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    Grand Sheldomar Timeline Expansion and Revision, Part III
    Posted on Thu, January 12, 2006 by Dongul
    samwise writes ""The apocryphal expansion and revision of the history of the Sheldomar Valley presented as a timeline. The base timeline was created by Sam Weiss (samwise), and expanded by me in consultation with Gary Holian (psmedger), the primary author for the Sheldomar Valley in the LGG.

    With the end of the Tavish Imperium and the Neheli Revival, the modern era of the Sheldomar began. Come and explore the time of Kimbertos and the Greyhawk Wars. On to Part III!"

    Sheldomar Timeline Part III
    By: Samwise
    Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.


    This time line grew out of my desire to catalogue the various events in and around Keoland so I could have a better understanding of the history of the entire region. Along the way I noticed a number of trends, made a few connections, and added a few things. The most significant addition was putting real world dates next to the CY dates. This helped me get a better perspective on how long ago various events happened, as the CY dates just didn’t have any real significance for me. Looking at it after, I can see that the Great Council of Niole Dra and the founding of Keoland happened right around the time William the Conqueror was making himself King of England. That means something to historians like me anyway, and may be of use to others.

    The Timeline

    [1974] (564) 906 Kimbertos Skotti Lizhal (The Commoner) [27 years to date]
    Kimbertos was the Baron of Greyhill, the small, nearly forgotten, concession to the Olve of the Dreadwood centuries ago. In the scheme of Keoish politics it was a backwater, its people focused on guarding the Dreadwood, with little knowledge and less concern for politics and the scheming of the Court. Kimbertos came to the capital and was immediately out his depth. He was a ranger of the Dreadwood, not a politician. As a result, Lashton, now the Court Wizard, soon came to dominate the administration. But he was more interested in certain magical investigations to further himself, so the Court became nearly impotent as the various nobles sought to claim more and more power for themselves, leaving Kimbertos with little to do but sit and sign whatever documents were given to him.

    [1976] (566) 908 Pomarj taken by the Slave Lords
    After half a century of chaos, a group calling itself the Slave Lords asserted authority over a significant portion of the Pomarj. Variously connected to the Scarlet Brotherhood and certain Drow families, they built a major operation raiding the Wild Coast for slaves.

    [1983] (573) 915 Jeon II Monmurg in the Hold of the Sea Princes
    Jeon made repeated efforts to reform the Hold, attempting time and again to outlaw slavery in its lands and turn the nation completely to honest and civilized practices of trade, exploration, and agriculture. Unfortunately the nobles of Toli strongly opposed him, and their influence was sufficient to prevent any change.

    [1988] (578) 920 Baron Malweig I of Dilwych “takes” his seat
    A pithy little footnote in the history of Keoland, Baron Malweig had been a renowned member of the Seekers in his youth, but went mad during an unfortunate adventure. His father had died nearly a decade ago, but the Baron was reluctant to accept this. Finally Duke Cedrian intervened directly, and Baron Malweig ruled in his own name.

    [1990] (579) 921 Pomarj in chaos as Slave Lords defeated
    The Slave Lords having become too offensive in their operations, attracted the attention of a number of adventurers who destroyed their organization and devastated their secret base.
    [1990] (580) 922 Necromancer insurrection in Bissel
    A cabal of necromancers led by the notorious Evard attempted to seize power in Bissel. The fight against them left the nation severely weakened when the Greyhawk Wars began.

    [1991] (581) 923 Pomarj taken over by Turrosh Mak
    Turrosh Mak, a half-orc of unknown origin, raised himself to supremacy in the Pomarj two years after the Slave Lords were defeated.

    [1992] (582) 924 Greyhawk Wars begin
    Although it did not affect the Sheldomar immediately, 582 marked the beginning of the Flanaess wide conflicts that would come to be known as the Greyhawk Wars. At first, the various rulers were happy to sit by quietly, happy to be safe from the general mayhem. However, as the forces of evil seemed to be ascendant, they were finally stirred to action, and gathered to sign the,

    [1993] (583) 925 Treaty of Niole Dra
    Which called upon the various nations of the Sheldomar to send troops to aid Furyondy against Iuz. Despite their many differences, and a lingering resentment from the Short War, all much preferred a lethargic Furyondy to a psychotic demi-power as a northern neighbor.
    With much fanfare their troops marched north, stemming the tide of evil that threatened to overwhelm Furyondy. It was then that the Wars came home to the Sheldomar.

