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    Excerpts from The Demonomicon Of Iggwilv: Abyssal Genealogy
    Posted on Wed, March 13, 2002 by Dogadmin
    grodog writes "An excerpt detailing four of the six Firstborn of Demonkind, including the Broods of Abraxus, Alrunes, Baphomet, and Gresil.

    Author: grodog

    Excerpts from The Demonomicon Of Iggwilv:
    Abyssal Genealogy

    by grodog
    Copyright 2002 by Allan T. Grohe, Jr. Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.

    As the blood of the First-born diminishes, the power of the demon wanes; thus, the study of parentage among demonkind can prove among a sorcerer's best tools---if she dares to call upon the Children of Nyt.
    --- The Witch of Perrenland, The Demonomicon

    The following family charts detail the broods of the various Lords and Ladies of the Abyss. Although I have researched these records extensively, none of it is guaranteed to be accurate, and much of it is based on supposition and inference, rumor and speculation---even myth in some instances.

    The Brood of Nyt (a.k.a., the Firstborn)

    According to dim myths and legends among Demonkind, Nyt gave birth to twelve childer, known variously as The Terrible Celestials, The Old Ones, and The Firstborn. The latter term has come to mean the six demonical prodigy of Nyt, and no records indicate the identity of their father, or of the other six. It is believed that Lucifer of Hell, Nerull, and Astaroth "the Lost" are among their number.

    Nyt's brood are the strongest of demonkind. They are, however, largely believed to be myths. Tiamat was slain by Trillz the Dark. Baphomet sits upon The Horned Throne, in the center of mazey Minauros, a forgotten imbecile. Alrunes, Abraxus, and Fraz'Urb-luu have not been seen in centuries, or millennia in some cases. Gresil remains a distant figure in his dusty library. The age of the Firstborn has passed---their children rule the Abyss.

    The Brood of Baphomet

    Baphomet was the First Abyssal King, and the last. He fathered many children. Many others also claim him as father, as well, to bolster their claims to his crown. These include Yeenoghu, Kostchtchie, and other less distinguished demons (perhaps more dubious?). The Brood of Five do not claim Baphomet---he named them as his own during one of his lucid proclamations; the validity of his claim is unknown, and somewhat irrelevant, since Baphomet didn't reveal a single name among "the Five." Some scholars have numbered Morflos among the five, although others vehemently dispute such assertions, given Baphomet's fear of fire. As with many from the older generations of demonkind, Morflos has not been reliably sited in centuries.

    Mandrillagon is a powerful lord, simian in nature, and is the first son of Baphomet. He considers himself the heir apparent to the White Prince, and, consequently, he hates the Brood of Five, and has tried to discover their identities (without success) and to ferret them "out of hiding" since Baphomet's proclamation.

    Azima is Mandrillagon's sister, and a reclusive figure about whom little is known. She seems to prefer it that way, although she is known to associate with Sonellion, Queen of Harlots. Neither Azima nor Mandrillagon know the identity of their mother, nor has Baphomet ever made it known to them.

    Mandragora, daughter of Baphomet and Sonellion, was Queen of Hags in the Dark Court, Mortathenheim. She was slain by Balsammane over 700 years ago.

    Orcus is the demonic Lord of Undead, and brother of the slain Mandragora. He may not be Baphomet's child, or, perhaps, he inherited most of his father's power. In any event, Orcus is very powerful, and lord of several planes in the Abyss. He has his Wand. Sonellion is seemingly his mother, although little in her child seems to agree with this fact . . . .

    Nergel, Xondolor, and Noticula are Baphomet's children by Chandorah. Chandorah was a contemporary of Baphomet, believed to be a cousin or other distant relative. Nothing more is known about her, save that she was slain by Alrunes.

    Nergel is the Lord of Unlife---not Undead, but Unlife, a subtle distinction. Nonetheless, he and Orcus hate one another and constantly attempt to usurp the other's spheres of influence. Nergel is a reserved demon lord, and doesn't dwell in the Abyss proper, but in Sarendathos.

