. Not everyone has a vast fortune of gold coins, but they possess the equivalent with their own skills and talents. Each of us has our own inner wealth, given to us by Zilchus, that we may invest and exploit in commercial trade to further enrich both ourselves and the society as a whole." -Stakaster Villaine, Patriarch of Zilchus, delivering a sermon at the temple of Zilchus in Greyhawk, 588 CY."
    The Etymology of Tharizdun
    gvdammerung writes "Who or what is "Tharizdun?" A look at the etymology of the name provides some possible answers and some perhaps unexpected associations. Tharizdun, it seems, may be but a single manifestation of a more encompassing evil that transcends Oerth's cosmology. This article provides an etymological inquiry into the name "Tharizdun," an examination of associated antecedent and successor entities suggested by the etymology and suggestions for how DMs can utilize this information."
    Gods of the Flanaess: Pholtus
    CruelSummerLord writes "“The one true path, the trail of light, is offered by Pholtus and Pholtus alone. From it springs all reason and knowledge, all that is good and right in this world. As followers of the one true path, it is our most sacred responsibility to aspire to shine as brightly as our lord in spreading his light to those in darkness The path is long, winding and difficult, but for those who persevere and show wisdom, our lord Pholtus provides the ultimate enlightenment and reward." -High Theocrat Ogon Tillit, Suypreme Prelate of the Theocracy of the Pale, reciting the nation’s oath of office upon his investiture, 562 CY."
    Gods of the Flanaess: Hextor
    CruelSummerLord writes ""War is life and life is war. Just as the cleansing fires burn the deadwood and the wolves devour the sick and the weak, so too does the glory of the war that is Hextor's blessing to this world destroy the weak and stimulate the growth of the strong. There is no life without death, and the very strongest of death give rise to the strongest growth of life. Such is the legacy of the Herald of Hell."--Sermon given by Spidasa, Grand Templar of Hextor, at the Divine Citadel of Hextor in Mentrey in the See of Medegia, 573 CY."
    Sin-Eaters of Pholtus
    wavescrest writes "Pholtus is well known as a highly critical deity whose idealistic moral code is nearly impossible for mere mortals to live up to in its entirety. When a high-ranking Pholtan nears death, it is usually a Sin Eaters that is called upon to perform Final Absolution. This article details these unique characters."
    Rumors Whispered in South Province of the Lesser Known Gods
    scottenkainen writes "From ancient oral tradition to the current political rumor mill, from directly to indirectly, many gods play roles in South Province. Those who have secret knowledge of the inner workings of South Province, or wider knowledge of the world about it, have said the things below about 10 such gods."
    The Gods of the Flanaess: Ulaa
    CruelSummerLord writes ""The bold adventurer who strikes it rich on his daring claim, the caring druid who lovingly tends the hills and mountains, the knight who wages war on orc and goblin, the merchant who uses the wealth of the Oerth to build the community around him, and the ruler who mediates between the people of hill and mountain...all these are equally welcome in the embrace of the Lady Ulaa." - Duvernia MacMaddenstone, gnome priestess of Ulaa and Mother Abbess of the Abbey of the Silver Hammer in the Hestmark Highlands, preaching to the newly founded mining community of Norman's Peak, 524 CY."
    Religion in the Flanaess: The Spring Rite for Geshtai
    smillan_31 writes "The "Living Greyhawk Gazetteer" tells us that the local inhabitants of the lands about the Rumikadath River, source of the waters of Lake Udrukankar in the Dry Steppes, only allow vessels upon the river during the Spring rites of Geshtai."
    The Gods of the Flanaess: Celestian
    CruelSummerLord writes ""The stars offer direction to those who seek their own paths in life. But, it is in truth where the ultimate responsibility of the seeker to determine how best to use the knowledge he has gained, and the talents he possesses, if he wishes to fully develop himself." - Excerpt from the book, Following the Paths of the Stars: A Treatise Upon the Theology of the god Celestian, by Delena Moonstone, High Priestess of Celestian, page 139."
