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    Postfest IV: The Secrets of Runes
    Posted on Mon, April 04, 2005 by Dongul
    Argon writes "What is truth? There are many things we know as being true, but what if I told you that truths exist that many are not aware of. Yes, these truths are as old as the cosmos itself, manifesting before the shaping of planets, before existence.

    The Secrets of Runes
    By: Argon
    Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.

    What is the Truth?

    There are many things we know as being true, but what if I told you that truths exist that many are not aware of. Yes these truths are as old as the cosmos itself before the shaping of planets before existence. But only one with great insight, one who could look beyond what lies before them can truly understand what these truths are. For some, these truths come early, but most come across these truths too late. These truths are not created, but instead are rediscovered. It is not mere knowledge which makes them so but an understanding which transcends conventional thought. Following is an excerpt from Uvarjotun Thundul of Heim Delv


    It is said that before the gods their existed two races – one called the Jotun the other known as the Linnorm. These creatures battled for supremacy of the cosmos and where fierce rivals. The Linnorm were masters of magisk (magic) and controlled atferd (energy) which was a manipulation of forces unnatural to the cosmos. While the Jotun where the masters of sannr (truths) from which they created the Futhark (runic alphabet) to control and work with the cosmos.

    Then the coming of the gods dawned upon both the Jotun and the Linnorm and the cosmos would change forever. Both Jotun and Linnorm where forced to work side by side. But the gods would gain the upper hand. It was hard to be cast from the cosmos as our new forms took to lands populated by dyr (animals) and the gods wished to become our masters. But no Jotun would submit to these usurpers and so the Great divide occurred.

    The Linnorm would side with the gods and caused great losses to our kind, but the sadr (truth) could not be hidden. It was the use of sadr which allowed the Jotun to curse the Linnorm to the same fate of the Jotun. As such both races fell away from the cosmos, but it was sadr which spout them back into the world.

    No longer what they once were, the Jotun were no longer existent – it was then that the Jotunbrud (giants) were born. This is how we became known as steinjotun (stone giant), because we make our homes amongst the stein (stones).”

    The following is how Bruntunuld ended his story.

    “Why are we not known as Jotun anymore?” asked the children of the steinjotun tribe.

    “Well, the Jotun were masters of sannr, and we no longer have this knowledge and we are different then they were because they were all of the same birth,” Bruntunuld exclaimed.

    “Why are we different then the Jotun? Aren’t we big like them and not small like the dvergr (dwarves)?” one of the children asked.

    “No, young one. The Jotun where at least 50’ feet tall and could fight the gods. Now we must work with them,” exclaimed Bruntunuld. The children would ask many question of Bruntunuld the Seithr (sage, scholar), but he always had an answer for them.


    Futhark is the alphabet of the Jotun, the runic alphabet from which language was born. Futhark is the only link we have to the sannr of the cosmos; the only trace our ellri-kin (ancestors, elderkin) were able to leave us. “Why is it that our alphabet reveals so much about whom we are and why we are yet holds many secrets? There is more to this then I can read or merely see,” Bruntunuld thought to himself. “I must meet with Truhtin (Chief, lord, or ruler) Malgairtun, he is assembling all the seithr in our tribe.” Bruntunuld gathered some of his effects and rushed to meet with the Truhtin.

    The Halls of Stein are risted (carved, written) with the Futhark. Truhtin Malgairtun values these halls, it is the one place the dvergr are forbidden to enter. Before the great Truhtin stand the three seithr of the Steinklof (stoneclaw) stomm (tribe). Malgairtun spoke the names of each of the seithr aloud and said, “I have summoned you here as a matter of importance. I have received word from a skyejotun (cloud giant) ellri (elder). He states the ordning (the order) demands new blod (blood). The ellri has been sent a forspar (ahead speech, prophecy or destinies) that we will receive the gave (gift) of sadr (truth) again. I will entrust you three with the task of rediscovering the sadr, for he who can unlock but one sadr will become one of the ellri, and the Truhtin of that tribe will become one of the AEsir (tribe of elder kin governing the ordning or consciousness), Malgairtun resounded and I wish to become one.”

    The seithr knew full well the task ahead of them – this would get them a place on the walls of eidr (oath) and bring about a new era for their kind. It is of utmost importance that those not of jotunbrud do not know of our journey, or our research for the gods might hinder us. The three seithr each set off in their own direction researching what ever they could to unlock a key to the sadr.