    Xondolor, Mercenary Lord of Mezzokin Companies, serves Nerull. He gladly wages war upon demon, daemon, or devil alike. He, too, dwells in Sarendathos, upon the plane of Pheletho.

    Noticula is the Queen of Vampires, and she resides in 317th layer of the Abyss. She tends to remain within her domain, where she toys with and tortures her subjects, slaves, and souls . . . .

    The Brood of Alrunes

    Alrunes, Queen of Sorcery, has no known progeny, although she is known to have consorted with Tiamat, Abraxus, and Baphomet, among the First Born.

    Some have speculated that Lolth may be the result of Alrunes' union with Tiamat, which may explain some of Lolth's more esoteric tastes . . . . Lolth has recovered from her defeat at the hands of the Triumvirate, and is reconstructing another web on the 65th layer. She is a loner among demonkind, and tends to prefer the company of her mortal worshippers. Her spider cult remains strong in Oerth, and it has maintained her through her rebuilding phase. Few drow outside of the Vault worship Lolth, having turned to darker masters.

    The Brood of Gresil

    Like Alrunes, Gresil has no known childer, save perhaps the stagrynax demons who care for his tomes. He is unimportant genealogically.

    The Brood of Abraxus

    Abraxus' primary title is The Father of Demonkind, and with more than fifty spawn that he claimed as father, it is know obvious that his title is apt. For countless millennia, Abraxus was the most feared name in the Abyss, until his disappearance more than 100 centuries ago. Abraxus ruled the Abyss with an iron hand, forcing Baphomet to assume the throne and then into drooling catatonia, breaking the Abyss into its fragmented structure, and wreaking more havoc than any other creature to have lived within the Web. For all of the actions (and more) attributed to him, Abraxus spent less than half of his lifetime in the Abyss---he, like Tiamat and Alrunes, explored the Web for centuries at a time, only to reappear and to wreak havoc afresh upon kith and kin. In Abraxus' excursions, he is said to have discovered the Wall of the World's End, the Seas of Chaos, and other features of the Web's geography. It is believed that his sons and daughters, led by Demogorgon, overthrew him in the end. This is doubted by this chronicler---I believe that Abraxus became lost in his explorations, or passed into another multiverse.

    Abraxus' brood is very large, and consists of his pairing with Tiamat (his preferred consort), Alrunes (who seduced him for reasons of her own to produce Sinis-poc, her only offspring save Lolth), and various daughters, cousins, grandchildren, etc., etc. Abraxus was not the most discriminating of lovers . . . .

    Sinis-poc was Abraxus' child by Alrunes, Queen of Sorcery. He was active with his parents and aunt in exploring the rims of creation, but fell out of Abyssal happenings over time, and has faded from contemporary knowledge. Attempts to contact him all fail; he is presumed dead.

    The fraternal twins Demogorgon and Dementhrus were the result of Abraxus' first union with Tiamat. Both were gods in comparison to contemporary "lords" of the Abyss. Demogorgon was a nightmarish reptilian creature over 20' tall---he disappeared over 54 millennia ago and has not been seen or heard from since. Rumors about that he was captured by mortals and forced into servitude, or slain by Nerull. I consider the latter far more likely than the former . . . .

    Dementhrus, the Gibbering Fiend, took service with Nerull aeons ago. His parentage is not common knowledge, and the fact that his considered a "daemon" by many has proved fortuitous when incorrect protections are applied prior to his summoning. Dementhrus is the Lord of Insanities, hence his name (or vice-versa). He is still believed to be in the service of Death, perhaps as some emissary or ambassador (although he makes no known calls to Abyssal Courts).

    Azazel, like his brother Demogorgon, is reptilian in nature, and the firstborn son from Abraxus' second mating with Tiamat. The Demon King of Snakes is a relatively minor lord---he is quite powerful, but rarely involves himself in Abyssal affairs. This was not true in the past, when Azazel and Demogorgon waged war on Orcus and other lords.