    The Gods of the Flanaess: Wastri
    CruelSummerLord writes "It is only by necessity, and not by nature, that we must dwell within the lands of our reptilian friends and allies. Through mutual aid and cooperation, we may destroy those rivals and enemies who oppose us in the eternal struggle to survive in our own homelands, and the bullywugs, yuan-ti and other creatures who are the rightful owners of the marsh may thereby see us returned to our proper homes. The dwarves, elves and other heathen races threaten to destroy us, but no man lives in the marsh by choice. Being able to return to his own homelands after destroying his enemies, man may live on his own in his rightful territory, and the amphibians and reptiles live in theirs. - Excerpted from the Holy Scriptures of the Divine Fen-Lord, Chapter XVII."
    On the religions of the Flanaess: Trithereon
    CruelSummerLord writes ""Freedom is the right of all goodly beings. And yet, it is in the nature of many humans and their allied races to form communities. It is that relation of an individual to his community, and the necessities of defending the freedom of both, that our lord concerns himself with." - Jaanzidur Euroz-Slayer, Matriarch of Trithereon, replying to questions posed by her students."
    On the Religions of the Flanaess: Istus
    CruelSummerLord writes "Indeed, that is one of the ironies of the Lady of Fates-by weaving the threads of destiny, and in creating its outcome, she makes us the master of our own fates and leaves us free to pursue our own paths in life. - Obennor Makhafta, Patriarch of Istus."
    Gods of the Flanaess: The Oerth Dragon
    CruelSummerLord writes "'Come to wield power, and they will hate you and fear you. This is as it should be - hatred and fear will compel obedience, and bring you power. This, then, is the cycle; the key to existence upon this Oerth, as revealed by our master.' - Brea'kanek Dwarfcleaver, goblin cultist of the Oerth Dragon, instructing young goblins in the worship of the Dread Dweller in Darkness."
    The gods of the Flanaess: Vecna
    CruelSummerLord writes ""We all have masks, my friend. We all have things which we keep hidden from the world, and we weave our masks to project the images that we want those around us to see and believe. It is through learning how these masks are weaved, and how to manipulate them, that I have attained my power. My knowledge, the secrets I know, make me fit and worthy to rule."-Vecna the archlich, explaining himself to one of those victims who suffered under his iron tyannical heel."
    The Deities of the Flanaess: Lolth
    DavidBedlam writes ""Like a spider in a web, Lolth sits in the centre of a vast empire, waiting for the unwary to come stumbling in. Dismised by many as a paranoid sociopath, the Queen of the Demonweb Pits is forming great plans for the future, and when those plans reach fruition all who wronged her shall tremble.""
    The Origins of Saint Cuthbert and His Cult
    smillan_31 writes "Many tales purport to give the “true” origin of Saint Cuthbert of the Cudgel. This article intends to explore these myths and the legitimate historical record to see what may be made of the various claims."
    The gods of the Flanaess: Procan
    CruelSummerLord writes ""So then, you wish to be excused from your duties at this temple in order to sail the Oljatt Sea hunting the pirates of the Lordship of the Isles? You do not even need to ask-you are already doing Procan's work by following your own desires and travelling the seas!"-High cleric Danchu Lezzetti, master of the Temple of Procan in Apserdi, responding to the request of a lesser priest."
