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    Omnipotent view Returning the Anvil of the Lortmils
    Posted on Thu, July 23, 2020 by LordCeb
    longetalos writes "Squad 13 has found the Anvil of the Lortmils. Little do they know the chaos this will unleash.

    Omnipotent view – Returning the Anvil of the Lortmils

    Squad 13 have just defeated the two vile undead guarding the lost treasure of the Lortmils; Urgush the skeletal warrior humanoid general and Kazgorva the druid lich. Exhausted, but jubilant, the members of Squad 13 look over the detritus of the humanoid wagon train. Rotting wood and metal is buried under decades of accumulated mud as well as the detrimental effect of animals and incremental weather. But this is not a deterrent to the valiant members of Squad 13 whose lust for loot will not be denied.

    Rimli and Tharrik decide to go off on their own searching specifically for the Anvil of the Lortmils. They hypothesize that the anvil would have been carried in the largest and sturdiest of the wagons due to its size and weight. So that is the initial target of their search.

    Tallman, Raen and Bastam look at each other, then at the large area to be searched for coin and sigh.

    “This is going to take days to dig up. And that poison lake can erupt at any time and kill us all.” stated Tallman. “We need a better way to search.”

    Bastam smiled knowingly. “Although I am out of magical energy, I can still talk to earth and stone. I will walk over an area and let you know if there is anything buried there. Then we can dig it up. That should speed things up nicely.”

    “Brilliant Bastam! I knew there was a reason we kept you around.” exclaimed Raen in a jovial manner.

    So that is what the three of them did for the next few hours. Although much treasure was accumulated, much had been destroyed by time, neglect and moisture.

    While the three of them were digging joyfully and calling out to each other with each successful find, the two dwarves were busy looking for the Anvil. Finally, after a few hours of fruitless digging, the dwarves located the fabled Anvil of the Lortmils - the gift of Moradin. 

    Tharrik and Rimli smiled at each other. Digging the massive anvil out of the earth and mud, they reverently placed it on the ground. After removing much of the grime of the ages, Tharrik looked at the symbols carved into the anvil. Interpreting the text, reading the holy words, Tharrik was in rapture. There it was, the symbol of Moradin carved in all its glory in the center of the anvil. Tharrik placed his hand on the symbol and said a prayer of thanks to his god…..


    The elderly dwarven priest Dunbal, High priest of Moradin in the ancient hold of Gilmorak sat upright with a jolt. “The Anvil has been found by a blessed of Moradin!” he exclaimed. “I must inform the king.” With those words, Dunbal quickly dressed and sought out his king. After explaining the situation, the king ordered an honor guard to join Dunbal with the express purpose to meet those that found the Anvil and ensure it made its way to the Lortmils and Gilmorak.


    “As you can see by the wording of this prayer, the…. “ Brongi, High Priest of Moradin in the citadel of Dengar paused in the lecture to his acolytes. “Can it be? Yes, I feel it. The Anvil has been reclaimed by the dwur!” Looking at his acolytes, Brongi said “Continue with your studies and prayers, I must go.” And with those words, Brongi abruptly left the hall and sought out his king.

    Predictably after hearing of the situation, the king of Dengar assigned a patrol of elite dwarven warriors to accompany Brongi in his quest to meet the holy dwarf in possession of the Anvil and return it to Dengar where it belongs.


    In the hill dwarf village of Viltan Orhim, located at the base of the Lortmils within the Lorridges, Uldin the high priest of Moradin for that village looked West. “The Anvil calls.” he calmly stated. Motioning to his warrior son to approach, he told him to gather a few of his warrior friends and join his father in a journey. For they would find those that held the Anvil and bring it back to their village. “It is time for the Anvil to stay amongst the Hill dwarves, the Mountain dwarves lost it already so let’s make sure it stays safe this time around.”


    Throughout the Lortmils this scene repeated itself, as high priest after high priest summoned what aid they could to retrieve the Anvil for their community. Not even a holy relic of Moradin is immune to the ancient curse placed on the dwarven people – the lust for treasure.


    Meanwhile back in the valley of Csipros Erd, a happy and carefree Tharrik turned to his companion Rimli and said “Finding this Anvil is great news. I am certain that all the dwarves of the Lortmils will be ecstatic when they find out. We’ll be treated like heroes and there will be celebrations throughout the mountain range!”

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    Re: Omnipotent view Returning the Anvil of the Lortmils (Score: 1)
    by Longetalos on Thu, July 23, 2020
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    Cast of characters:
    - Rimli: dwarven berserker
    - Tharrik: dwarven paladin of Moradin
    - Raen: elven cleric of Rillifan
    - Bastam: half-giant earth mage
    - Tallman: human swashbuckler and shadow mage.

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