    Hund (one hundred) years many of the skjejotun (cloud giant), uvarjotun (storm giant), isejotun (frost giant), and ildjotun (fire giant) stomms (tribes) have sent at least one seithr which have found a sadr, but we have none, Truhtin Malgairtun bellowed in the Halls of stein as he viewed the walls of eidr. Why is it that so have all the links to the sadr been found? I thought we could become part of something larger but no steinjotun sits as a AEsir, this will mean we will be of the lowest rank in the ordning.

    “Great Truhtin seithr Praktein says he thinks he found something leading to a sadr,” one of the steinjotun guards exclaimed. “Well, now what you have found, Praktein? Please tell me of your findings,” the Truhtin exclaimed.

    “Great Truhtin Malgairtun, I have unlocked the sadr of valk (knot). It is what ties all things together. I believe it is the final sadr in the path to the sannr,” Praktein explained.

    “Very well, Praktein. “I shall send thee before the AEsir. If they approve I will be the first of the steinjotun to join their ranks,” the Truhtin exclaimed.

    Praktein was sent before the AEsir. He was a welcomed sight. For the AEsir are a stomm of all types of Jotunbrud. Here all were of higher rank then any other jotunbrud breed, a member of the AEsir was second only to the original Jotuns (giants).

    “So, young Praktein. You’ve have been sent from the Steinklof stomm. Your Truhtin Malgairtun says you have found the sju (seven, seventh) sadr of sannr. Well, share your findings,” the AEsir Hildenstriem demanded.

    The seithr Praktein laid out his research and proclaimed that valk (knot/ties) all things was the seventh and final sadr of sannr. The seithrs research appeared sound and the AEsir would view his work. Was he right? Would he find the final piece of sannr? Praktein could not believe. Soon he would be an ellri and the Truhtin Malgairtun would become one of the AEsir, making the Steinklof stomm a permanent fixture in jotunbrud society. Anticipation was high and Praktein could just about taste the salvation of his work.

    The time had come. The AEsir had researched young Prakteins work and their findings were the same.

    "Praktein tre (three, or third) seithr of the Steinklof stomm, we AEsir appreciate your work. You are to be given the rad (rank) of ellri," AEsir Hildenstriem proclaimed. "Go to your Truhtin and give him the word he is to join the AEsir as soon as he can find a suitable replacement for Truhtin of the Steinklof stomm."


    “Great Truhtin Malgairtun, seithr Bruntunuld wishes an audience with you,” a steinjotun guard exclaims.

    “Send him forth, I shall grant him an audience,” the Truhtin exclaimed.

    “Truhtin Malgairtun, the futhark is the key to sannr,” Bruntunuld proclaimed.

    “What are you talking about, seithr? Futhark is but the alphabet of our language, it does not hold anything more special than speech,” Truhtin Malgairtun stated coldly.

    “No, Great Truhtin. That is what the true Jotun wanted the gods to believe. They wanted them to believe that it was just simple letters and words> But in truth it is the key to understanding sannr,” Bruntunuld stated defensively.

    “You were to find a sadr, not determine how and what sannr is. That is to be left to the AEsir. Do not overstep your rad, seithr,” Truhtin Malgairtun proclaimed.

    “I apologize, Truhtin. Just give me a chance to present my research. I’m so close to rediscovering sannr that I can feel it,” Bruntunuld protested.

    “Great Truhtin, ellri Praktein returns with news from the AEsir,” a steinjotun guards pronounces.

    “Ellri. He has been given the title of ellri. Come before your humble Truhtin, Praktein. I await your news,” Malgairtun exclaimed.

    “My Great Truhtin. It is with deepest anticipation that I come to you. Mistress Hildenstriem welcomes you as the newest member of the AEsir,” Ellri Praktein proclaimed.

    Wonderful, Ellri Praktein. You are also elevated to et (one, or first) seithr of Steinklof stomm. I only hope you serve the next Truhtin as well as you have served me,” Malgairtun stated gleefully. “Bruntunuld you are now given the rad of tre seithr for your nonsense in questioning those of higher rad then you. Guards, escort this seithr out of here and send for Glahrdun. My son is best suited to take the rad of Truhtin of steinklof,” Malgairtun ordered.

    A triumphant feast is prepared as the Drotthlutr (stave of rulership) is passed on too the new Truhtin Glahrdun. One of the first things Glahrdun does as new Truhtin of Steinklof, is ready the walls of eidr for both the former Truhtin and the new ellri triumphs to be risted (written, or carved) upon them. One of his other proclamations is to elevate his old friend Bruntunuld as to (two, second) seithr increasing his rad above its current status. Bruntunuld could not appreciate such an elevation he had held the rad of et seithr for over to hund (two hundred) years, but he simply continued his work and shared his stories with the children of the steinklof. For even the Truhtin knew well not to question the ruling of an AEsir, it is absolute and preordained.