    The Deities of the Flanaess: Incabulos
    CruelSummerLord writes ""Disasters, horrors, nightmares and ruin are but part and parcel of the existence Master Incabulos has created for us.  We are merely acting in the world's best interests in spreading misery and terror in his name, making them realize the truth of their hellish existence."-High Legate Gragokor the Broken-Jointed, formorian cleric of Incabulos, Collected Speeches and Writings On the Nature of the Existence Handed Down by Master Incabulos. "
    The gods of the Flanaess: St. Cuthbert
    CruelSummerLord writes ""He who wields the club of enlightenment has the greatest burden of all.  For it is he who sets the example for others to follow in good behavior, ethics and morals.  Should he who wields the club of enlightenment fall from grace or suffer committing sin, he betrays the trust placed in him by his followers.  Such too is the responsibility not only of clerics, but of kings, nobles and aristocrats."-Extracted from On the Nature of the Cuthbertine Social Contract and Its Meanings In Modern Society, written by Theodoric Alestian, Grand Cardinal of the Billets, Niole Dra, Keoland, 388 CY. "
    On the Religions of the Flanaess: Boccob
    CruelSummerLord writes "All is ephemeral...all will pass in for knowledge and magic.  These things must be kept in balance, to ensure their continuity in the world.  Against this backdrop, good and evil are immaterial."-Extracted from The Grand Loretome of Boccob, a holy book of Boccobian religious writings. "
    Gods of the Flanaess: Pelor
    CruelSummerLord writes ""It is, quite often, an extended struggle against the darkness of the Flanaess.  So then, why do I continue?  I remember that there is always another sunrise, another renewal.  I know also that things are always darkest before that sunrise."-Pelorian High Matriarch Sarana of Greyhawk. "
    Gods of the Flanaess: Nerull
    CruelSummerLord writes ""Death is the end, the final conclusion to all life.  Lord Nerull allows the strongest to take what they will from the living, and to determine who will next be sent into his cold, cruel embrace.  We are the masters of life and death, holding absolute power power over lesser mortals, through our master.  This is the gift he gives to us for furthering his work on Oerth."-The Unnamable Hierarch, High Priest of the Reaper of Souls. "
    The Ballad of Jack Raptureweed
    wolfsire writes "Not even Deep Sashelas, god of aquatic elves, is unchallenged. The intoxicating and narcotic effects of the seaweed fronds known as rapture weed are discussed at length in module U3, The Final Enemy. In UK1, Beyond the Crystal Cave, it is provided: “Known by many regional names (of which the Green Man, John Barleycorn, and Mother Nature’s Son are but three … [he] is rarely found without a song upon his lips and never without one in his heart.” Wikipedia notes that there are more versions of the Ballad of John Barleycorn than any other song in the English language."
    The Spiritual Legacy of Lake Spendlowe and the Proto-Olman
    wolfsire writes "The spiritual beliefs of people inhabiting Berghof today, in the southwestern potion of the Hold of the Sea Princes, have been greatly affected by Lake Spendlowe. Although it is known to only a few, the first human inhabitants of the valley were Proto-Olman."
    rasgon writes ""If any priest was more powerful than the renowned Dahlver-nar, histories do not tell us. The gods themselves gave special powers to him, and these have passed on to others by means of the great relics of Dahlver-nar."- Dungeon Master's Guide, 1st Edition"
    rasgon writes "Nerull is the Flannae god of death and darkness. The antitheses of Pelor in the great cosmic dance, he is the deity of all those who seek greatest evil for their enjoyment and gain. The Gloom-King is not a god worshipped by most."
    Postfest V, Part II: Berceuse, the Song of Osprem
    wolfsire writes "Berceuse, the Song of Osprem, is a ceremonial holiday, as opposed to a festival, which is performed to calm the seas. For most worshipers of the goddess, it is aimed at the rages of sea god Procan, so as to lull him to sleep."
    Postfest V: The Corvetteers of Osprem
    wolfsire writes "The Corvetteers of Osprem are a small and loose organization of seafarers dedicated to preserving and implementing the ideals of the Princess of the Sea."
    Postfest V: The Secret Shard of the Holy Cudgel
    Scoti_Garbidis writes "In the central Lortmil Mountains, near the Kron Hills exists a hidden order of St. Cuthbert followers. The order protects the secret magics of elemental power gem shards discovered after the destruction of the Temple of Elemental Evil."
    Postfest V: The Supreme Enemy of Orders
    Tzelios writes "I invite you to read about the supreme enemy of all forms of orders and coordinated action, like guilds, societies, knighthoods, or even individual coordinated action towards perfection."
    The Book of Zarus
    gvdammerung writes "Zarus, Lawful Evil, Greater God, Patron Deity of Humanity. Introduced in Races of Destiny for 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons, Zarus is a first for the human race in the game - a racial deity - much like Corellon Larethian or Moradin. Only Zarus is evil, believing in the superiority of humanity. He is not racist; he is species-ist. Find out how Zarus fits, and might better fit, in the World of Greyhawk."
    Wee Jas Resurrected
    gvdammerung writes "Welcome faithful follower of Wee Jas. The Suel Greater Goddess of Death, Magic, Law, Vanity and Witches waits to embrace you! You've heard what? Nonsense! Those are just the prattlings of lesser beings. Boccob is unmanned by Wee Jas. Nerull stinks like death. Iggwilv? Have you read about her and Grazzt? And Iuz? Heh! Consider the source. And Wee Jas is the great source of all things Suel magical and deadly. Now, enter the sacred confines of the Goddess and learn that there is much of Wee Jas that you do not know and would not guess. You will enjoy your visit, learn much or die. Or is that _and_ die? Such is Wee Jas!"