    Vaprak the Rotted, Lord of Decay, was a lord who associated with one daemon too many, and was slain by Abraxus some 34 millennia ago. Vaprak was a loathsome creature, oozing puss and gore continually, which collected in puddles around him in a most disgusting fashion.

    Beyond the mention as a child of Abraxus and Tiamat, no records mention a Navoohos (or various variant spellings) in Gresil's library (to my considerable knowledge). Nor does s/he figure in any legends, so his or her significance must not have been great.

    Ronduvall is another unknown lord. He is mentioned in many old legends, but is never described, so some title him The Faceless Lord. He was often associated with Sinis-poc, Sceirion, and Chandorah, and he was the last of the demons spawned from the second brood of Abraxus and Tiamat.

    Rimmonn is the first daughter of Abraxus. She is a tyrannical hellion who wheedles her way into the favor of powerful lords, and loves to meddle. She is dangerous, quite spiteful, and is currently leeching onto Graz'zt.

    Abraxus' five children by Chandorah have all met untimely ends save Graz'zt. Chandorah herself was later slain by Alrunes for pursuing Fraz-Urb'luu (whom Alrunes desired at the time).

    Graz'zt is a powerful lord of the Abyss: he wields the Eye of Deception, and bears his flamberge and shield into battle. He has many of his father's traits, including a penchant for sisters . . . .

    Miranda was the most beautiful of demons, inheriting the trait from her grandfather (who also passed them along to Lucifer Morningstar, it is said). Miranda disappeared many centuries ago, and has not returned or been reliably reported anywhere. She is presumed dead.

    Alxor was a strong lord, more magically capable than any child of Abraxus' not born to Tiamat or Alrunes. He challenged Demogorgon to a magical duel and lost, although he inflicted great harm upon his adversary. Prior to his demise, Alxor enchanted many objects of power, including Graz'zt's shield; he may have also played a role in the creations of the marut.

    Berengar was a sultry demoness, although unwise. She loved to spite lovers by suddenly leaving for the pleasures of an enemy or a rival, turning over whatever secrets had learned in the meanwhile. The phrase "Berengar's Bite" has many meanings in the Abyss, and is still used from time-to-time . . . . Graz'zt slew her when she left him for Baphomet during one of the Horned Lord's catatonic periods, taunting Graz'zt about his relative attentiveness as a lover....

    Curlonax was a artistic lord, who helped to affix the 229th plane's strange properties. He despised both Abraxus and Graz'zt, who slew him together on a whim.

    Upon one of his returns from the far strands of the web, Abraxus raped Miranda, producing Admoe. Admoe was the previous Lord of Air, a role which Pazuzzeus now occupies. Admoe was slain by Nergel over some dispute, who drained him of life and animated him as a servitor.

    Abraxus and Berengar's torrid affair produced four offspring. Against Abraxus' wishes, and in secret, Berengar bore Trucran, Mirzandulac, Bileyan, and Sepalir. Abraxus killed her upon her birth of a fifth demon, and killed it too, although he never learnt that he had fathered the previous four childer.

    Trucran is a brilliant tactician, and currently serves Graz'zt as High General. He is hideous to behold, with draping tentacles that hang from a huge skull bearing three faces, and no legs (which were severed in battle with Orcus long ago). He is a devastating suluclac player.

    Mirzandulac was known as The White Lord, as he was an albino---tall and stick-thin, not unlike a mantis in appearance. He was well-versed in magic and combat, having served as chief general across multiple campaigns for Fraz'Urb-luu, and later Demogorgon after Fraz's disappearance. When Demogorgon disappeared as well, Mirzandulac began to search for him without success. He was later claimed by the Cabrir.

    Bileyan is an idiot. She has little or no awareness of her surroundings unless being bedded. She resides with Sonellion and is one of her favorites whores. Sonellion is very careful with Bileyan, and is jealous of whom she allows to use the dolt, preferring to reserve her for herself much of the time.