    [1994] (584) 926 War in the Sheldomar
    In a seemingly endless succession, the Sheldomar was invaded from north, south, east, and west. Each succeeding invasion another blow to a land still hopelessly split from the end of the Tavish era.
    In the north, Ket invaded Bissel as allies of Iuz. This cut off communications to and from Furyondy, stranding troops there when they were needed at home. Oddly, while this harmed the nations of the Sheldomar, it may very well have saved Furyondy, as those troops had nothing else to do but continue to fight Iuz.
    In the south, the Scarlet Brotherhood staged a coup, assassinating 27 minor nobles of the Hold of the Sea Princes to demonstrate their power, and quickly seizing complete control of the province. They immediately began an invasion of Keoland through the Dreadwood. When it stalled, a combined fleet with ships from the Lordship of the Isles attempted to invade Gradsul, only to be defeated by the superior ability of the Keoish captains and the support they had from the Sea Mages.
    In the east, Turrosh Mak overran the eastern lowlands of the Principality of Ulek, and stormed north into Celene and to the Lortmils. While the Prince fought desperately to stop the hordes, Queen Yolande of Celene withdrew from the conflict, declaring neutrality, and blaming “humans” and others for the many Olve slaughtered. That it was a legacy of the Hateful Wars that she had perpetrated seemed to elude her notice.
    Finally in the east, giants and their servants swarmed down from the mountains. The Yeoman league managed to repel them, but Geoff and Sterich were overrun.

    During all of this, the Court was paralyzed. Every month seemed to bring a call for troops from yet another border. The army was in Furyondy or the Dreadwood, the reserves were in Ulek, and some unfortunate incidents involving Lashton and representative from Geoff and Sterich resulted in the delay of levies that might have saved more people in those lands even if the giants could not be stopped. Further internal difficulties arose when,

    [1994] (584) 926 Knights of the Watch replace the Commandant of the Gran March
    After many years of being the behind the force that directed the Gran March from behind the scenes, the Knights of the Watch now moved to take control directly. Coming when it did, it destabilized the situation even more, and would set in motion actions that are threatening to split the Knights of the Watch.

    [1994] (584) 926 Pact of Greyhawk
    With the wars winding down into stalemates, a grand convocation was called in the city of Greyhawk to end all of the conflicts then wracking the Flanaess. Despite the grandiose statements made by all of the participants, all of them realized it was to be little more than an extended cease-fire to allow all the surviving belligerents to regroup. (The Great Kingdom having disintegrated during the war, and so no longer being relevant to the continuing conflicts.)

    During all of this, Kimbertos finally came to terms with the reality that he was the King, and no longer just a Baron. Many attribute this to the influence of his newest advisor, the aged Baron Anladon of Axewood.
    Brushing aside any dissent, Kimbertos began taking direct action. His first turned to Sterich,

    [1995] (585-588) 927 - 930 Grand Count of Sterich made Margrave by King of Keoland, liberation of Sterich Querchard was a cousin of Kimbertos’, and he hoped to make up for the issues raised over the delay of the levies because of demands for access to certain things that Lashton had made in his name. Aside from granting him precedence as a Margrave, Kimbertos spent a great deal of his personal money raising troops and sending them to clear the land of the giant invaders. The troop moved swiftly, liberating Istivin in 586, and clearing all of the invaders by 588.
    Unfortunately, the speed of the liberation would have a number of unexpected side effects, chief among them the large number of holdings that had been left without a clear heir, and an expectation on the part of many in the liberating forces that they would be provided with lands and titles for their services. Confusion and conflicts among them are continuing to this day.

    [1996] (586) 928 Geoff city of Hochoch liberated
    While Kimbertos was clearing of Sterich, the Knights of the Watch moved on Geoff, taking Hochoch, and declaring an intention to annex it. This caused Owen, who had set up his court in Shibboleth, to begin plans to transfer it to Niole Dra, and have Kimbertos help him as he had Querchard, who was also a cousin of Owen’s.

    [1997] (587) 929 Nume Eor retaken. House of Lizhal, Family of Jorgos appointed Viscount
    While the forces in Sterich were cleaning up, Kimbertos organized another army and sent it down the Javan to clear Nume Eor. With the noble house there long since vacated, he appointed another cousin of his, Richart Jorgos Lizhal, as the new Viscount, over the loud objections of the Baron of Westgate that he was the only logical heir. This cut off the Scarlet Brotherhood forces in the Dreadwood, allowing the Dreadwalkers to clear them, and leading to the liberation of Salinmoor, where the Secunforths soon returned to reclaim their lands.