    WeeJas Dissected Part II
    gvdammerung writes "Okay, canon fans. Back for more? Here it is. Wee Jas Dissected Part II! Brought to you by E. Gary Gygax, Len Lakofka, Carl Sargent, Sean K. Reynolds, Sean Reynolds again, and finally the various authors of 3rd Ed. Deities and Demigods. An All-Star cast, with cameo appearences from a number of other Greyhawk sources and SIX, count'em, SIX versions of Wee Jas! And no two are alike! Make sense to you? Read Wee Jas Dissected Parts I and II and then tell me it makes sense. Then, read Wee Jas Resurrected to see how WeeJas should be handled. Wee Jas is not just a pretty face. She's gonna kick your . . . assuming that's the worst she does, you're lucky. Very lucky."
    Wee Jas Dissected Part I
    gvdammerung writes "Okay, canon fans. Here it is. Wee Jas! Brought to you by E. Gary Gygax, Len Lakofka, Carl Sargent and Sean Reynolds. Then, by Sean Reynolds again, and finally, the various authors of 3E Deities and Demigods. An All-Star cast, with cameo appearences from a number of other Greyhawk sources. SIX, count'em, SIX versions of Wee Jas! And no two are alike! Make sense to you? Read Wee Jas Dissected Parts I and II and then tell me it makes sense. Then, read Wee Jas Resurrected to see how Wee Jas should be handled. Wee Jas is not just a pretty face. She's gonna kick your . . . assuming that's the worst she does, you're lucky."
    An Alternative Look of the Cosmology of the Flanaess
    Wolfling writes "The racial pantheons of the demi-humans have long been a source of concern for myself. These pantheons may sit well in other settings such as the Forgotten Realms, but in the World of Greyhawk they seem out of place and character. There are already a plethora of deities in the Flanaess who lack character and are part of a general cosmological jumble. The intention of this article is to provide an alternative cosmology for the demi-human races and to look more closely at how the olves, dwur, noniz and hobniz may have interracted spiritually with the various human settlers of the Flanaess."
    The Six Great Night Hags - D&D 3.0 Character Data
    Wykthor writes "Herein are the game mechanics of the greatest planar servants of Incabulos, whose story is described in the first article. Using D&D 3.0, this material offers information to fully use these vile women as campaign arch-villains and provide an epic challenge as well. A great night hag alone should be around Challenge Rating 25. Finally, there are two artifacts mentioned (The Shepherd of Souls and Despair's Collar of Thralls) that will be described in the last article of the series."
    The Six Great Night Hags
    Wykthor writes "Ever since Incabulos started his first travel as the Black Rider, he has been accompanied by six night hags, all mounted on nightmares, like the Greater God. It is unknown if they were created by the god himself or were once normal hags and were later elevated to a favored position. But it is known that these six females have vast power, perhaps the mightiest hags in existence (excluding those who achieved godhood), and all serve different aspects of Incabulos’ portfolio. In the same manner his clerics are the god’s agents in Oerth, these hags are his main planar agents, manifesting his will and dealing with powerful entities of the lower planes. Each one of them has a specific agenda, according to their patron’s designs. From yugoloths of Gehenna and Hades to devils of the Nine Hells and the demon princes of the Abyss, reaching even slaadi, formians, celestials and undead everywhere, all are targets of their dealings, trickery, bribes and killings."
    Treatise on the Monkish Orders of the Flanaess: Pt. 2 of 3
    Dethand writes "Part 2 of 3 in a series of looks at the monkish orders of the Flanaess, this time a look into the valiant Champions of the Silver Bolt."
    Greyhack: Gawds of the Wurld of Oerth, part 1
    chatdemon writes "Greyhack: Wurld of Oerth is blessed with a huge plethora of deities for your zealot to place their faith in, but sadly, Gawds & Demi-Gawds only details a select a few of them. Fear not, though, brave cleric! Grab your holy symbol and explore the rest of Oerth's pantheon! This issue: Aasterinian, Lesser Gawdess of Gnomes, DragonFairies, Playfulness and Invention"
    Religion, Myth, and Ritual Among the Rovers of the Barrens, Part 2
    robbastard writes "Noted sage and scholar Felis Arn reveals more of his research into the religious lives of the Rovers of the Barrens in this second excerpt from his lecture at Grey College Reaping 19th, 592 CY."
