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    Postfest V: The Corvetteers of Osprem
    Posted on Tue, July 12, 2005 by Dongul
    wolfsire writes "The Corvetteers of Osprem are a small and loose organization of seafarers dedicated to preserving and implementing the ideals of the Princess of the Sea.

    The Corvetteers of Osprem
    By: wolfsire
    Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.

    The Corvetteers of Osprem are a small and loose organization of seafarers dedicated to preserving and implementing the ideals of the Princess of the Sea. More so than other captains, or even priests of Osprem, the Corvetteers are actively involved in implementing measures for safe travel over the seas by commanding the fastest ships they can acquire and offering them to service without regard to profitability. They operate chiefly along the seaports of the Azure Sea; to a lesser extent those of the Lordship of the Isles and Lendore Isle; and very rarely those of Grendep Bay and the near reaches of the Solnor Ocean.

    The Corvetteers have no formal charter or meetings, but recognize each other by their dress, activities and spiritual demeanor. Whenever possible they cooperate and coordinate their efforts, and given such, they are recognized as an organization. Their members are chiefly of the little known character class, the Corvetteers of Osprem described below, but occasionally other class members acquire the skill, devotion and singularity of purpose to be considered a member in good standing. At least one the Sea Mages of Gradsul is known to have changed affiliations to associate with the Corvetteers. Because of the order’s small size, informality, and disbursement over the seas, little is known of their history. However, it is suspected that diverse and church records and naval accounts might support research in this area.

    The character class, the Corvetteer of Osprem, as designed for AD&D first edition, and is a fighter sub-type, similar to a paladin, cavalier or ranger. The class advances in levels as a ranger. These individuals dedicate their lives to the service of the Princess of the Sea and her interests in sea voyages, ships, sailors, law, protection, travel and water. A Corvetteer must be either Lawful Neutral or Lawful Good in alignment. Minimum ability scores are Str. 11, Int. 9, Wis. 9, Dex. 11, Con. 11 and Cha. 14.

    The Corvetteer has several special abilities. He is immune to Fear and obtains +2 on all Saving Throws. Once per day he can Predict Weather. The Corvetteer also has the power, once per month, of Animal Friendship for sea birds and sea mammals, although the intelligence limits do not apply and the hit dice limits are halved. Often, this power is used with osprey and dolphins, although many other variations are possible including otters, polar bears and even flocks of penguin. If he obtains a preferred weapon deemed holy by the Goddess, he can Control Weather once per day.

    Of course, the Corvetteer is an excellent sailor. The title derives from the ship class corvette, small but very fast ships with a single mast and an oversized lanteen. If a Corvetteer has maximum crew for his ship, he may make a saving throw against death magic to reduce by half any damage to his ship. He can reduce the time it takes for his ship to reach normal speed by one round at third, sixth and ninth level. For sailed vessels, the Corvetteer can add one mile per hours to her speed at every even level, wind permitting; fifth and tenth levels for oared vessels. The Corvetteer attracts followers at the rate of the cavalier, which will all be worshipers of Osprem and competent sailors that are armed and armored lightly.

    The Corvetteer also excels at swimming. At second, fifth and eighth level he increases his speed by 1” per round. Provided he is unencumbered, regardless of the weather conditions or state of consciousness, he may stay afloat and breathing. He may hold his breath for one additional round at first, fourth, seventh and tenth levels; and may receive a blessing of Water Breathing, once per week for every three levels. In underwater combat, the Corvetteer suffers only a two point initiative penalty versus water creatures, rather than an automatic loss of initiative, and receives a two point initiative bonus when combating surface creatures when underwater.

    As a truly fearless fighter, the Corvetteer is well skilled in combat, although not as much so as a cavalier. Certainly, he is as not blindly aggressive. As a matter of faith, he will flee from combat at any time it is in the service of Osprem, which is often the case when his ship has passengers. Although the Corvetteer can wear any armor, he will not do so if it encumbers him or slows his swimming. Typically, this means that until special or magical armor is obtained, he will only wear leather at sea. In no event will he ever use a shield. He has three initial proficiency slots, and obtains an additional one every three levels. The preferred weapons of Osprem are the trident, the net and the harpoon. The Corvetteer must be proficient in at least one of these, and typically eventually obtains proficiency in all of them. Other weapons permitted include clubbing types, crossbows, one-handed swords, daggers and spears. At first, fourth, seventh and tenth levels, the Corvetteer obtains +1 To Hit in any one selected proficient preferred weapon, although this bonus may not be applied more than twice to any one weapon. These bonuses also apply to the Corvetteer’s rolls for the ensnaring and disarming functions of the net and trident.

    In piety, several restrictions apply to the class, in addition to those described above. He will always openly wear a device of Osprem, a dolphin, sperm whale or three barracuda and some blue and gold, although no particular form of raiment is required. As with a paladin, the Corvetteer may only have one suit of armor, four weapons and four other magic items. This does not include the efficient arming of his ships. He will never retain wealth except as necessary to cover expenses, with all other wealth being provided to the Church of Osprem or charity. Whenever any treasure is obtained, including magic and regardless of expenses, ten percent will immediately be set aside as a tithe to the Church, given whenever soonest possible. The Corvetteer will only accept Lawful Neutral or Lawful Good henchmen, and any long term associates, including followers, must be of non-evil alignment. Whenever possible, the Corvetteer will take up service or alliance to further the interests of Osprem.

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    Re: The Corvetteers of Osprem (Score: 1)
    by Wolfsire on Wed, July 13, 2005
    (User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
    I will be the first to note that this post is not so much about the Corvetteers as it is about the Corvetteer class. I think it was abysslin who said that the important thing at CF is to share what you have. I had recently developed the class for my campaign and found here an opportunity to share, with a little update. I should also give credit to the 1e PHB and DMG.

    For the second postfest, I will have something less second-hand, but as a warning, it is a yawner, "Berceuse, the Song of Osprem".

    Re: The Corvetteers of Osprem (Score: 1)
    by Argon on Sun, July 17, 2005
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Wolfsire, I really liked this submission how you received a rating below a 4 is beyond me but I enjoyed it notheless. The class of corvetteer reminds me oh so much of the first edition days and rules and I think you represent them here well. Good article !

    Re: Postfest V: The Corvetteers of Osprem (Score: 1)
    by rumah on Wed, November 07, 2018
    (User Info | Send a Message)

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