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    Cosmology of Oerth Part 2
    Posted on Sat, November 08, 2003 by Trickster
    alleynbard writes "Continuing the examination of an alternate Oerth cosmology, explore a short list of some of Oerth's more notorious extraplanar destinations.

    Cosmology of Oerth Volume Two- A Short Listing of a few Known Planes
    By: alleynbard
    Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.
    While the planes constantly shift and travel across the multiverse there are a number of planes specifically known by the scholars of Oerth. Many of these are bound demi-planes but a few include more expansive planes that return to Oerth regularly.

    Astral Plane- More primitive cultures refer to this place as the Spirit World. The Astral Plane overlays the entirety of the Multiverse and is, therefore, in ascendance with all planes all of the time. Since the plane’s influence is decidedly neutral in origin the Astral has a balancing effect on Oerth. It is theoretically possible to travel from the Astral Plane to any other plane of existence.
    Trods never pass through the Astral Plane and it can only be accessed by select spells. Shamans claim that they can access the Astral through the ritual use of drugs and mind-altering techniques. Residents to the Astral rarely take kindly to strangers but a few travelers have found trustworthy guides while there. It is rumored that the corpses of dead gods float in the Astral, awaiting reincarnation.

    The Ether- Also called the ethereal plane; the Ether acts as a universal glue, seeking to maintain the cohesion of the Multiverse. Travel to the Ether is possible by a number of spells and a few, choice trods. Since this planes lies across all planes at all times it can be considered in ascendance constantly. In reality the influence of the Ether is quite mild and rarely felt by other worlds.

    The Far Realm- No one is completely clear on where the Far Realm lies. It has never come into ascendance on Oerth though tales abound of how its ascendancy has, literally, shaken worlds apart. The Far Realm is a place of pure chaos and madness, unfettered by the human concepts of good and evil. From here the Queen of Chaos and Miska, the Wolf Spider led their armies against the Wind Dukes of Aaqa.

    The Extremity of All Order- As with the Far Realm it is unclear where the Extremity of All Order lies. It is, most certainly, the anti-thesis to the Far Realm. Being a place of pure order and law, unfettered by the human concepts of good and evil makes it a dangerous place for many creatures. The Extremity of All Order has never come into ascendancy on Oerth but tales are whispered of worlds made static by its influence. The Wind Dukes of Aaqa make their homes here.

    The Sphere of Probability- Technically an ideological plane, the Sphere of Probability hovers near to Oerth and rarely strays too far. The goddess Istus makes her home here, a large manse devoted to the aspects of fate and luck. The plane itself constantly folds in on itself like a series of infinity loops. Within its whorls and loops one can find the myriad of possibilities in the Multiverse. Every choice that has ever been made is recorded in the Great Library of Istus.

    Shadowrealm- An elemental plane of Shadow that emphasizes the lands between light and darkness. There is an absence of color in the Shadowrealm; its entirety is rendered in grays, blacks, and the occasional white. In some ways this realm attempts to mirror the Material World. Shadow creatures that imitate real world equivalents stalk the chalk white bushes and charcoal forests of the Shadowrealm. The most dreaded native of the Shadowrealm are Shadow Dragons, who exemplify the elemental nature of this plane.
    The plane is ruled by the Shadowlord from the Chiaroscuro Palace, a soaring fortress dedicated to the ideals of the plane. Phantoms haunt its halls while ghosts hunt down the wary travelers who find their way here. It is said the Shadowrealm has direct trods to the Plane of Negative Energy that never fluctuate.

    The Demonweb Pits- The Demonweb Pits is, officially, a sub realm of the Abyss. Ruled by the drow goddess Lolth, it appears she can cause this realm to move independent of its parent plane. The Demonweb Pits have found their way to Oerth many times, coming into ascendance when Lolth seeks to hatch a deadly, wicked plan.

    The Abyss- An Infernal Plane of chaos and evil. The demons that dwell in this plane are legendary, with names like Orcus, Yeenoghu, and Grazz’t. While not the only documented Infernal Plane of chaos it is the most frightening. Its journeys seem to take it near Oerth on a regular basis.

    The Nine Hells- An Infernal Plane of orderly evil. Some of the rulers, such as Asmodeus, Dispater, and Geryon, are notorious for the acts of depravity they have committed. While certainly not the only Infernal plane of its type it is, perhaps, the most dangerous. The path of the Nine Hells comes near Oerth on a regular basis, attracted by some mysterious force, often intersecting the Material World in dire times.

    Planes of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water- Oerth has regular access to four, large elemental planes, each ruled by an elemental prince. These places are generally unsafe for mortals to visit. The four planes are bound to Oerth at various places and are, therefore, always in ascendance.

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    Re: Cosmology of Oerth Part 2 (Score: 1)
    by marieschifferz on Wed, December 11, 2019
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    Beautifully put together. Thanks for posting this

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