    [1997-1999] (587-589) 929 - 931 Bissel negotiations leading to the Thornward division
    With the south secured, Kimbertos turned his attention to Bissel. Long eager to reclaim a position there, he made an intensive diplomatic effort to settle the situation. Following the conquest by Ket, the old Margrave had committed ritual suicide. This led the entire province to refuse to cooperate with the Beygraf of Ket, and a resistance made rulership there impossible. When the Mullahs of the True Faith supported a withdrawal, and with Veluna threatening intervention as well, an agreement was reached restoring Bissel to independence, but leaving Thornward divided among the guaranteeing powers. The only downside for Kimbertos was the Knights of the Watch had insinuated themselves, and now nearly ruled Bissel, subverting the authority of the Margrave.

    [1998] (588) 930 Offensive in Geoff from Hochoch led by Knights of Dispatch
    In the first sign of discontent within the Knights of the Watch, a group decided to take direct action to free Geoff instead of focusing on political maneuvers to seize power in Bissel. Calling themselves Knights of Dispatch, they began an offensive from Hochoch. Despite nearly refuting the focus of the Knights of the Watch on opposing the Baklunish, the Knights of Dispatch are not a separate group, the Knights of the Watch not being willing to lose the political influence having them as members brings them. Still, if the Knights of the Watch continue to oppose the policies of Kimbertos, he may grant the Knights of Dispatch a separate charter.

    [1999] (589) 931 Marius Lindon Freeholder in Yeomanry
    The elections in the Yeomanry League returned a new Freeholder. Many are waiting to see whether he will bring the League back into a closer association with Keoland or not.

    [1999] (589) 931 Civil War in the Hold of the Sea Princes
    Without warning, the Scarlet Brotherhood forces in the Hold of the Sea Princes were shattered by infighting. No one knows what the precise cause was, although rumors hint at a “Black Brotherhood,” allegedly dedicated to some forgotten deity.
    The civil war so decimated the leadership of the Scarlet Brotherhood in the Hold, that a servile uprising gained great success, seizing and holding the lands of Berghof.

    [2000] (590) 932 Westkeep retaken
    With the chaos wracking the Hold, Kimbertos attempted a desperate gamble. He would repeat the brilliant move of Tavish the Great, and cross the Hool Marsh to take Westkeep. Despite the shadow of the folly of Tavish III hanging over such a task, he was determined to gain a foothold to finally retake the Monmurg lands. And against all expectations, his force succeeded. However, it raised a significant outcry in the Court, and Kimbertos is finally facing serious opposition to his plans to rebuild the empire of Tavish the Great.

    [2000] (590) 932 Bissel declares new capital at Pellak
    With Thornward caught up in the politics of partition and occupation, the Margrave of Bissel moved his seat to Pellak. While this placed him closer to the Gran March, it also moved him out of a city filled with Watchers.

    [2000] (590) 932 Margrave Querchard of Sterich disappears
    A “shadow” had fallen over Istivin when it had been liberated, and the city had been plagued by mysterious disappearances. Finally, the Margrave himself disappeared one morning. His wife, Resbin Dren Emondav took command, and ruled as the Margravine of Sterich.
    [Sidebar: This secret behind this was addressed in a series of modules in Dungeon magazine.]

    [2000] (590) 932 Loftwick in Yeomanry threatened by raids
    Despite having been thrown back during the Greyhawk Wars, the Giants of the Jotens and Hellfurnaces continued to raid into the Yeomanry. With so many men serving as mercenaries throughout the Sheldomar, these raids would threaten the capital of Loftwick time and again.

    [2000] (590) 932 Heir of the Countess of Flen disappears in the Jotens searching for the source of the raids.
    While searching for the source of the raids that also threatened Keoland, Lord Garson Elgarin disappeared in the Jotens.

    [2001] (591) 933 Today.

    For further reading, please see Part I of the Timeline HERE and Part II HERE.
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    Re: Grand Sheldomar Timeline Expansion and Revision, Part III (Score: 1)
    by Robbastard on Sat, February 04, 2006
    (User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
    The LGG seems to imply that Kimbertos was crowned in 565. Though Trevlyan died in 564, it says "The Council of Niole Dra entered into prolonged debate the following winter. . . ."

    Re: Grand Sheldomar Timeline Expansion and Revision, Part III (Score: 1)
    by madmardigan on Sat, April 15, 2023
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    One of the things I appreciate about this article is how it sheds light on the motivations and perspectives of both sides of the conflict. It's not a simple matter of good versus evil, but rather a complex web of alliances, grudges, and power struggles that spans multiple nations and cultures. The article does an excellent job like drainlayers auckland company. Capturing the nuances of this conflict, and of exploring how it has shaped the political landscape of Greyhawk in the aftermath. 

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