    Religion, Myth, and Ritual Among the Rovers of the Barrens, Part 1
    robbastard writes "Noted sage and scholar Felis Arn reveals some of his research into the religious lives of the Rovers of the Barrens in this two-part excerpt from his lecture at Grey College Reaping 19th, 592 CY."
    Priests of Pelor for D&D 3rd edition: Part 2
    robbastard writes "Everyone's heard of Pelor, right? How much do you really know though? Come take a detailed look at the life of Pelor's faithful in the 3rd edition D&D game. This section contains the class information and spell lists for the religion."
    Priests of Pelor for D&D 3rd edition: Part 1
    robbastard writes "Everyone's heard of Pelor, right? How much do you really know though? Come take a detailed look at the life of Pelor's faithful in the 3rd edition D&D game."
    The Shadow of Iuz
    MerricB writes "Iuz is one of the most well known villains of Greyhawk - but should he be? This article looks at the knowledge that folk of various lands have of the evil cambion/demi-god. Attention is given to three different eras: of the original Greyhawk boxed set (576 CY), of the time of From the Ashes (585 CY) and of the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer (591 CY)."
    Treatise on the Monkish Orders of the Flanaess: Pt. 1 of 3
    Dethand writes "Many scholars know of the monkish orders of the West, and of those concerning the Baklunkish, however little is known of the cloistered fighters of the Flanaess, perhaps, other than the Scarlet Brotherhood, who also follow a path of martial adherence with a spiritual bent. These devout martial seekers of inner enlightenment follow several paths, many of which are devoted to a specific creed or Gods. Herein lies a short treatise on the nature and practices of three rather diverse orders, their habits and particular paths."
    Faith in the County of Ulek - The Church of Ehlonna
    MerricB writes "Would you know more about one of the dominant religions of the Ulekian states? Then read on to discover details of organisation, followers and political interests of the Church of Ehlonna!"
    Faith in the County of Ulek - The Church of Yondalla
    MerricB writes "Additional information on the County of Ulek, this time focusing on the Church of Yondalla in the County, its relationships with the other faiths in the County and the Count himself, as well as its importance to the halfling inhabitants of the land."
    The Glory Warrior
    Alaric_Prympax writes "When the Flanaess was beset by the murderous Fists of Hextor, the church of Heironeous adapted quickly to end the tyranny of their sworn foes. The Glory Warriors are a new sect of faithful sworn to defending the Flanaess against Hextor's most brutal servants. An exclusive new Prestige Class for D&D 3rd edition.Author: Alaric Prympax"
    Code of Conduct for Paladins of Heironeous
    Aaron_Wilbers writes "This is the Codex of Honor I have created for a Paladin of Heironeous. It follows what was written by the various authors of Greyhawk materials and my thoughts on the subject. I hope you enjoy it. Author: Aaron_Wilbers"
    Infest: Raxivort, Lord of the Rats
    chatdemon writes "The history and motivations of the god Raxivort, presented in a format similar to the Forgotten Gods of the Suloise series here on Canonfire, including notes for playing a Raxivarr cleric character in 3rd edition D&DAuthor: chatdemon"
    Gods of the Snow Elves
    palm writes "Presented are the two gods of the snow elves. Snow elves are a Greyhawk race found primarily in the Crystalmist Mountains. This information is loosely based on two articles that appeared in Dragon magazine in the early 1990's as well as the snow elf character in the RPGA Living Greuhawk campaign. The gods are updated to 3rd Edition rules, and have been created using Dieties and Demigods and the Epic Level Handbook. Author: palm"
    The Dreamer-Minstrel and Others - Quasi Deities of Oerth
    MerricB writes "Those that wander the Flanaess should be aware of the great of the land. This article introduces both players and DMs to a number of notable personages from Cirrem's World of Greyhawk, but adaptable for use in your campaigns. Author: MerricB"
    Lore of the Amedio III: The 'Other' Amedio Gods
    chatdemon writes "It is commonly thought by sages in the Flanaess that the gods represented in the ruins of Tamoachan, as reported by the expeditions there, are the only deities worshipped by the people of that huge jungle. This is incorrect though, the non-human residents of the jungle, as well as growing numbers of modern Olman people, follow a little known pantheon of gods, described here. Author: chatdemon"
