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    Plar of Poofy Pants

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    We forward in this generation, triumphantly!
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    All Articles Posted by Wolfsire:
  • Rockburg-on-the-Marsh Map
  • Postfest XII(Richfest 2009): The Oogga-Booga Bush
  • Thunder Bow of the Rovers
  • Postfest IX(Brewfest 2008): A Natural Selection of Staves
  • Zahindia and Its Environs
  • Crocodile Tree
  • Postfest VIII(UPF1): The Undersea Alliance Adventure Path
  • Nakimas, Elemental Spirit of the Hool Marshes
  • Summer Breeze: The Urakan and Yorodhi of Sybarate
  • Postfest VII: Cryptical Armaments of the Hool: Squall and Contumely
  • Yapa Yaya: Mary Vale and the Olman of Monmurg
  • On Plars: A Squire’s Tutorial
  • The Legend of the Lost Seagreen Elves
  • The Ballad of Jack Raptureweed
  • A Forgotten God: The Torhoon Demon
  • The Spiritual Legacy of Lake Spendlowe and the Proto-Olman
  • The Olman Invasion of the Suloise Imperium: Cause of the Twin Cataclysms?
  • Postfest VI: The Prison
  • Barbakoa, Alligator Accession
  • Xuxe’s Chicha
  • Celestial Quipu
  • Postfest V, Part III: Beaverduck (Giant Saltmarsh Platypus)
  • Postfest V, Part III: Coiled Dragons of the Hool Marshes
  • Postfest V, Part II: Berceuse, the Song of Osprem
  • Postfest V: The Corvetteers of Osprem

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  • Re: Postfest XII(Richfest 2009): The Oogga-Booga Bush

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