    The rumors that the jotunbrud had rediscovered the sannr, brought upon yet another war with jotun and wyrm (dragon) kind. The wyrms took their magic and immediately sent their feigari (fey , elvin) servants against the servants of the jotunbrud the dvergr. Until the gods intervened and cast aside the war, ordering the feigari and the dvergr to build their own kingdoms and resist wyrm and jotun rule. This was a telling war, many jotun fell as the AEsir struggled to rediscover the arts of their foreldra (ancestors).

    “Our stomm has suffered much in these times old friend, are the AEsir any closer to the rediscovery of sannr?” Truhtin Glahrdun asked.

    “My Truhtin, your wounds are great and I know that I said I would not mention it again. But please hear me,” Bruntunuld pleaded.

    “Go ahead, my friend. Believe in yourself – it is ok. But could you please tell me one of your stories again? Your Truhtin feels sleep is near and your stories comfort me greatly.”

    “Oh, Truhtin. I shall tell you the story of a fine young boy that would one day rule the steinklof stomm,” Bruntunuld stated softly. The old seithr drew forth a goblet. Upon it was a symbol risted by his own hands. He poured some fresh water from a bowl into the goblet. Here, Glahrdun. Drink and reign long as Truhtin. Our names will be risted upon the walls of eidr and this war shall take no more of our fraendi (kinsman).” Bruntunuld recited these words as some would recite a poem or song and placed the goblet to the Truhtins lips. “Drink and be revived. Rise, Truhtin,” Bruntunuld pronounced profusely. But the Truhtin would not rise.

    “Murder! Murder!” cried Fuirluthun, Glahrduns son.

    “It can’t be – he can’t be dead,” Bruntunuld thought to himself. “It should have worked… it should have worked.” But he could not dwell on it for too long. The guards would be here soon to capture the Truhtins murderer. Bruntunuld ran leaving behind the murder weapon: a goblet filled with water.

    The Runemal

    It was at least a hundred years before any jotun would find what Bruntunuld learned so long ago. The AEsir were wrong. There were not seven sadr to the sannr, but thirteen core runes which all sadr were tied too. Bruntunuld, in his rush to save his friend and regain his lost rank as first seithr, risted the goblet incorrectly. Instead of risting the rune of healing, he incorrectly risted poison and killed he life long friend and chieftain. “This is why, by the order of the church of Dumathoin, that I, high prefect Gondarr Runefist, shall lock away the secrets of the runemal” (rune casters). “May none ever use these secrets, for magic is something only the gods should have.”

    “Dirinka Runefist, last runemal of the dwur, you shall defend the secrets you know and they shall die with you,” the Prefect ordered.

    “Yes, none shall gain my knowledge. And as the council demands I shall never cast a rune again. So does Dirinka Runefist of clan Brinnidar, third son of Gondarr Runefist, the high prefect of Dumathoin swear it.”

    “Very well. Let us seal the vault and set the tunnel to collapse. For the magic of the jotun should die with them. This, I Gondarr Runefist, high prefect of Dumathoin, command.”

    This is how the art of rune caster was rediscovered and lost to yet another era. But, as the world spins, so does the sadr. And the one thing you can never hide is the truth.

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    Re: The Secrets of Runes (Score: 1)
    by GVDammerung on Wed, April 06, 2005
    (User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
    I would like more detail on runes and rune casting here, but this is a really great use of language. Very cleverly done. Nice work and fun to read.

    Re: Postfest IV: The Secrets of Runes (Score: 1)
    by Mystic-Scholar on Thu, October 01, 2009
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    In truth I found the necessity for parenthesis to explain the language complex and confusing. It did not allow for a smooth flow of the story but served as a constant interruption and distraction. There could and should have been a little less of that.

    The story also took great leaps "forward" without a smooth transition from one epoch to the next.

    But the actual story was nice and has great potential for being expanded upon.

    Re: Postfest IV: The Secrets of Runes (Score: 1)
    by SirXaris on Thu, September 01, 2011
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://
    I enjoyed this story, Argon.  I'm looking forward to the next installment.  Your alternate words are inspired as they seem to make their meaning clear even without the parenthetical definitions.

    Maybe have someone proofread it first with an eye to the correct usage of to/too/two, and then/than.  ;)


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