    Thoughts on Rexfelis the Cat Lord
    chatdemon writes "Rexfelis, Oerth's cat lord, is one of the many deific figures of Greyhawk that suffers from a severe lack of detail in the canon sources. I've gathered my musings from threads on the Greytalk discussion on this matter into a cohesive theory on who and what Rexfelis is. Enjoy! Author: chatdemon"
    Infest: The Sisterhood of the Rat's Claw
    chatdemon writes "Cryllor, the hub of western Keoland, is rife with intrigue and shady dealings, but few travellers are aware of the evil lurking beneath the city. Under her cobblestone streets and ancient buildings lurk the embodiment of forgotten nightmares, such as a millenia old temple complex built by the servants of the Rat Lord. Most sages would tell you that temple was wiped out when the Royal Armory was built atop it, but sometimes the sages are wrong... Author: chatdemon"
    Gods of the Suel 10: Bralm Revisited
    chatdemon writes "The people of the Flanaess are no strangers to the beetles, bees, wasps and other insect pests that compete for food and living space with their humanoid neighbors. The ancient Suel even invoked the worship of a strange, aloof goddess in their attempts to keep the vermin at bay. That goddess, Bralm, is still worshipped today in small groves and shrines all across the Flanaess, and is translated here into 3rd edition D&D stats. Author: Chatdemon"
    Faiths of the County of Ulek
    MerricB writes "One of the centres of the old (druidical) faith in Greyhawk, the County of Ulek has several competing versions of religions concerning themselves with nature. This article describes the basics of the faiths in the County, along with some details of notable characters and conflicts. Author: MerricB"
    Forgotten Gods of the Suloise IX
    chatdemon writes "Among the Infernal beings sometimes venerated by the Suloise people, there are some so reviled and feared that their names are rarely spoken. One of these is Iblis, a fallen Solar whose sole goal on Oerth is the utter destruction of the entire Suloise pantheon.Author: chatdemon"
    Forgotten Gods of the Suloise VIII
    chatdemon writes "Given the less than sterling track record of the Suel, is it any surprise that they just might revere certain diabolical creatures as they do their own gods? Here are a few of those that are venerated among the Suel, all taken from the book Legions of Hell, as well as those that are merely servitors to the more powerful true gods of the Suel. Author: Chatdemon"
    Forgotten Gods of the Suloise VII
    chatdemon writes "In the vast tracts of swampland and jungle which lay across the southern margins of the Flanaess and the lands beyond, many of the more civilized gods followed by humanity prove to be of little help or influence. And with humanity once more pressing it's way through the often fetid and dank lands of the south, they turn, once more, to an ancient and almost forgotten Suel god... Author: Chatdemon"
    Druidism in the Flanaess
    Robbastard writes "Long a mystery to the civilized world, the rustic Old Faith of the ancient Flan has survived through invaders for untold ages. Even today, it manages to survive and sometimes even flourish in some of the most unlikely places, often driven underground and persecuted by local rulers. But now, some of the secrets of this ancient nature-religion revealed for all to see. Author: Rob Vest"
    Cult of the Celestial Arch
    Taras writes "Years ago, the City of Greyhawk was wracked by a horrible series of kidnappings of the children of the city's nobility. Investigations led to the conclusion that the wizard Murq was behind them, although few realized just why he was having the aristocratic children of the city kidnapped, and what happened to them...few knew of the splinter cult Murq led, and what aberrant beliefs they held. Author: Taras Guarhoth"
    Forgotten Gods of the Suloise V
    chatdemon writes "The recent increase of Yeoman looting missions into the lands of the old Suel Imperium have had an inadvertent result...a long neglected minor power of the Suel has begun to find himself increasingly popular as the tombs and temples of those long dead are looted and their stolen treasures spread through the Sheldomar Valley. Author: chatdemon"
    Forgotten Gods of the Suloise VI
    chatdemon writes "Formerly an elven god in the realms to the far west of the Flanaess, the newest of the Suel gods has taken his place among the minor gods who are venerated in the lands of the Sheldomar. Divided into four factions, the priesthood of Gorm (known as Stratis to some) prepares to defend it's place among the more prominent and popular gods of warfare. Author: chatdemon"
