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    Damalaxilliametzius the Black
    Posted on Fri, June 28, 2002 by Trickster
    orion writes "Sit back and hear the tale of a villain most foul. Dametzius, as he is sometimes known, is a vile half-dragon lost to the mysteries of time, here is his tale.

    Author: Orion

    Damalaxilliametzius the black, A tale.

    By: Orion (
    (Used with permission, do not reproduce or redistribute without the express consent of the author)

    Damalaxilliametzius the black , or dametzius for short, was an evil half-human/half-black dragon. His father was a dying old black elder wyrm that wanted to spread his seed so that his heritage would be passed on. By using magic, he managed to seduce a young woman by the name of Riana Lan. The dying dragon impregnated the young woman while in his human form and left. He died two years later during a raid on a small settlement when he fell asleep in midair and was impaled on the lightning rod on top of a building.
    Meanwhile, Riana Lan carried her child and died while giving birth. The child was named Damalaxilliametzius and was shunned by all of the village people because while he had the overall appearance of a human, he had fangs,horns and long serated claws that dripped venom when he became angered. Diametzius was thrown out into the street at the age of five and was adopted by a fledgling necromancer named Talimkir Evidose. talimkir raised Diametzius as his own son because he realized the power Diametzius had inside of him. Talimkir grew steadily in power until he had gained control of the town. He looted the town's treasury and hired an experienced adventurer to train Diametzius.
    Years later Talimkir died of a rare disease called amkiers painful pox of agony. By now diametzius was 17 and quite experienced at combat. He killed his trainer and went off to adventure. Within three years he had formed a company of adventurers and assassins that would do any job for the right price. the company was called "The Black Razors". Eventualy damalixius came upon a sentient magic sword called "Abraxion". Abraxion was a bloodthirsty bastard sword that could cut through stone like a hot knife thru butter. Diametzius used the sword in many of his adventures and became notorius for his mercilessness. When he was 28, at the peak of his power and with a humongous fortune, he recieved a map to an island far out into the sea. He took a ship called " The Mercykiller" ,a crew of experienced men, and an entire magical armory with him. The island reportedly contained an entire abandoned city of adamantine. He and his men got to the island and made a base camp. After a few weeks of exploreation , " The Mercykiller" was sent back for supplies with messages about findings of adamantine statues throughout the island. When "The Mercykiller" left again for the island it disappeared and Diametzius the black was never heard from again, altough one of his crewmen was found lost in the middle of the ocean in a bloodstained lifeboat, half starved to death. The crewmate had gone insane and kept muttering things about the shadows that sing , and he seemed to speak fluently in a strange never heard of language. Several expeditions set off to find the island , but they were unsuccesful. Diametzius was never heard of again.

    Note: Dragons, Mystery, Seas"
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