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    New Lenard Lakofka-Approved Spells!
    Posted on Wed, October 07, 2020 by Legate
    PupickDad writes "
    Three new spells for AD&D (1E) from a recent contest on the Lord Gosumba Twitch channel officiated by Lenard Lakofka!

    Lenard Lakofka AD&D (1E) Spell Contest Winning Entry

    By Jason “PupickDad” Jacobson & Ethan “Pupick” Jacobson

    Edited & approved by Lenard Lakofka

    Sun., Sept. 15, 2020

    Thunderclap (Druid)


    Level: 1

    Components: V, S

    Range: special

    Casting Time: 1 segment

    Duration: instant

    Saving Throw: N/A

    Area of Effect: 1 cloud

    Type: Alteration/Evocation

    This spell allows a druid to cause a flash of lightning and loud, booming thunderclap to erupt from an overhead cloud. The thunderclap can be felt and rattle window panes (similar to a sonic boom), but otherwise causes no damage. There must be a cloud present overhead for this spell to cause an effect. Clever use of this spell may allow a druid to intimidate primitives, demonstrate druidic power to nonbelievers, startle livestock, convey a signal or other imagined outcomes.

    Heat Water Reversible (Druid)


    Level: 2

    Components: V, S, M

    Range: 10’

    Casting Time: 1 round

    Duration: 1 turn/level

    Saving Throw: special

    Area of Effect: ½ cubic feet/level

    Type: Alteration

    By use of this spell, the caster is able to heat water to warm, simmering, boiling or steam according to his whim. Heat water will not affect the water within a creature’s body. Depending on the level of the caster, it can be used to cook, boil the water immediately around a submerged opponent, cause a water skin to explode in a cloud of steam, cause a small cauldron to boil, etc. It is especially useful in environments where fire is not possible or fuel is not available. A creature immersed in boiling water created by this spell will suffer 6d6 damage per round, ½ damage upon a successful saving throw vs. breath weapon. This spell can affect up to 6 cubic feet of water, depending on the level of the caster. The material component is a pinch of coal or charcoal dust.

    The reverse, cool water, allows reducing water temperature to freezing. Thus, the caster can create a cool beverage on a hot day or a block of ice from water. Should this spell be used to create a block of ice around the head of a submerged air or water-breathing creature, it will be in danger of suffocation. When the spell’s duration expires, any ice created begins to naturally melt. The material component is a pinch of camphor or a few leaves of mint.

    Premonition (Druid)


    Level: 3

    Components: V, S, M

    Range: 0

    Casting Time: 1 round

    Duration: 6 turns/level

    Saving Throw: N/A

    Area of Effect: special

    Type: Divination

    Premonition gives the caster a brief, recognizable sensation when danger is imminent. The premonition is triggered by events such as the caster is about to touch a hot pan, about to step on a snare or other trap, about to open a door with a monster waiting and ready to attack on the other side, standing under a “widow-maker” branch, etc. The caster will gain no knowledge of the nature of the danger from this spell. The premonition only signals imminent danger, not possible dangers nearby. A druid may only cast this spell on himself. The material components are a pinch of spider legs and a few tea leaves.

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    New Lenard Lakofka-Approved Spells!

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    Re: New Lenard Lakofka-Approved Spells! (Score: 1)
    by EnochPratt on Wed, October 07, 2020
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    ~Tim "Enoch" O.

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