    Forgotten Gods of the Suloise IV
    chatdemon writes "In ages past, Wee Jas ursurped the position of another goddess, stealing her power over death, and casting her rival aside to be forgotten. Today, this former goddess of death has been forgotten by most, although a few still remember this fallen goddess and pay homage to her. Author: chatdemon"
    Forgotten Gods of the Suloise III
    chatdemon writes "When the Suel failed to achieve their ultimate victory against the Bakluni, the few followers of the goddess Tomaari that had not already been exectued for treason became the scapegoats and were exterminated. Today, her clergy survives in the lands of the Sheldomar, training the officers of the Royal forces. Author: Chatdemon"
    Forgotten Gods of the Suloise II
    chatdemon writes "From the ashes of a long dead empire comes a corruption which rots the heart of the modern Flanaess. The faithful of the Horned Prince lurk hidden in the fastnesses of kingdoms and temples, sowing their treachery and deceit unnoticed. Author: Chatdemon"
    Forgotten Gods of the Suloise I
    chatdemon writes "Information on the Suel Goddess Zaliira, translated into 3e D&D stats. Author: chatdemon"
    Rasgon writes "Though I've been blind for fifty winters, yet I will play you a tune on my reed pipe. Listen, listen! Only listen, for the tale to be told is of Pale Night and thrashing things. Elder Rites and falling walls that cross the planes like the crinkling of ancient embroidery - sewn by unchaste hands intoxicated by luscious foulness... Author: Rasgon"
    The Secret Orders of Xan-Yae
    MerricB writes "Secrets from within the Inner Temple of Xan-Yae! The Quest for Zuoken! And more! Revelations from Cirrem the Dreamer-Minstrel. Author: MerricB"
    The Knights-Errant of Heironeous
    MerricB writes "Of the Paladins of Heironeous who became wanderers after the rise of the House of Naelex in the Great Kingdom. Author: MerricB"
    Churches in the City of Greyhawk: Zilchus
    MerricB writes "A look at the Church of Zilchus in the City of Greyhawk which may or may not correspond with accepted canon. Author: MerricB"
    Churches in the City of Greyhawk: Trithereon, Heironeous and Hextor
    MerricB writes "Though none of these churches are major players in the City of Greyhawk, the activities of their priests may yet impact the precious trade of the greater Domain. Author: MerricB"
    The Church of Xan-Yae in the City of Greyhawk
    MerricB writes "This uses a slightly different version of the City and the Faith of Xan-Yae than most people are used to from Erik Mona's writings. Dates are purposefully left out of this article to allow inclusion in ongoing campaigns. Author: MerricB"
    Travelers of the Twofold Path
    The Flanaess is a violent place, and those who most often recieve the brunt of this violence are the travellers, those who seek to move beyond the confines of the walls surrounding the great cities and castles of the land. From this violence, a hybrid religious movement was born, devoted to the twin gods Celestian and Fharlanghn, and incorporating elements of Zuoken's faith, to help those who seek to wander among the lands both civilized and uncivilized. Author: Mike Schleigh

    Note: Celestian, Fharlanghn, Zuoken
    Cult of the Bloody Hands
    Taras writes "Everyone knows of the cold, calculating, black-robed priests of Nerull who murder and assassinate dispassionately. But what of the cultists who revel in the slaughter, who kill not for money or politics or ideals or even religion but because something bestial inside of them calls out to them to do so? Well, here is one glimpse at such a cult dedicated to the Hater of All Life. Author: Taras Guarhoth ("
    Faith of Cuthbert
    Dargarth writes "Cuthbert has been called "Saint" since the World of Greyhawk began, but to me it stands to reason that a powerful god such as Cuthbert would have his own saints that had been elevated from the ranks of his faithful. This piece is an attempt to add some flavor to the Church of Cuthbert. Author: Dargarth"
    The Shining Ones: The Priesthood of Pholtus
    Siobharek writes "Revealed at last, the priests and church of He of the Blinding Light, the One True Law. Commonly known for their inflexibility, inquisitions, and heretic pyres, read here what the Pholtine priests are really like. Author: Siobharek"
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