    Sepalir is an odd demon and may be the child of Tiamat, despite his motherly claim of Berengar. He is a mote-demon, like one of the Dragon Queen's forms, and is relatively weak, it is believed. Little more is known of him (it?).

    Lastly, Abraxus being the creature that he was, we come to illegitimate births. None of the following demons can prove that Abraxus was their sire, but many can establish reasonable claims. Most have no knowledge of a mother.

    The Cabrir are a mysterious event, or demon, or something. They are a group of flying, grating shards which appear at random, seemingly, to attack demons. Most believe them to be a scourge visited upon all demonkind from afar, by Abraxus. Very little is known about them, save that they relentlessly pursue their victim across the Web until they have utterly destroyed him or her or it.

    Shabriri is a callous demon, The Unfeeling Lord. He has four arms, and four eye clusters, and claims Tiamat as his mother (as well as Abraxus as father). He is associated with many of her brood, and raises young dragons on occasion. He despises Azazel.

    Dorat was a relatively minor lord, associated with Nduluu. He was slain by the Cabrir.

    Aldinae was a consort to Gresil at one time. She was a tall and strong demoness, but she disappeared over 12,000 years ago. Gresil was apparently not overly attached to her; perhaps he experimented upon her.

    Alycarn was destroyed by the Cabrir.

    Sonellion is the Queen of Harlots and the chief succubus. She dwells in her Salons of Pleasure, which is, generally, a safe and neutral plane (as much as is possible in the Abyss). Though she does not have the power to oppose a major demon lord, she is politically well-connected, and can call upon many powerful allies within the Abyss (and without).

    Morrigan is a short and beautiful demoness with long and pale golden hair, and nearly-translucent skin. She is very independent, intelligent, and interested in the Firstborn and the Old Ones. Her wings are dark shadows, and she typically travels the Abyss as an information collector, herald, and gossip. On occasion she serves as a spy, if the price is right (rare information).

    ==== END FILE ====

    Note: demon, Abyss, Firstborn"
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    Excerpts from The Demonomicon Of Iggwilv: Abyssal Genealogy

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    Re: Excerpts from The Demonomicon Of Iggwilv: Abyssal Genealogy (Score: 1)
    by Thuffer on Mon, March 25, 2002
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    I really enjoyed the article Grodog

    How much of this is Canon and your creation? I guess it really matters not since I know next to nothing about the Infernal focres of Oerth.

    Was an intersting peek into the underworld so to speak. I guess I should read my roomates "Manual of the Planes" for more info. Not sure how Greyhawk it is. I guess the upcomming Dieties and Demi-Gods will cover some of this as well.

    P.S. is Nyt your own creation? or is he really the progenitor of all Deamons, Demons and Devils?

    Re: Excerpts from The Demonomicon Of Iggwilv: Abyssal Genealogy (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Thu, June 27, 2002
    It's interesting that one of Demogorgon's heads can cause insanity, and the other can't. I always thought it would be cool the heads had appropriate personalities. I speculate that Dementhrus is the result of that head taking control, with Nerull's aid.

    Re: Excerpts from The Demonomicon Of Iggwilv: Abyssal Genealogy (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Thu, June 27, 2002
    Because most people probably haven't seen it, I should link to the Abyss pages on the old Mimir site.

    I love your articles, grodog.

    Re: Excerpts from The Demonomicon Of Iggwilv: Abyssal Genealogy (Score: 1)
    by Tzelios ( on Mon, May 03, 2004
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    A great piece of work! I am curious to know the bibliography you used Allan!

    Re: Excerpts from The Demonomicon Of Iggwilv: Abyssal Genealogy (Score: 1)
    by abysslin ( on Sat, November 13, 2004
    (User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
    I really liked everything with the exception of the Queen of Vampires living amongst demons in the Abyss rather than a place more suitable to the undead such as the Plane of Negative Energy or the like.

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